I am a Runner

Happy Pre-Friday everyone! The other night I clicked a link on Twitter, read this blog  and then shed some tears. Several of you have been here for the last several years and know my journey to get healthier, and how I’ve started running and stopped, started and stopped more times than I can count.

It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long at you don't stop; at Did That Just Happen Blog

It took some time to for me to actually start “running”. I worked up to it. I walked. A lot. I did the elliptical. I tried outside. And came right back in. It’s hard. And there are people out there. People that could see every jiggle and bounce my body took with each stride.

It has been almost a year since I started “running”. And up until a few weeks ago, I still wouldn’t have called myself a runner. Y’all remember my first 5k from a few weeks ago? Remember those two girls talking and I distanced myself from the conversation because I thought they were friends – but come to find out, they were strangers too – they just had allowed themselves to embrace the running community, where as I hadn’t yet. I was standing there waiting for someone to tell me that I didn’t look like a runner. That I shouldn’t even be there.

It doesn't matter how this looks to others... Fighters Fight at Did That Just Happen Blog

That’s the little voice in my head that I live with. That I think most of us live with. That voice that can come up with 1,000 reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Why you shouldn’t run that race, why you shouldn’t take the new job, why you shouldn’t move across the country. Or even why you shouldn’t say yes to that invitation that your friend issued.

But you know what? Not once has that voice been right. I always have fun when I say Yes to the invitation. Taking the new job led to an amazing life, one I couldn’t have imagined that allowed me to be there more for my son. And you know what, not a single person at that race told me I wasn’t supposed to be there. Not a single one even gave me a sideways glance. Everyone I encountered smiled, and spoke, and invited me in.

And now I can say that I’m a runner and not put the quotation marks around it.  Now I can share with all of you what, up until this point, was pretty much only known if you follow me on Instagram! I was afraid to put it out there.  I was afraid to declare my intentions.  The little voice was telling me that I wouldn’t find acceptance.  Fortunately, I am stronger, WE are all stronger, than that little voice.

So, go run.  Go paint.  Go capture a soul through your photography.  Go step outside your comfort zone and take the new job.  Move.  Explore.  Do.

And go read Ashley at Rather be Runnin’: 

P.S. I linked to some old posts of mine, which was weird, because (1) they were old and apparently my writing style has change (hopefully for the better) and (2) they were not even telling the story the way I thought they were!  So, you don’t have to bother to go back and read them!

51 thoughts on “I am a Runner

  1. You are an inspiration Kate, I know I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again. It’s so hard to tune tune that little voice our heads that fills us with doubt, that makes us believe we can’t, when you absolutely can. You go girl xxx

  2. I have struggled to get back to running and not considering myself a “real” runner, as if there is some sort of special checklist before you can call yourself that! Great job sticking to it and getting stronger and accepting that you are a runner.

    • And this coming from the woman who just ran 13.1!! I’ve been inspired and impressed with your progress – I’ve always considered you a runner, and you have blown my mind with your progress!!
      And, thank you! You have always been so supportive, and it is very much appreciated!

  3. You are a runner! You are amazing! Never doubt it! I’ve loved reading along as you’ve shared your life and your running journey. 🙂 I did go back and read the earthquake story- that was awesome. I forget what earthquakes must feel like to people outside of CA. 🙂

    • Thank you Fallon!! And thank you for being part of my running community, even if you didn’t want to! You’ve been so great about helping me along the way, by answering my questions – and by just sharing your journey!
      And yeah, that was Mr. T’s first earthquake – not at all what he expected!! 🙂

  4. I linked to this blog post from your comment on Rather be Runnin’ and am so glad I did! I am just finding my way back to running after a bit of time off (lots of reasons/excuses), and I find posts like this one motivating!

    • I’m so glad!! I hesitated to put the link over there, but I wanted her to be able tell me to take down my post if she hated it (again – that inner voice that is full of excuses (and issues on my part)!), so I’m happy to hear that you found some motivation when you came over!! And I’m very happy that you are finding your way back to running, all of the sudden the success of others has become a great joy to me! 🙂

  5. You totally and completely inspire me. I may just consider this running thing once my cold is gone. You are so amazing and I also loved the blog about running you shared. I want to shout it from the roof tops…I’m a runner…even if it’s just for like a tiny bit of the way.

