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Wordless Wednesday: Lee Was Here Kitchen Tile October 15, 2014

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Lee was here tile 2

Just over a month ago we discovered that Lee had left his mark on the concrete under the kitchen floor by writing “Lee was here”.  It was a wonderful treat that still gives me goosebumps when I think about all of the things that had to fall into place for us to discover this!

Lee Was Here

Lee Was Here direct on the concrete

Unfortunately, the reason we discovered it was because mom and dad are replacing their flooring on the downstairs…so the search was on to try and figure out how to save this little piece of Lee.  Mom and dad decided to have an exact duplicate of his signature sandblasted into a piece of tile.  It turned out beautifully, I can’t wait until the tile is in place!

Lee was here tile 3

The sandblasted version next to the actual writing.

Lee was here tile 1

Mom and dad got both sizes of the tile sandblasted. The guys doing the install will place the tile as close to the actual signature as possible.

And for those who haven’t met my brother, you can read about him here.


Life Hack Test: Lotion Socks October 13, 2014

So, I’m a big fan of Life Hacks.

DIY expo markers

Splish Splash Ms Lander shows us that if you glue pom pom’s to the bottom of Expo markers, you have a built in eraser!

Or, did you know that you can get an autographed picture from a Disney character?

life hack 1589

So, when I kept seeing one for soft heels and feet, I had to try it out!  And yes, I’ve heard all about putting lotion on your feet and then putting on socks before you go to bed.

I cannot sleep in socks.

I don’t trust people that can sleep in socks.

It’s just weird.

Yes, I called YOU weird.  (I don’t know who it is, but I’m positive at least one of you does this!)

Moving on.

I grabbed an old sock that was hanging out in the sock graveyard.

You know, the pile of socks that don’t have a mate, but you can’t toss yet because the mate Just Might Show Up!

Yeah, that graveyard!

Grab one of those.

Cut the toes off.

life hack lotion sock 1

Then put your lotion on, and now put on the sock… Then take a very awkward picture – and trust me, this was the best of the bunch!

Life hack lotion sock 2

Now you can go to bed, with the lotion on the foot now trapped, but with your toes being able to breathe!


Well, it works well enough.  Usually by about 3:00 am I’m prying those suckers off – but really, the socks just live under the covers until the next night when I put them back on.  Which now that I type that out, it kinda sounds gross.  Don’t judge.

But, I struggle with rough heels – mainly cause I never wear shoes – and I’m kinda excited, after about a week of this, my heels are still really smooth! So, if you have challenging heels, and can’t wear socks to bed, I highly recommend visiting the sock graveyard and trying out this life hack!

You’re welcome. :)

Life hack list


In the Kitchen with Kate: Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting October 10, 2014

pumpkin muffins

Pumpkin goodness going in the mixer.

pumpkin muffins 2

My kitchen is about to smell really nice!

pumpkin muffins 3

Whaaaa? There’s more?

Pumpkin muffins 4

The word you’re looking for is “Foodgasm”

Pumpkin Muffins with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting.

For the muffins:

  • Box Yellow Cake Mix
  • Can of pure pumpkin (of if you are more talented than me, make your own!)
  • I added Cinnamon, All Spice and ground Nutmeg, pumpkin spice would be good, too.
  • Add to muffin pan, bake approx 18 min at 350 dg.

For the frosting:

  • 1 stick of butter, softened
  • 1 block of cream cheese softened
  • dash of vanilla
  • I added a big sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Powdered sugar, about 3-4 cups
  • Mix well, and frost muffins when cool

Personally, these muffins don’t need the frosting, but boy oh boy, were they good!

Pumpking everything is coming


Wordless Wednesday 10/8/14 October 8, 2014

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Saw this driving sitting at a light in town the other day:

die hard 2 die hard 4


Does anyone else immediately think: Die Hard with a Vengeance?

Here’s a hint:

Die Hard 4







No? It’s just me?

