I’m a Kid at Heart

I’m still such a kid at heart.  Yesterday was Six Flags day.  For those not aware, it’s an awesome amusement park.  When my brother Lee was young, he and I had season passes and went all of the time.  Now that I have Mr. T, we try and make it a couple of times every year.  I love it!  I have so much fun walking through the park, riding the rides and examining everything the gift shops have to offer!

I have learned some things, though:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes!!
  2. Don’t wear flip flops if you are going on the Batman ride
  3. It’s worth it to buy the refillable mug
  4. The last person to take a drink has to hold the mug – if they try and hand it back to you, just pretend you can’t see them.
  5. You are never too old for Yosemite Sam.
  6. You can be too old for the Titan (85 mph, with a 255-foot drop)


Alright Six Flags, Bring it!!  Mr. T, Me, Samantha and Jayman.

Most kids line up for pictures with the characters… and then there is me.

Aren't we a great looking family?

Aren’t we a great looking group?  Jayman, his friend C, Amy, Samantha and Mr .T.  (Amy is my sister and Jayman and Sam are her twins.)

Six Flags family picture

Funny story.  As I was taking this picture, a Six Flags host walked up and asked if he could take the picture so I could be included.  Of course!! As I was running over to join the family a random stranger yells out “Hey, I want to be in the picture!”  Now, most families would be “no way!” but not our family!  We were like “Come on random stranger! Join our group picture!”  So, random guy is on the left.  He was a good sport!

Okay, even more funny story (funnier story? most funniest of stories?). Yet again I wanted a picture, and this time with Pepe’ Le Pew, and as I was holding his arm I was like “Pepe, you work out!” When the picture was done, Pepe indicated that I should really check out his bicep… dude was totally built! Then he wanted me to check out his forearm, which about as big as his bicep! So, as I’m groping him, it dawns on me, and I look at my sister and crack up “I’m totally molesting what is probably a 17 year old kid!!”

Six Flags Me and T


End of the day and another selfie with Mr. T, in front of the huge Christmas Tree.  It was a wonderful day and a great time was had by all.

And yes, that happened – I may or may not have groped the arms of a 17 year old kid.

41 thoughts on “I’m a Kid at Heart

  1. So incredibly fun! Beginning to end it sounds like a magical time! I must say that the picture with Pepe was a win-win-win! You got a GREAT picture, you got to feel some great arms, and you probably made his day, Whoever and However-old he is! How can that POSSIBLY be a bad thing?

  2. How fun! We love stuff like that. Jake and I have annual passes to Universal Studios and we go at least once a month. I love those moments of sharing this fun stuff with my son 🙂

    • I was so excited to go to Universal Studios – but when we got there we discovered that they don’t have the tram like the California one does! It was still fun, but totally different. Beyond that – yes, it’s so much fun to be able to just run down the street and spend the day having fun with our kids! And such good memories for them!

  3. Aw, I have great memories of going to Six Flags as a kid! I loved all the little town stuff… Not such a big fan of roller coasters though. Not sure why, but I’ve never gotten the thrill of them… I’m just sure I’ll be the person who’s cable snaps and slices my foot off.

  4. I can totally understand that! Gosh…I think mine would have to be Jerry from Tom and Jerry…I mean if we are talking 80’s cartoons – such a smart little thing. 😉

  5. Man, I just LOVE reading your posts!! First, because you are so close so I can relate to it all. Second, we are so much alike…so I can really relate to it all…lol. LOVE me some Six Flags, but we don’t go much. The Mister has had back surgery and surgery on both knees so most rides are out and walking around for hours is no fun.

    On another note – isn’t it funny how the small things in life make us happy. You know like enjoying the well built body of Pepe’ Le Pew (did you look that up to know how to spell it or did you just know…lol?). Ok…so maybe he was 17 – he was obviously enjoying the attention! So look at it this way – you totally brightened someone else’s day – as you do every time someone reads your posts!! 😉

    • First off, thank you!! I appreciate the really nice words!

      And I’m totally paying for the day at Six Flags… I can’t do it near as often as when I was younger!

      I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but I didn’t have to look up Pepe’s name. Lol. He’s one of my favorites. characters! 🙂

  6. You look fabulous with Mr T! Funny random guy who probably caught on your family’s cheer and laughter. Looks so fun to enjoy an amusement park even when your kid has grown up. Go ahead to grope him Kate! Before his future wife comes along to stop you LOL!

  7. Having done days like this with my stepkids, I must applaud the “whoever drank out of the cup last has to hold it” rule. Brilliant. And I loved the bit about the random stranger in the pic! You are so wonderful

    • Thanks! Mr. T kept trying to hand the cup back to me and I would look every where except at him! It was cracking my sister up! It’s a pretty good rule to have!
      I have no clue what was up with the random stranger, but we will welcome anyone who doesn’t run screaming from our particular brand of crazy! 🙂

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