How an Earthquake Locked Me Out of the House

Last night was Diva Dinner, our monthly girls dinner – and it was awesome! I left the house just before 6 and got home about 8 pm.  I opened the garage door, got out of the car and hit the clicker to close the garage door, walked to the house and all but broke my nose on the door leading to the house.   

It was locked!  And, sadly, it’s not even a glass door and yes, there is a handle, but when you are used to one swift turn-handle-walk-in move, it’s hard to stop that momentum!

You need to come back and watch this video! 🙂

I whipped out my cell phone and called Mr. T who came and let me in.  Apparently earlier in the evening there was a loud pounding that hit the house and he couldn’t identify it, so he went through the house and made sure everything was locked up.  He said that he heard people outside and that he thinks it was a car door slamming.

Okay, the window in my room was cracked, so that sounded plausible.

We finished up the night and went to bed and I didn’t think anything else of it.

Today I saw on the news that there was an earthquake in one city over.  I didn’t feel anything, so I didn’t pay attention.

I worked a little bit, my boss and his family were leaving town this morning for vacation so we were rushing to get all of his stuff completed and once he was out the door I went to do my Couch to 5k training.  I struggled through the training today.  I’m on week 8, which is the last week, by this week I should be able to run non-stop.  Today I couldn’t.  Fortunately, I’ve learned it’s okay to have days like this – and since it’s been weeks since I had a bad run I chose to be okay and not let it get me down.  I finished early and got ready for a morning meeting.

After my meeting I ran to the store to get a new pair of work out pants since I had a coupon that was about to expire. I picked what I needed and the sales associate was so helpful, I asked her to help me see if we could find me a new pair of jeans. For almost the past year I’ve been able to take my pants on and off without undoing them.  It’s pretty handy; however, the past couple of months it’s gotten bad – if my phone is in my pocket then my pants start to slide down.  This is becoming unacceptable, especially since getting me to remember to put on a belt just isn’t happening!

So, we picked out about 5 pairs.  I tried several on and finally found one pair that fit like a dream.  Two sizes smaller than the ones I was wearing!! Let me repeat that… TWO SIZES SMALLER!!

Happy Dance!!


Tonight I called my mom.  Tomorrow she is having knee replacement surgery.  To replace the artificial knee she had done just over a year ago.  Which she had redone two days after the fact because the patella (knee cap) wasn’t attached properly.  You can’t make up the stuff that happens in my life.  I wanted to make sure we were on the same page, let her know that had coordinated with her mom and that we wouldn’t be far behind her and dad.

I also wanted to let her know that she’d be too out of it to notice, but I’d be wearing jeans two sizes smaller!  (Yes, I will say this over and over again today!)

She asked me if I felt the earthquake last night.  Nope – but if she felt it, then I’m surprised that I didn’t.  She was surprised, too and went on to tell me about her experience, and how it was like a loud pounding hit the house (sound familiar? Go re-read Mr. T’s account) and then the dogs went nuts!  So, now I’m curious… about what time was it?  Well, no wonder I didn’t feel it, I was several cities south at dinner!

When I hung up the phone with her, I double checked and sure enough, a 3.6 quake hit one city over and the shock wave was felt far and wide! I told Mr. T what happened and he laughed and said it was nothing like how TV depicts an earthquake!

So, that’s how an earthquake locked me out of my house last night!

37 thoughts on “How an Earthquake Locked Me Out of the House

  1. Love the earthquake bit, but damn! I would have led with the 2-sizes smaller jeans! 🙂 Woo Hoo! I am so glad you wrote what you did about your training day and not being able to run non-stop. The older I get, the more days I have like that, and it is o.k. It’s just nice to be moving 🙂

  2. Cranston Holden says:

    A couple years ago a heard what sounded like an 18 wheeler crash into the side of something at a high rate of speed. It startled me so bad I yanked the wheel over and almost in a ditch. The next day I heard that the big boom was a shuttle reentering the atmosphere.

  3. Apparently, I felt the earthquake as well, just didn’t notice it at the time. Sitting in my work meeting instead of at dinner with you, everyone heard a boom and looked toward the window. When nothing else happened, meeting went on as usual.

    It was surreal to realize now what that was.

  4. That’s a crazy story! I’ve experienced two earthquakes and they were just surreal, not at all what I expected. Congrats on losing two jean sizes!

  5. This was so funny! I mean scary about the earthquake but everything else…lol! Love the video, Ellen cracks me up! You’re in Texas, right? I’m surprised that you’d have an earthquake nearby, crazy! Glad everything is ok though and you had a fun night out.

  6. *StrongNewMe* says:

    That is awesome about your jeans! Two sizes smaller! 🙂 Now you won’t have your gangster swagger low-riding pants anymore, ha ha.

  7. Hey congratulations! Two sizes smaller? That’s a great accomplishment… Hmm, now if only that happened to me. My only exercise is running after my 3-year-old, does that count?

  8. Congrats on the 2 size smaller! That is awesome! you have your running programme, have you done something else? Asking for motivational tips really, I realised yesterday I must have gained weight since I started work so may have to check my habbits… I’d rather be in your pants! 🙂

  9. This is the kind of thing – walking into the door – that I would laugh my ass off at.
    Good for you for the excercising and weight loss!
    Hope the surgery goes well for your mom.
    Glad the earthquake did not affect you.

  10. We just had 2 aftershocks today, I slept througu the first one while my husband was trying to call me fron his office to alert us, I did not feel the second one which was a 4.5. After hundreds of aftershocks since last month it’s hard to distiguish a real one from an imagination.

  11. prayingforoneday says:

    I dunno how you people can live with Earthquakes..
    If we had as 1.0 M One here..we would all be running around the streets naked or not screaming and writing our wills 😀

      • prayingforoneday says:

        Yeah it’s the same all over the pacific ocean from your area to Russia, China, Japan, tip of Australia and South America..Called the Ring of fire, check :

        Interesting huh? 😀 The whole pacific shelf is moving towards the USA….
        Sorry to bore you.. lol..x

        I couldn’t handle a small earthquake..oh no… 😀
        You live with Guns and Earthquakes..
        I have SOO much respect your all you

        😀 x lol

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