Okay, I can live with that!



How to Make Your Own Pirate Costume in 10 Easy Steps October 6, 2014

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How to Make Your Own Pirate Costume in 10 Easy Steps.

1) Decide to be a Flapper Girl for Halloween.  Spend hours perusing the internet and Pinterest.  Head to the fabric store and discover that the patterns are only so-so, but more importantly – they don’t have enough fringe in stock.


2) Change your mind on the spot and decide to be a pirate.  Hit the books again to find a pattern.  And then, when you can’t find one you like, hit up Pinterest for inspiration. Create a secret board where you can dump all of the pins you like, that way, your friends are surprised when they see you!

Pirate costume inspiration

3) Buy the fabric, guess at all the measurements.

4) Get home and realize you might have to do more than just guess.  Find a tutorial that makes you do things like this:

making a pirate costume

Pull out measuring tape. Measure yourself. Then, because that’s not fun enough, start adding Pi so you can find a radius. Then go find real pie.


making a pirate costume

If you look closely, my ruler is from 1965. If you are my parents, don’t look closely as this may or may not have belonged to you at one point. I’m pretty sure I “acquired” it in my teen years.

5) Sit down to sew. Realize you don’t remember how to load the bobbin so spend 30 min on YouTube trying not to get distracted by the offerings, and instead actually load the bobbin. I may or may not have watched this video.

I may or may not have just watched it again.

6) Go back to YouTube to figure out how to fix the machine when you break it.

7) Load everything up and head to your parents house when you can’t fix your machine.

8) Find their sewing machine – it has a computer – so much easier!

9) Go eat the last of the homemade ice cream hidden in their freezer after you possibly break their machine.

homemade ice cream

This is an example of what homemade ice cream can look like. This is not my dad’s famous homemade ice cream because I sat down and ate it all.

10) Sew the skirt by hand and decide that the rest of the outfit looks more like a pirate if you don’t sew it at all. :)


In the Kitchen with Kate: Maple Bacon Frosted Sugar Cookies October 3, 2014

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Okay, a few weeks ago I saw this:


Maple Bacon frosting

And I was intrigued.

I couldn’t get it off my mind.

It was like my very own Schrodinger’s Cat.  It was probably gross, but what if it was the best thing in the world?

I had to know; and so, I went home from the store with this:

Betty Crocker Maple Bacon icing

I couldn’t wait, I had to make some cookies to frost! It had to be done! So, welcome to my kitchen as we make maple bacon frosted sugar cookies!

I gathered the ingredients:

sugar cookie ingredients

Now, I didn’t have any eggs, but that’s okay, you can use oil as a substitute!

I highly suggest you do not get in a hurry and accidentally melt your butter when you are supposed to be softening it.  It makes a big difference!

sugar cookie dough

But, when you do accidentally melt your butter when you are suppose to be softening it – don’t let that stop you! Just go with it!

You’ll end up with some funny looking cookies, but hey – YOLO! :)

Kate burned arm from cookies

Of course, I do not suggest you be in a rush or distracted when you are taking the cookies out of the oven :(


Power through it! You can do it!

maple bacon iced sugar cookies

I closed my eyes, I took a breath…


And it wasn’t bad! It actually tasted like a maple donut! There really wasn’t much, if any, bacon flavor. So, yes, it was good because I LOVE maple; however, I was a bit disappointed because – hey – bacon!

I did put on the bacon bits that came with the icing, because bacon!

It didn’t add much flavor.

So, I do still recommend it, if you love maple flavor; however, don’t buy it expecting a lot of bacon flavor!


Wordless Wednesday 10-1-14 October 1, 2014

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It’s October 1st! This is a wonderful day in my world! And now, let’s bring on Wordless Wednesday!

And, for those that don’t know – I don’t have cable anymore, we are a pure internet TV family, and I’ve just discovered something I will miss:

ABC Family 13 nights of Halloween



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