Rule #1

It’s been a week since I started on-line dating.

It feels like it’s been forever.

I went back and looked at the calendar just to make sure.

Only a week.

I did get an email that you could get the “paid” option for 20% off.  I paid for one month and set up a reminder to cancel it!  The paid option just gives me a bit more information about who is looking at me, and allows me to look at others in “incognito” mode – meaning I can stalk research and the guys won’t know I’ve visited their profile.

Stalking is such a strong word at Did That Just happen Blog

We shall see if either of those options come in handy!

So far, the BEST opening line (with original punctuation):

Roses are red violets are blue.  Do you want a fun date or a Starbucks date for two?

Now, how do you resist that?

I responded and we’ve had some good conversations… he is 20 years younger than I am.

RULE #1: You have to be closer to my age than either my son or my parents age.

So far, the worst opening line (with original punctuation):

Good morning will you morning my beautiful city of Fort Worth Texas? You look very wonderful.  I would like to be a friend of yours with the potential of being more. I am a fun, loving down to earth type of Guyd. Contact me when you get a chance?

Okay, I am not at all sure what he was trying to say in the beginning, and was that last line really supposed to be a question?

I judge people based on grammer at Did That Just Happen BlogI didn’t respond to that one.  There are some that I just haven’t responded to, because just like the one above, it didn’t look like a real person was sending it – call it spam, catfishing, or just fishing, it takes more than that to make me bite!

So far I’ve had several great message conversations, I’ve let a couple know that I didn’t feel we were compatible, and even more that are just sitting there never to be answered!  (But I’ll leave them there so I can see if they contact me again!) (Not that I have issues or anything!) (Maybe a few!)

All in all, I feel it’s not bad for for the first week; but wow, it wears me out!! 🙂

Running is better.  I switched to a more organic training program.  Lots of tips are about “schedule” and I’ve found that I work better if I know what I want to do, and leave some flexibility about when I actually do it!  Running a 5k this weekend… can’t wait to see my time!



17 thoughts on “Rule #1

  1. I love that the running is going better. And nice work sifting through all those contacts. I think paid on the right medium is def the best way to go. Get rid of a lot of the crud! But yes, it is sooooo exhausting. Hope you find someone truly awesome to hang with x

    • Thanks, me too! I had a race on a very flat course and missed a PR by 2 minutes, but my weekly runs are getting better! And yes, this dating is exhausting and frustrating. And I know I am picky, but I’m sorry, if we have nothing in common and you live an hour away, why are you reaching out??? Sigh. Exhausting is exactly the word!

  2. Oh you are so much braver than I am. I am also afraid I would have so many rules I would never get anywhere. 😛 As for younger, I’m in denial about my age so I may end going that way some time. 😛Yay for your race!!! I’m looking forward to hearing about it after, good luck!!!

    • Lol! That is the same for most of my readers, they don’t have to deal with it – maybe I will make some appreciate their significant other a little bit more! 😂 I can let you know it made me appreciate what I had with Adam! And he was a set up from a friend, so he dropped in my lap, I needed the next one to be just as easy! Lol!

  3. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    Rule #1 – I love it!!! I am very much going to enjoy reading about your adventure. For now I will live vicariously through you. If you find and fall in love, I’ll try it out myself AND I will have a nifty set of playbook rules to follow! hahahaha

    • hahahahahha! I’m telling you, I’m at the point in my life that I had no desire to “play” with them. I can see how girls can be addicted to “likes” and comments, and I am so thankful that my worth is not tied up in that!! It has been hard to say no, because I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings; however, I had to remember that it is better for both of us if I just let them know that I don’t feel the match. After the first couple of ones, it was a bit easier 🙂

  4. lardavbern says:

    Is it rude to send back the contact notes with corrections? Not the sharpest spammer there.
    20 years younger – huh. Hmm. Interesting. Good luck sifting through.
    Enjoy the run.

    • Oh I have considered sending back corrections! Some of these have been so bad!! And, I hated to let the 20 year old down, he was such a sweet kid, but really, when I’m asking about his class work and tests, well, that was too similar to the questions I asked Mr. T for me to be comfortable!!

      • lardavbern says:

        I could certainly imagine it would be. Maybe you could introduce him to Mr. T. Even though, he misses out on a girlfriend, he could make another guy friend. How awkward would that be?

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