Apparently My Profile Picture Sucks

Drunk people, children and leggings always tell the truth at Did That Just Happen Blog

And thank goodness for that! We were hanging out in the concession stand Saturday night, working a very slow playoff game, and I’m not sure exactly how it happened, all I know is all of the sudden one of the teenagers was going through my photos to pick a new profile picture.  Because mine wasn’t very flattering.

So I’m looking around at everyone – what do you mean? I love that picture! It’s an awesome picture!!

And I got “you know, kudos to you for using natural light.”

whaaaat? Did That Just Happen Blog

All I know is that more people should speak up when a profile picture isn’t good!

But, do it in a nice way! And that teenager really was so sweet!  Later that night I tagged her on Instagram and asked if the one I picked was better – she agreed, so whew, I have a replacement! I’ve been trying to figure out where all I have the old picture so I can replace it! 🙂

Okay, I have two replacements.  I’m pretty much afraid to make any decisions on my own at this point!

Oh! You want to know what is not my profile picture? At the start line of my first 5k! Did That Just Happen Blog

That is me at the start line of my very first 5k run!  It was a last minute decision… like 3 days before the race I decided to do it!  I’ve never run that far before, it is 3.1 miles and I run about 2.7 most mornings.  I had no clue what I was doing.  At all.

And, I am so shy that I was in line and these two girls were talking and included me in the conversation, and I ended up scooting a bit out of it, cause nerves and insecurity!

At the end of their conversation, they introduced themselves.  To each other!  They didn’t know each other, they were just there in a shared experience!

AGH! I have got to learn how to do that!!

But that’s not the point!  Spoiler alert, I lived to tell about my race!

Finished my first 5k and lived to tell the tale at Did That Just Happen Blog

I finished!

Not only that, I finished in the top 5 of my group!  I was pretty darn proud of myself and now I think I’ll have to do another one!

Of course, if you follow any runners at all, it’s all about the meals.  The meals leading up to the race, and naturally the post race meal.  And boy was I thinking about a post race meal!

And then I remembered that I didn’t run but less than 1/2 a mile more than usual – LOL, it’s not like I burned an extra 1,000 calories that day!

So, I compromised.

Starbucks and Running Shoes, pretty much sums up my life at Did That Just Happen Blog

46 thoughts on “Apparently My Profile Picture Sucks

  1. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    Many, many congrats on your first race Kate! Totally awesome, and way cool on placing in the top 5 of your group! Yay You!!

  2. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations on your first race!! I am so happy you had a good time, I think I was more nervous about your race then I was about mine that weekend. 🙂 And top 5 in your age group? Awesome! Pre-race conversations with other runners can be fun but feel awkward in the beginning- plus side is when are you going to see them again. 🙂
    Your post about updating your profile pic made me realize that I haven’t upated mine in well over a year. Oops. I changed Facebook but need to change IG too.

    • I still can’t thank you enough for helping me deal with my nerves before the race!! LOL, not sure I could have done it if you hadn’t been there to answer my 1,000 questions!! I learned a lot, it’s okay to talk to other racers, and apparently I need to smile and wave at the camera guys! I was going through the race pictures and I was way too focused!!
      As I was updating my profile picture I kept going “oh, I need to change it here, oh and over there. Dang it, over there, too!” 😀

  3. This is awesome Kate! You were ready that’s for sure. You deserve to feel really proud at accomplishing this … And stretching towards the next goal. Congratulations! You rock! ( even with that profile pic 😉)

  4. WOO HOO! WTG on the 5K! That is so huge!!! You are so awesome! I liked your profile pic, but think this one is quite nice, too! Sometime I will tell you my shyness story over a coffee (or whatever)… It will blow / expand your mind.
    You are an inspiration and a Goddess!

  5. Yay! Congrats! I remember when you first started running on the treadmill and told me you didn’t think you could run outside and look, here you are now running 5k outside!!!!!!! I am so proud of you xoxox

  6. Doing your first 5k is such an accomplishment!! It’s funny sometimes how we really don’t “see” ourselves as we are, and it can keep us from joining in. I am thinking of your conversation with the other runners before the race. So glad you did the run!

  7. no way, when I read the word shy, I was like what the what? I have you pictured as this super duper outgoing type. Oh goodness we are alike in so many ways, even down to I’m doing a 5K this weekend and our spiritual core goals and so much more. I love having a friend like you by my side.

    • This so warmed my heart!! Yay for you doing a 5k this weekend!! That is so awesome, I just love having a friend like you, too – it is so neat to share the journey with you!! And I can be very outgoing, once I’m sure I am in a safe place with people I know, or when I have to fake it. I’m really, really good at faking it! LOL!

  8. Wow, by looking at your after picture, it’s hard to tell that you even ran a 5K. I would have been all types of colors after that. My face holds in the heat and makes me look pretty spooky after a workout. 🙂 I agree with you about honesty. I wish more people would be.

    • I really and truly thought that I had the best profile picture of myself… Ever!! boy was I wrong! I died laughing over it!! And thank you – but I will admit there was a rest period, and you can’t tell how drenched in sweat my clothes were!! 🙂

    • I’ve have tried for 2 years to become a runner, I started indoors on an elliptical, until that broke and it forced me to go outside! I started with walks, and then runs, and I tried couch-to-5k programs and never completed any of them, but every “failure” was building up my strength and endurance, and I’ll never say I enjoy it, but I do love doing it! And I’m super excited to have my first race under my belt 🙂 I smiled all afternoon!

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