    • Well, and I was totally thinking of you, and how you don’t always trust your photography or even your own strength, and look at how much you have accomplished in the last 6 months!! You are quite a blessing and inspiration to me! XOXO

  6. Great Post! I really miss running and I feel like since I’m not running anymore, I can’t call myself a runner. I am worried that I won’t be able to do it again after this baby comes!

    • Well, now that I’m a Runner, let me tell you – apparently you can! Along with articles about injuries (that have me obsessed with not getting injured) there are tons of moms out there with the same fear, and you know what the overwhelming consensus is? They all wish they had set aside the fear and just started back up, that they had accepted their new body sooner and had gone for it, forgetting how embarrassed they were, forgetting the old numbers, but just taking a deep breath and doing it for themselves. (yes, I’m like 17 years postpartum and am reading articles of moms that are only a couple years past having their kid(s)… I can’t help it! Most of them speak to the fear they felt and that still resonates with me!) 🙂

  7. Goosebumps, chills, tears! I LOVE THIS! You are so awesome and amazing and inspiring! YOU ARE A RUNNER!
    It’s true that we can be our own worst enemy and let fear of anynumberofthings hold us back. Thank you for pointing out that we are harder on ourselves than the outside world (usually) is.
    Keep running!

  8. That’s right, you are a runner! Good for you for doing the 5k. That’s awesome! And you are so right about that little voice in our head. That voice is vert convincing IF we listen to it and can discourage us more than anything or anyone else. I can’t stand that little person between my ears. She’s such a nagger!

  9. Kate,this is exactly what I have been thinking about lately. Why are we so hesitant to declare the wonderful things about ourselves? I am so thrilled to see you emerge so boldly in your recent postings.
    Having run since I was 12, I have to say, I find runners to be some of the most welcoming people. My husband and I recently did a 5K-we began and finished at the back at the pack and still felt welcomed the whole time. I think running is one of those things that unites us- it is difficult for everyone (although some may run at different paces). It is a way we confront ourselves and I think this makes it unifying.
    I loved your final comments about re-reading your previous blogs and you realized you did not express some ideas as you thought you had. I have so been there!

    • I thought about you when I was writing about community, and how you were a runner – I love that your husband ran with you! I roped my best friend into doing my next race with me – he is a salesman, so he talks to people all the time, I plan to watch and learn how he does it so I can mimic it the next time! 😀
      And thank you, I don’t know why we hesitate to declare good things – except so as not to be seen as a braggart or showing off – but again, is that always a bad thing? I don’t think it is, now when done with love. I don’t know. All I know is that I still feel giddy over having shared my thoughts and declaring myself.. and I don’t know if it’s a good giddy or the hysterical-laugh-because-there-isn’t-any-other-choice giddy! 😀
      Thank you Kim! Sending you some love and hugs today!

    • Thank you Jeff!! I really, really hoped that I was writing something that would resonate across the board, and not with just runners – I believe it really does apply to (almost) EVERYTHING we do in life, it is okay to just do it, to take the chance and be open to the experience, so you have touched my heart by letting me know, I really appreciate you taking the time today!
      And don’t you have your individual blog – or are you only doing the combined one? I’d love if you could share the link if you have it so I can find you again!

    • Yay! I love providing inspiration! That is like, one of my favorite things!!!
      And, when I read running articles (okay, when I find funny running memes on Pinterest) they frequently mention injury, and let me tell you, I’m so careful! LOL, I have developed an irrational fear of not being able to run due to injury! It’s totally irrational, especially since I didn’t even consider myself a real runner until the other day! 😀

  10. Holly says:

    I am starting Couch to 5K again after we move. One of my friends who lives in the city I am moving to has agreed to be my training partner-in-crime. Even if I walk it very slowly,I am going to do this in 2016!

    • It was 2 years of more walking than running before I could get to this point. I actually did C25k on the elliptical for half a year before I broke the machine and was forced outside! LOL. But I walked, a lot, and that helped my lungs and knees get ready. (and if you find you are struggling with c25k after you’ve done it a bit – come tell me, as I did, too!)

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