In the Kitchen with Kate: Maple Bacon Frosted Sugar Cookies

Okay, a few weeks ago I saw this:


Maple Bacon frosting

And I was intrigued.

I couldn’t get it off my mind.

It was like my very own Schrodinger’s Cat.  It was probably gross, but what if it was the best thing in the world?

I had to know; and so, I went home from the store with this:

Betty Crocker Maple Bacon icing

I couldn’t wait, I had to make some cookies to frost! It had to be done! So, welcome to my kitchen as we make maple bacon frosted sugar cookies!

I gathered the ingredients:

sugar cookie ingredients

Now, I didn’t have any eggs, but that’s okay, you can use oil as a substitute!

I highly suggest you do not get in a hurry and accidentally melt your butter when you are supposed to be softening it.  It makes a big difference!

sugar cookie dough

But, when you do accidentally melt your butter when you are suppose to be softening it – don’t let that stop you! Just go with it!

You’ll end up with some funny looking cookies, but hey – YOLO! 🙂

Kate burned arm from cookies

Of course, I do not suggest you be in a rush or distracted when you are taking the cookies out of the oven 😦


Power through it! You can do it!

maple bacon iced sugar cookies

I closed my eyes, I took a breath…


And it wasn’t bad! It actually tasted like a maple donut! There really wasn’t much, if any, bacon flavor. So, yes, it was good because I LOVE maple; however, I was a bit disappointed because – hey – bacon!

I did put on the bacon bits that came with the icing, because bacon!

It didn’t add much flavor.

So, I do still recommend it, if you love maple flavor; however, don’t buy it expecting a lot of bacon flavor!