How to Make Your Own Pirate Costume in 10 Easy Steps

How to Make Your Own Pirate Costume in 10 Easy Steps.

1) Decide to be a Flapper Girl for Halloween.  Spend hours perusing the internet and Pinterest.  Head to the fabric store and discover that the patterns are only so-so, but more importantly – they don’t have enough fringe in stock.


2) Change your mind on the spot and decide to be a pirate.  Hit the books again to find a pattern.  And then, when you can’t find one you like, hit up Pinterest for inspiration. Create a secret board where you can dump all of the pins you like, that way, your friends are surprised when they see you!

Pirate costume inspiration

3) Buy the fabric, guess at all the measurements.

4) Get home and realize you might have to do more than just guess.  Find a tutorial that makes you do things like this:

making a pirate costume

Pull out measuring tape. Measure yourself. Then, because that’s not fun enough, start adding Pi so you can find a radius. Then go find real pie.


making a pirate costume

If you look closely, my ruler is from 1965. If you are my parents, don’t look closely as this may or may not have belonged to you at one point. I’m pretty sure I “acquired” it in my teen years.

5) Sit down to sew. Realize you don’t remember how to load the bobbin so spend 30 min on YouTube trying not to get distracted by the offerings, and instead actually load the bobbin. I may or may not have watched this video.

I may or may not have just watched it again.

6) Go back to YouTube to figure out how to fix the machine when you break it.

7) Load everything up and head to your parents house when you can’t fix your machine.

8) Find their sewing machine – it has a computer – so much easier!

9) Go eat the last of the homemade ice cream hidden in their freezer after you possibly break their machine.

homemade ice cream

This is an example of what homemade ice cream can look like. This is not my dad’s famous homemade ice cream because I sat down and ate it all.

10) Sew the skirt by hand and decide that the rest of the outfit looks more like a pirate if you don’t sew it at all. 🙂

58 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Pirate Costume in 10 Easy Steps

  1. Hihi, my son has an easier version with just one step and no sewing: 1. squeeze one of your eyes tightly. Done. His best party trick at the moment.

    When do we see the result of the not-sewing (which was the best part if you ask me!)?

  2. haha! that’s great, those are steps I can easily follow 🙂 But I probably would have chucked the whole idea at the bobbin stage. I tried sewing and the damn bobbin pushed me over the edge 🙂

  3. Wow! That is awesome that you are going to sew your own costume! I’m not that brave or patient or combo of both. LOL! Can’t wait to see the complete product!

  4. You are hilarious! Do you know, I’m exactly the same as you … I get easily distracted when I’m in the middle of something 😉 Youtube is horrible! I can get lost in it for hours. So far, I haven’t left little T standing alone in the school-gates … yet 😉

  5. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Cover yourself in old CDs or film and say you are a music or movie pirate?

    Pirate…pirating…same diff 🙂

  6. Can’t wait to the see the final rugged product!! But that will have to wait until the Hallowe’en post.

    Every time I see one of the Supernatural vids you post I think “I’d really like to start watching that again.” But I can never remember what season I left off with.

    • Secret boards are awesome – they help me come up with ideas and plan, so while it looks like I’m a good planner, I think I’m just a good pinner! 🙂
      I think I know how to sew, in my bones I feel like I am a sewer… huh… I’m not a sewer. I’m a sew-er. That’s not even a word, but I know I can do it – despite the fact that I broke 2 machines in the space of 2 hours!!
      And, Supernatural is awesome! It is one of those shows that at the core is just about two brothers, but it contains urban legands, myths, supernatural, demons and angels, but in a way that makes it feel pretty darn plausible!
      Thanks for the nice comments Tracie! 😀

    • Thanks! Just like I know I should be a runner, I also feel I should be able to sew… it’s like the genetic information is there – I’m just really struggling to pull it forth!

      Which, like my running, is probably why I’m such a hot mess! LOL 🙂

    • Oh, don’t think I wasn’t kicking myself for thinking I could do this!!

      And then! Hours later when I was putting the finished half up in the closet, I realized that we don’t have a costume for Mr. T – and I just know that we bought him one on sale last year! Apparently not… but I’m not doing this again!

      • Kate, this is the funniest post I’ve read this week. Hysterical. I do the same thing. Every year I buy costumes on sale for K after halloween, and then they get lost to the black hole that is my house and I don’t find them till november first. I can’t do it for J anymore though– this year he is to be a Ninja, and nothing else will do.
        We went to target.

  7. let me just add, I admire your bravery!! Sewing is something I don’t technically know how to do, I did however take one class and made motorcycle man a Christmas stocking, but if I had to do it all again, I’m not exactly sure I would succeed! I also didn’t now we could make secrete boards in pinterest. I need to look into that. I also can’t wait to see your finished product. You are a good planner!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hahahahahaha priceless Kate!! 😃😃😃😃thank you for the laugh, perfect way to start my day. I’m sure you will look awesome in your pirate costume xxx

  9. You write the funniest things! I was laughing so hard. I could just picture it all. I have a nice Singer sewing machine that I bought in 1995 that I used maybe a dozen times. It’s still in the same box I put it in back in 2000! I bet it would work great if I got it out and tried to use it. Problem is, I can’t remember how!

    • You Tube is a great resource! I had my laptop on the table next to the machine, it was awesome! And, I think that I figured out what was wrong with the machine and why the thread kept bunching up (Operator Error!) but the problem is, in trying to fix it, I seriously broke the machine!! I just know I can sew, I know it! But all evidence points to the contrary! hahahaha

    • Okay, I shouldn’t be over here giggling, as I’ve just admitted to my lack of skills – but the bobbin is the little plastic (or metal) piece that goes underneath the upper thread, and holds all of the thread for below. You have to have upper thread and below thread in order to sew, so, you have the spool of thread on top and the bobbin full of thread below! It’s hidden under, usually a silver plate under the little foot that holds your fabric down.
      Yeah, there’s no easy way to answer this apparently!

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