I’m a Kid at Heart

I’m still such a kid at heart.  Yesterday was Six Flags day.  For those not aware, it’s an awesome amusement park.  When my brother Lee was young, he and I had season passes and went all of the time.  Now that I have Mr. T, we try and make it a couple of times every year.  I love it!  I have so much fun walking through the park, riding the rides and examining everything the gift shops have to offer!

I have learned some things, though:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes!!
  2. Don’t wear flip flops if you are going on the Batman ride
  3. It’s worth it to buy the refillable mug
  4. The last person to take a drink has to hold the mug – if they try and hand it back to you, just pretend you can’t see them.
  5. You are never too old for Yosemite Sam.
  6. You can be too old for the Titan (85 mph, with a 255-foot drop)


Alright Six Flags, Bring it!!  Mr. T, Me, Samantha and Jayman.

Most kids line up for pictures with the characters… and then there is me.

Aren't we a great looking family?

Aren’t we a great looking group?  Jayman, his friend C, Amy, Samantha and Mr .T.  (Amy is my sister and Jayman and Sam are her twins.)

Six Flags family picture

Funny story.  As I was taking this picture, a Six Flags host walked up and asked if he could take the picture so I could be included.  Of course!! As I was running over to join the family a random stranger yells out “Hey, I want to be in the picture!”  Now, most families would be “no way!” but not our family!  We were like “Come on random stranger! Join our group picture!”  So, random guy is on the left.  He was a good sport!

Okay, even more funny story (funnier story? most funniest of stories?). Yet again I wanted a picture, and this time with Pepe’ Le Pew, and as I was holding his arm I was like “Pepe, you work out!” When the picture was done, Pepe indicated that I should really check out his bicep… dude was totally built! Then he wanted me to check out his forearm, which about as big as his bicep! So, as I’m groping him, it dawns on me, and I look at my sister and crack up “I’m totally molesting what is probably a 17 year old kid!!”

Six Flags Me and T


End of the day and another selfie with Mr. T, in front of the huge Christmas Tree.  It was a wonderful day and a great time was had by all.

And yes, that happened – I may or may not have groped the arms of a 17 year old kid.

But I Thought It Was Just For Fun

I am part two in a three part blog chain!  I’m the creamy filling in the Oreo cookie!  Me, Myself and Kids posed a question about going on vacation – so, before you read me, take a minute and go read Me, Myself and Kids blog here and then come back and continue!  Once you are done, I’ll lead you on to My Journey to Live an Authentic Life to complete your journey today!

Go check out Me, Myself and Kids!



MMK’s kids are younger than Mr. T, by several years.  They are at the age that Mr. T was when we first starting taking vacations, well we didn’t take “vacations” we took “stay-cations”!

Being a single parent from the start, our finances have always been tight, so as a compromise, I learned how to treat us with several smaller getaways throughout the year!  As I was pondering MMK’s question about what to do and where to go on vacation, I thought about the stay-cations that Mr. T and I took and I think his kids (and his wife) would enjoy.

Since Mr. T was little, I’ve made a point to take a couple of long weekends during the summer, and during those weekends we go visit a lot of the local attractions. It is easy to forget how much fun is in your own backyard, you get used to driving by places and not seeing them anymore.  I make a point to keep my eyes peeled for new adventures for us to try in our own town and I hope this gives you some inspiration as well as you plan your vacation MMK.

I use my fingers and search for coupons on the internet and I use my resources for discounts.  For example, my mom works at a place that rents out Six Flags for their employees for the day, and we can buy discounted tickets and attend on that day as family members.  I not only get a discount, but we get to go on a day that is less crowded – that’s a big win-win in my book! So, looking for deals and discounts is a good way to start when you are preparing for time away and who doesn’t love an amusement park?  I’m sure your kids would have a blast on the rides MMK!


The local zoo has coupon offers on-line frequently; however, I’ll admit that the money I save on the parking and tickets I usually spend at the fudge factory!  I don’t know why, but fudge tastes better from places like that! The boys will love that tasty treat, and I bet you and Mrs. MMK do, too!


By far, our favorite, and we go every year (sometimes several times a year) is Ripley’s Believe It or Not and the Palace of Wax, which are in the same building.  We love it! Even though we’ve seen everything, there is always something new.  Mr. T and I don’t just walk through, either, we push all the buttons and set off all of the sound effects at Ripley’s and then we go into the Palace of Wax and we stop and take pictures of ourselves with the World’s Tallest Man and Harry Potter!  There is nothing like walking on fire or traveling through Tornado Alley to keep you entertained while you learn.  Stay-cations can be educational, but don’t tell the kids!



MMK, now you have an idea of the great local attractions that we visit each year, I hope it gives you some inspiration as you plan a vacation for your family! Now I am going to send you to visit My Journey to Live an Authentic Life!  Check her blog out here!

PS – the titles of all three of our blogs relate to the Go-Go’s Vacation