My Jawbone is Sleep Training Me

I use the Jawbone UP fitness tracker.

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I love my Jawbone. It’s the bottom bracelet I’m wearing.

But I’ve noticed that my Jawbone is trying to sleep train me.

You’ll know this term if you have little kids, or have friends with little kids.  Or even have friends of friends who have little kids.  They all talk about sleep training their child.

Sleep training is the process of helping a baby learn to get to sleep and stay asleep through the night

I’m not a baby.  I know how to go to sleep. The problem is that I don’t have time to go to sleep!

Between my responsibilities, my fun and now Mr. T and his work and fun, my sleep pattern has been severely disrupted.

And now, I keep getting messages like the following:

Jawbone sleep training 2

Okay, consistency helps – but look – I slept 7 hr and 22 min!!  I deserve a congratulations for that!

jawbone sleep training 4

Okay, thanks for letting me know I’ll be less than productive.  Maybe my boss should get a copy of my sleep report? 🙂

Jawbone sleep training 1

So, now you want to challenge me to a new bed time?

Challenge accepted!! 

Jawbone sleep training 3

Challenge failed.

But, I wish my Jawbone good luck in sleep training me!  It probably should have talked to my parents first, they’d probably have been able to talk that little computer out of even trying!


I’ve Hit That Age

Oscar Women's CheckupsLRG

I was introduced to Oscar Insurance and their Roadmap to Health infographic; they are a new company focused on incorporating technology into the healthcare experienced and asked if I would help spread the word. If you are in search for health insurance or interested in learning about their services you can check their site for more information.

May is when we focus on Women’s Health, and well, I’ve reached an age that is a new bracket on the info-graphic.  A new bracket.  I’m THAT age!!!

It’s no secret I’m THAT age, and I’m super happy to have reached THAT age, don’t get me wrong, but… along with it comes a new list of things!  It’s bad enough that sometimes I pee when I sneeze or cough, but now, apparently, it’s time for something else… the dreaded mammogram!

ready for mammogram


*Disclaimer: I’m not being paid for this post, I liked the Roadmap to Health infographic!

Then he kissed the back of my hand…

There will come a year when I don’t reblog this, but this is not that year!

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My parents always knew that they wanted to have 2 kids and to adopt.  So, after me and my sister, they began looking to adopt.  They wanted to adopt a special needs kid, provide a home to a child that might be overlooked.  They were aware of their own limitations and knew that they wanted a child with a physical handicap.  We took sign language classes together for a while when we thought we were getting a deaf sibling.  That fell through and in the end, we found out about Lee.  Lee had a little red triangle that appeared on his forehead above his nose when he cried and got upset.  The Koreans considered that a handicap.  It was meant to be!

Image Lee at Universal Studios, he’s so strong, he is lifting up the A-Team Van with one hand!

His Korean name is Man Ho Ha and we picked him…

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