Here is to the Future

I played the “what is your word for 2016” that was going around Facebook the other day. 


Future. That’s a good word. And it does save me the trouble of coming up with one on my own… Not sure if I’ll keep it as my word, but it’s not bad as far as words go! 

I am looking towards the future, though, Mr. T will be graduating high school and starting college. He has been accepted at all three of the universities he applied to, and one of the acceptance letters came with academic scholarship money! That was awesome! We still have paperwork to do, but Santa brought him a dorm room fridge. 

I’ve been working on my S.M.A.R.T. Goals for 2016. I like goals, and I like lists, but it takes some work to write a SMART goal, and decide what will be a priority for me this next year. I am trying to narrow it down, or break up the timelines some, as part of a SMART goal is that it has to be Attainable! There is no setting ourselves up for failure happening, only success! 

If you try and read any of my rough draft on the goals, you’ll see bible verses scattered about, as they help anchor me, they help me make sure I am focused on the right things. And look at the bracelet I got for Christmas from my parents! The big bohomeiam one referencing Isaiah 41:10 is awesome! I like the boho look, and I think the verse is one that I really need to take to heart. I was talking to someone the other day and mention how I think sometimes I forget all that I can do, that we all forget all we are capable of, and can operate from a place of fear and not freedom. 


The purple one I bought for myself, the other side has my name, emergency contact and allergy information – just in case something happens when I’m out running, first responders will know who I am! 

The other one, “she believed she could so she did” was also from my parents, and I’m just as in love with it because as y’all know, I’ve been working very hard on myself and that is a good reminder for me to keep it up! 


Part of bettering myself is improving my mind 🙂 I know that my goals will include several books, starting with the Brene’ Brown book so generously sent by fellow blogger Life in the Wylde West! 

Improving myself starts from the inside out. I want to read all the books, drink really good coffee, and a few crappy cups just to keep me appreciating life, and continuing on my journey to the Future. 

And, I’m so happy to update y’all on some of my progress: 


85 pounds down so far! So you see why some of the verses and quotes hold extra meaning for me, I’ve worked hard to develope this new lifestyle, and it is carrying me forward into the Future 🙂 

Maybe Future is a good word for my 2016 after all. 

What about y’all? How are the goals and resolutions comings? Are you setting any this year? 


How to Scroll Through Pinterest

I try and ride my stationary bike 5 days a week.  I mix it up with intervals and steady work.  It is great cross-training and keeps me from stiffening up on run days.

It is also time I get to dedicate to social media! I don’t feel like I’m “wasting time on-line” when I am stuck on the bike for 30 minutes anyway!

And my favorite social media is Pinterest – and as y’all know – it doesn’t go to waste, you see me trying things all the time!

Don't worry, I saw this on Pinterest at Did That Just Happen Blog

But, for every Pin I pin, and every Pin I try out, there are 1,000 more that I have nothing but a snarky comment for! That has actually made my Pinterest scrolling go by faster!

How to make pancakes from scratch at Did That Just Happen Blog

Isn’t Biscuit considered “from scratch”?

You don't have to wear pants at Did That Just Happen Blog

Apparently it is a thing to not wear pants with a sweater.  I’m pretty sure I’d get arrested if I tried that.

How to clean white furniture at Did That Just Happen Blog

Seriously? Who is buying white leather furniture?

How to sweat less at Did That Just Happen Blog

That is not real sweat.  Come on marketing team, you can do better than that to get my attention!!

Easter decorations at Did That Just Happen Blog

Free the chocolate! Free the chocolate!!

Breakfast burritos at Did That Just Happen Blog

That looks great, but there is no way you are rolling that burrito up with that much stuff in it…

Poor Product placement at Did That Just Happen Blog

“A dear friend introduced me to this lotion…” Really just natural skincare dot com… a dear friend introduced you to this lotion… that you pinned… from your website.

When to replace your make up at Did That Just Happen Blog

Does anyone actually throw away old make up?

How to extend your curtains at Did That Just Happen Blog

Did your windows have a growth spurt?

And finally:

How to style a shelf like a boss

Pretty much put things on there.  Got it.


So, Pinterest helps me learn new skills, tips and tricks; it keeps me occupied when exercising and it also helps sharpen my snarkiness!

Despite my snarky, I did link to each and every web site that I pulled that pin from, because just because I won’t click through doesn’t mean it’s not a tip you can use! I had fun and giggled over all of these as I was picking them out… I’ve actually been collecting them for months now, waiting until I had amassed a large enough collection of sass to share with y’all!

Now it’s confession time… who else does this? Let me know some of the thoughts you have when scrolling through Pinterest.

And, if you are interested in growing your Pinterest followers, check out Penney Fox with Inner SocialMedianess, she has been a strong supporter of mine and I enjoy her tips and tricks.  I very seldom give them a snarky comment! 🙂  (Penney didn’t pay me for that… but now I’m thinking she probably should! ha!)



The Golden Apple

Loved this blog by Spirit Lights the Way!  I have read a few of my blog friends who are reaching for their authentic selves and discovering some push-back, and this shows us all why it’s important to keep to our true path! Love the line about stop worrying about our reputation with acquaintances! If you don’t already follow her, go stop by and enjoy The Golden Apple today and take a moment to just be mindful of who, and where, you are!

Be who you are at Did That Just Happen Blog
Source: The Golden Apple

So, Maybe I’m a Bit Sentimental

I put up my tree the other day, and thought it would be fun to share some Christmas memories with the new followers of this blog… the rest of you can just sit through it again 🙂

Did That Just Happen Blog

So, maybe I am a bit sentimental.  Or, maybe it’s just this time of the year.  I love the holidays, once we hit October 1st, I’m on a high the rest of the year (of course, some of that could be the candy and breads and other goodies!).

Halloween is super fun, Thanksgiving is a great time to renew my vow to live a life of gratitude, but Christmas, Christmas is all about the family life I’ve made.  Not just the nuclear and extended family, but my friends that have become family, too.

We put up our tree yesterday.  I know it seems early; however, Thanksgiving comes late and well, it’s a lot of work to put my tree up and I want to enjoy it as long as possible! I’m sitting here with a nice bowl of chili, watching the Cowboys and letting the glow of the lights on…

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