Distance Matters

Distance matters at Did That Just Happen Blog

And welcome to my reality…

You’re from Morocco… that’s nice, thanks for letting me know where you are from.  What I care about is where you are now, though.  Oh, still in Morocco?  Yeah, no.

I’m pretty sure on-line dating isn’t for me! 😀 Through this process I have discovered, I really don’t like people asking me questions.  And I really don’t like when they interrupt my day to ask them!

Now, I have messaged back and forth with some nice guys – a few have asked me out and I’ve been tempted, but it just wasn’t right.  And there are a few that we are working towards friendship… well, a friendship that will last until I cancel my account!  Which is coming.  Soon.  Very soon…

Nice Try at Did That Just Happen Blog

Not bad as opening lines go – but again, yeah, no.

I texted Adam about this one.

I refuse to do on line dating at Did That Just Happen Blog

So, seduction guy, guys, I did actually try. He had mentioned lunch time fishing during our picnic at the lake (while he’s feeding me chocolate covered strawberries apparently) and so I messaged back that fishing at lunch time probably wasn’t going to catch us much, we should go in the morning time.  I added some more stuff, you know, making general conversation.  He came back with another laid back, laying around, relaxing and doing nothing type of message.  So, I asked him if he ever actually did anything.  He had two boys, but was always talking about just laying around the lake, or the beach and just listening to music and picnics.  Did he actually ever do activities? I told him that I was running a 5k that weekend and then going over to a friends house to help out, and then I gave him an idea of my next couple of weekends, which were pretty busy – I told him that was what I was use to, I liked to be out “doing” things.  Relaxing was fine, but just not every weekend!

I never heard from him again! 😀 😀 😀

18 thoughts on “Distance Matters

  1. lardavbern says:

    Knowing you Kate – you probably have that you are an active person in your description. If not, maybe you should.Of course. some of the people don’t even read the descriptions. So, maybe it doesn’t matter.
    Oh gosh – I’m getting a headache.

    Good luck!

    • I’ve lived with a headache throughout this process! Yes, my bio was really clear that I keep busy – there was no point in hiding that fact… someone asked me out and it was 6 weeks before I had the free time… That’s just not right! 😀

  2. Oh my gosh, haha I couldn’t do online dating with all the ignorant men out there trying to tell us what they THINK we want to hear. I think you would probably have much better luck joining a runners club or doing some social events in your area that might introduce you to other people that like going out and actually doing things you enjoy too!

    • Oh now that is a GREAT idea! I was actually at my local running store on Friday and we were talking about their running club and how I’m too scared to come try! I run slower and I don’t run at night – but the half marathon I’m training for will be a night run, so I’ll have to practice that!
      And yes, those guys telling us what they think we want to hear!! That has really be driving me crazy! But, I’m making a point to always be honest – I’m not going to waste my time!

    • hahahahahaha – I’m glad to hear that!! I downloaded a song you recommended the other day – by the way, I’ve been going through all of your past playlists and finding some good ones! (And no, for the life of me I can’t remember which one it is now – but I’m thinking an old Eminem!)

  3. Haha oh the adventures of online dating. I always do a few and then burn out and then take a break and start again. I am exhausted just thinking about it! Give it up if you feel you need to. Maybe you’ll meet someone out on one of your busy weekends!!

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