Here is to the Future

I played the “what is your word for 2016” that was going around Facebook the other day. 


Future. That’s a good word. And it does save me the trouble of coming up with one on my own… Not sure if I’ll keep it as my word, but it’s not bad as far as words go! 

I am looking towards the future, though, Mr. T will be graduating high school and starting college. He has been accepted at all three of the universities he applied to, and one of the acceptance letters came with academic scholarship money! That was awesome! We still have paperwork to do, but Santa brought him a dorm room fridge. 

I’ve been working on my S.M.A.R.T. Goals for 2016. I like goals, and I like lists, but it takes some work to write a SMART goal, and decide what will be a priority for me this next year. I am trying to narrow it down, or break up the timelines some, as part of a SMART goal is that it has to be Attainable! There is no setting ourselves up for failure happening, only success! 

If you try and read any of my rough draft on the goals, you’ll see bible verses scattered about, as they help anchor me, they help me make sure I am focused on the right things. And look at the bracelet I got for Christmas from my parents! The big bohomeiam one referencing Isaiah 41:10 is awesome! I like the boho look, and I think the verse is one that I really need to take to heart. I was talking to someone the other day and mention how I think sometimes I forget all that I can do, that we all forget all we are capable of, and can operate from a place of fear and not freedom. 


The purple one I bought for myself, the other side has my name, emergency contact and allergy information – just in case something happens when I’m out running, first responders will know who I am! 

The other one, “she believed she could so she did” was also from my parents, and I’m just as in love with it because as y’all know, I’ve been working very hard on myself and that is a good reminder for me to keep it up! 


Part of bettering myself is improving my mind 🙂 I know that my goals will include several books, starting with the Brene’ Brown book so generously sent by fellow blogger Life in the Wylde West! 

Improving myself starts from the inside out. I want to read all the books, drink really good coffee, and a few crappy cups just to keep me appreciating life, and continuing on my journey to the Future. 

And, I’m so happy to update y’all on some of my progress: 


85 pounds down so far! So you see why some of the verses and quotes hold extra meaning for me, I’ve worked hard to develope this new lifestyle, and it is carrying me forward into the Future 🙂 

Maybe Future is a good word for my 2016 after all. 

What about y’all? How are the goals and resolutions comings? Are you setting any this year? 


52 thoughts on “Here is to the Future

  1. Wow 85 pounds is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations!! And Happy New Year! With something like that under your belt I’m sure you’ll be Able to really concour your next goals.

  2. I love all those pretty bracelets and words you keep on your arm. I’m also so completely inspired by your progress! You look amazing and you are someone I love keeping up with because you inspire me with your courage, your strength and endurance. I’m looking forward to your future too.

  3. I chose a word last year but I never followed through with it so I should choose it again this year and tape it to my computer so I see it every day and follow through and focus on it. ‘Future’ is a wonderful word. Congratulations and happy new year! 🎉🍾

    • Oh you should! I love the idea of a word, as it’s like a touchstone, when you see it, it can trigger you to stop and make sure you are on the path you want to be on! I love the idea of taping it so you can see it every day – that’s an excellent way to reinforce it! Okay, now I’m excited, you need to do this! 🙂

  4. Woooooooooow! Kate! I could tell you were losing weight but I didn’t even realize HOW much progress you’ve made until seeing those pictures beside eachother! You must FEEL sooo good! I’ve got to tell you, since putting on all of my extra weight it just drags me down. I’m so tired and I don’t have energy for anything. You inspire me so much to get it together! But first… I have a secret to share with you… shhhhhhhh I haven’t told anyone but family so far…….. (I’m pregnant)! So my weight will have to wait! Hehe 🙂 But I just want you to know how much I’ve loved getting to know you in 2015. You are so kind and REAL and you inspire me so much. I can’t wait to see what 2016 has for both of us!

  5. What a change Kate! But I do love that you still remember to keep up the inner beauty, weight loss is healthy (to a point…) but won’t do a thing unless you remember values. Future is a great word!

  6. Oh my goodness, Kate this brought me to tears!! I think we are all inspired by your story,. You have always been so GRACIOUS in the sharing of your journey in an honest and uplifting way. We gain so much from you. Cheers to your “future”!!! (p.s. Love, love, love the bracelets)

    • Oh my gosh by my mom knocked it out of the park with those bracelets!! And thank you for your kind words, you honor me and I’m struggling to come up with a response!! (Might want to mark that down, it is not often I struggle to find words! Lol)

  7. Holy crap, 85 pounds?! That’s awesome! Congrats! I love all the bracelets, I really need to wear mine more often. Or get one that has a motivational saying on it. 🙂 Either option would work. I am also very impressed by your goals rough draft- that’s a lot of notes!

    • Oh my gosh it was a lot of notes… it was needed, but man! I have got to narrow my focus a bit! 🙂 And thank you, I met my weight loss goal for the year, and thanks to you and your support and the endless questions you answer, I’m actually going to set some running goals for 2016! I’ve only been running for the past year, but I’ve been trying to run for the past 2! So, this is good for me, and while I’m on a totally different path than you, I can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement!! ❤

  8. Future sounds like a great word to get.
    You are always working on goals and getting involved with challenges. I think New Years and resolutions and smart goals are right up your alley. Good luck with whatever comes out on your list.
    I am not sure what my goals are for next year. I have some thoughts in my mind but I am not ready to articulate them.

    • Your life has taken such a different path than I expected when I met you years ago – I’ve been very impressed with you stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things – you are an inspiration and I can’t wait to hear what you have in mind for the new year!! 🙂

      • Thanks for saying that Kate – I’m touched.
        It’s been a rough road since I made up my mind to follow my passion. It’s easy to doubt and question. I’m glad I’ve made the attempt and believe I am better for it.

    • I love that verse! I actually add that one to every Blessing Bag I put together to be handed out, it is so powerful! And thank you! I’ve come a long way, and while I will always have a path in front of me, I am really enjoying it! And, as you’ve seen, I’m not shy about celebrating my little victories, those little ones add up! 🙂

  9. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I’ll have to think of some SMART goals (for the first time in many years!) pretty quickly here, but I don’t have any real goals for next year. I’d like to travel with my family the year after that.

    Also, I loved this:
    we all forget all we are capable of, and can operate from a place of fear and not freedom.

    • Thank you for mentioning the fear/freedom! I have found myself being just aware enough to sometimes see the shackles I am putting on myself, but the freedom when I recognize and release myself is pretty awesome! And some SMART goals to set you up for that travel would be a good starting place 🙂 But, thank you Deborah! For everything!

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