In the Kitchen with Kate: Maple Bacon Frosted Sugar Cookies

Okay, a few weeks ago I saw this:


Maple Bacon frosting

And I was intrigued.

I couldn’t get it off my mind.

It was like my very own Schrodinger’s Cat.  It was probably gross, but what if it was the best thing in the world?

I had to know; and so, I went home from the store with this:

Betty Crocker Maple Bacon icing

I couldn’t wait, I had to make some cookies to frost! It had to be done! So, welcome to my kitchen as we make maple bacon frosted sugar cookies!

I gathered the ingredients:

sugar cookie ingredients

Now, I didn’t have any eggs, but that’s okay, you can use oil as a substitute!

I highly suggest you do not get in a hurry and accidentally melt your butter when you are supposed to be softening it.  It makes a big difference!

sugar cookie dough

But, when you do accidentally melt your butter when you are suppose to be softening it – don’t let that stop you! Just go with it!

You’ll end up with some funny looking cookies, but hey – YOLO! 🙂

Kate burned arm from cookies

Of course, I do not suggest you be in a rush or distracted when you are taking the cookies out of the oven 😦


Power through it! You can do it!

maple bacon iced sugar cookies

I closed my eyes, I took a breath…


And it wasn’t bad! It actually tasted like a maple donut! There really wasn’t much, if any, bacon flavor. So, yes, it was good because I LOVE maple; however, I was a bit disappointed because – hey – bacon!

I did put on the bacon bits that came with the icing, because bacon!

It didn’t add much flavor.

So, I do still recommend it, if you love maple flavor; however, don’t buy it expecting a lot of bacon flavor!

50 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with Kate: Maple Bacon Frosted Sugar Cookies

  1. Our local bakery sells Maple Bacon Doughnuts, with actual bacon bits on the top. I tried them, because I, too, love bacon and maple. I wasn’t over the moon over them. But the lady at the bakery said they sell out every day. So good for them. And, OUCH!! That had to hurt!

  2. OK, after I stopped giggling I realized you might be wasted on blogging Kate…this would have been an amazing episode of a real reality cooking show. In The Kitchen with Kate…I can’t wait. 🙂 P.S. Stop giving us evil cooking ideas that I can smell through a post. It’s just wrong. 😉

    • My Facebook posts were cracking me up. I posted that I was making the cookies. Then I wasn’t because I was out of eggs. Then I found the oil sub so I was making them again. Then I was out of butter. And then I found the butter in the freezer. Which lead to the melted butter! I was afraid to include all of that lest people think I was making it up! 🙂
      And I am making cupcakes with the frosting next 🙂

  3. Kate, you bring such joy with your writing and I love your honesty. Who hasn’t been in the middle of a kitchen project that is going a bit awry ( and we know it is) and still, we simply tell ourselves to “Just go with it” and to “Power through”!

  4. Very interesting! Glad you tried it and let us know because I don’t think I could do it 🙂 And yes, melting vs softening makes a huge difference I recently found out. I made banana bread last wknd and accidentally melted instead of softened and the bread basically fell apart. boo…but it still tasted good.

  5. Yummmmmm I love that maple bacon thing you guys do (it’s a north american thing). This post has got me craving thay mcdonalds bacon and egg thing with the maple pancakes for a top and bottom (mcgriddle??? I’ve forgotten the name but they are sooo good).

    • I’m telling you, for as OCD and Type A as I am, when I get in the kitchen, all bets are off!

      And if Motorcycle man is a fan of maple, this would be a wonderful treat for him! I’m thinking of making some cupcakes for the rest of the frosting… cause I’m not brave enough (yet) to actually attempt a real donut! 🙂

  6. Before we became vegetarian, I loved crisp bacon, pancakes, and maple syrup. And cookies are just like pancakes only different.

    If the idea of maple bacon iced cookies appeals . . . you can make an easy frosting with confectioner’s sugar thinned with REAL maple syrup.

    Then fry up bacon to crumble on top.

  7. Paul says:

    Ahhh, and true to the Schrodinger test, the Maple Bacon was both alive (with Maple) and dead (with bacon). How appropriate.

    • I really did feel better after I bought it! I actually bought a shirt, and had to return it for a smaller size, and the smaller size was cheaper, and so with the difference I was able to get the frosting – and it technically didn’t cost me anything! It was like it was meant to be! 🙂

      • In answering a meme once:

        5. What’s your preference: chocolate or chips?

        Seriously? That’s a trick question! Trick questions deserve tricky answers. (I learned that from the best lawyers in the business.)

        Potato Chips dipped in Dark Chocolate (or White Chocolate Pretzels).

        Salty. Sweet. Chocolate. Crunch. Munch all you want ~ they’ll make more.

      • See, even less appeal. I don’t do the Ruffles/Pringles/Hostess varieties. Only the “kettle cooked” or “homemade/handmade/gourmet” ones.

        Well those and Hickory Sticks. I get a a craving for Hickory Sticks about once every 3-4 years. But when I do… I HAVE TO go to the store to buy some. 🙂

      • You and I will never compete for food at a buffet! Cause I’m not a chip fan, but I’m really not a fan of the kettle cooked variety!

        However, if stranded, I solemnly promise to give you all my chips and salty things in exchange for all your chocolate and sweets!

      • Okay, wait a minute! Are you not the same Kate who was all gaga over the ketchup chips and other salty treats in your care package from Canada (as shared on Facebook)??? 🙂

      • I was! but – ketchup! Those things were awesome! It was blowing my mind to eat solid ketchup!

        And I do love cheetos, mainly the puffs, and I’ll never turn down sour cream and onion flavor – but given the choice between salty and sweet, I hit the sweet every time!

      • Okay, so no fighting for us then. I love sweets, but can only do them in small quantity (especially the richer/sweeter they are). i.e. one chocolate truffle is enough. 2 Reeses peanut butter cups. 1 BIG ol’ slice of carrot cake. 🙂

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