Fairy Gardens Are Not For Me

Today at lunch I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed and ran across a Fairy Garden:

Fairy garden

So, I did a search, I was wondering how many people actually did Fairy Gardens.

Fairy garden 2

Apparently a lot of people!  You can even get a Fairy Garden Camper.

Fairy garden 3



Or a Pirate Fairy Garden House!

Fairy garden 4

And this is all very cute – but I have to wonder…

HAS EVERYONE LOST THEIR MINDS?  Fairy’s are not nice creatures!  Fairy’s are known for mischief, and malice and the stories about “wee people” are always ones of how to survive an encounter! What ever you do, don’t eat the food!! If you eat food offered by a fairy, then they will enslave you and you can never return to your life.

Fortunately, you can defeat a fairy if you are close to being ensnared.  If you spill salt, a fairy must stop and count each granule, thus giving you time to escape.

I’m not sure what type of people are inviting fairies to move into their yard,  but I can tell you – it’s not me!

Keep calm and fight the fairies

41 thoughts on “Fairy Gardens Are Not For Me

  1. I think that people love fairy gardens because they appeal to their inner child – the one that loved to play with dollhouses and that tiny furniture. I would be totally open to having a fairy garden – but not for fairies. I would invite pixies to live there instead. Pixies are thought to be pretty much harmless, mischievous, and attractively childlike. According to lore, fairies are their enemies – so having pixies living in your garden would actually be a good thing!

  2. Too cute! Love the Camper Fairy House! Thanks you for sharing at Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey! Hope to see you again next week!

  3. Blame Disney for everyone thinking fairies are wonderful. I really have to get back into Supernatural. I can’t remember where I left off. I remember Sam coming back and being evil. I remember Dean leaving his gf. I think that was Season 6, but I don’t remember much after that. In your expert opinion, where should I pick up?

  4. I’ve heard a little about this but overall imagine fairies being so nice and sweet. And we actually had little fairy houses in our old house in the backyard…and I’ll admit I got a little lost in the aisle at Hobby Lobby where they sell all that stuff, just looks so fun to put together! haha!

    • I’ll admit – it does look so fun to put together, but then I think about an evil creature actually moving into the place and that freaks me out! Don’t let Tinkerbell fool you! They are not nice and sweet!!

      On the flip side, gargoyles, which look and sound so scary are actually very protective creatures and very positive!

      Go figure. 🙂

  5. Oh, you’d be in so much trouble if I were to tell my daughter about this post! She would give you all there is to know about Tinkerbell. And she’s not evil. After all, she can fly! 😉

    • That’s exactly right!
      And, you know that gargoyles are actually good creatures, they protect against evil! Good reminder about not judging a book by it’s cover!! And a sad point that too many people don’t read! LOL

      I love thinking of the fairy house as an Advanced Warning System… that’s brilliant!

  6. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    While those all are adorable, all tiny things are adorable to me. If I need a tiny things fix, I’ll just go ahead and pull out my miniature My Little Pony collection from the 80s …

    • LOL! I loved My Little Pony! I do think miniatures are just totally adorable, and I want a tiny doll house just so I can collect miniature pieces to fill it with!

      But I’m not making a fairy garden, because just in case they are real, I don’t need that drama! 🙂

    • Yes, the camper is totally adorable!

      But, ACK! I couldn’t go into your MIL yard for fear that a fairy had actually moved in and I would step on it’s house and then it would have a hold on me and then visit me in my dreams, and then it would offer pizza and I’d forget not to eat and take a bite and then I’d be trapped!!!

      Obviously I have issues.

  7. Cornwall, where we live is supposedly known as the land where fairies, pixies and other creatures live 😉 This is no joke, btw. It really is! I think I like my fairies only in books and Disney films, just as I like our garden made for us, not for them.

    • Exactly!
      I just don’t think people do enough research anymore – they just go ‘Oh, that’s cute’ and don’t stop to think that it might be trouble!!

      And yes, I’m talking like Fairies are real creatures. I’m sure they aren’t, I’m sure. But just in case they are, I’m not walking on their house or building one in mine for when they immigrate!!

  8. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Ha! I was thinking “please let this not be a sarcastic post title”. I love the camper but yeah, it’s all a little too “twee” for me to deal with LOL.

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