Christmas Eve Gift!!

Christmas Eve Gift!!

Ha! I got you first! You owe me a gift!

And for those that are lost, I’ll explain!

The goal of this game is to be the first to yell “Christmas Eve Gift” to the other person.  Then, the person that lost and didn’t yell out “Christmas Eve Gift” owes the person that did yell it a gift.  And who doesn’t want an extra gift?!?

Christmas Eve Gift

Technically, you probably don’t have to yell.  I’m sure a normal speaking voice would be fine.  In our family, we are so obsessed with winning the game that we tend to yell.

Growing up, our Christmas Eve always started well before the sun came up with mom coming in the room and yelling “Christmas Eve gift!!” and then running out before we could respond.  (Which, bonus points).

As we moved out, the phone would ring at about 6 am.

Now this is tricky – you have to time it just right and you have to get that phone up to your mouth super fast because the caller has the advantage here!  They can hear when you pick up the phone and they can start yelling as you are bringing the phone up to your mouth.  And, at 6 am, I’m really not at my best – I tend to answer “Hello, crap, Christmas Eve Gift” and at that point the caller has usually won the game!

Wait, I’m not done.

If it was dad that called you at 6 am, you aren’t done!

During the drive over to their house, I keep repeating “Christmas Eve Gift, Christmas Eve Gift” and then I walk in the door and get distracted and mom jumps out of the dark bathroom yelling “Christmas Eve Gift!!!”

And that is why my Christmas gifts are always in a bag and never carried in by hand!

This gets repeated over and over until you and every other person you encounter has gone through this!

And some years, you get to be the one making the 6 am phone call!

Not all of your relatives will appreciate this gesture of good will.

Just a heads up there!

This year our family hit a new low record.

Christmas Eve Gift text

6:15 am Dad sent out a group text.

Which I promptly ignored.

Cause there was no way he could prove I had seen it or read it.  (And this is the exact reason why I don’t have a “read receipt” on my text messages!)

Then my sister got in the action – but added Mr. T and her Twins to the group!

Christmas Eve Gift response

By now, it’s an hour later and so I figure it’s safe to respond!

And the best part?

We don’t actually get each other gifts.

Winning the competition is the only gift we need!

I’ve never actually met anyone outside of our family that plays this game, so you’ll have to let me know if your family plays this game – but in the meantime…

Christmas Eve Gift!

42 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Gift!!

  1. My family does this as well. I came here in 2019 trying to find out where we got this from… after a 6am text from my favorite Aunt across the country of “Christmas Eve gift”. She, and this game, are my favorite part of christmas.

  2. Esther G says:

    Christmas Eve Gift! Our family had this tradition also, along with “Christmas Gift”, “New Year’s Eve Gift”, and “New Year’s Gift.” The difference is that on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, it wasn’t “legal” until 6:00 pm to get anyone. When I was young, everyone lived in one time zone so it wasn’t an issue. As we all began to move away, we now find ourselves in many time zones. We disagreed on the accepted time zone to use but have decided to maintain the “original time zone” where our parents and grandparents were. With current technology, texting has become the new norm. It isn’t as much fun but it is still a family tradition!

    • Steve says:

      Well, my Son got me yesterday, because he lives in Australia and I live in Jamaica. We do have a “rules” issue too, ha. I grew up with the Christmas Eve Gift thing my whole life: in person, waking someone up by yelling it, by phone, by text, and now by email, instagram, or any other social media you can think of. Just a few of us in the family still do it, but it is fun and the fun part, is we know absolutely nothing about what you get if you win or what you give up if you lose. Ha. It is just the spirit of the game to beat each other every Christmas Eve. And, not many people even know about it nowadays. But next year, I got my boy. It is 4PM on the 22nd, that his Christmas Eve begins. I will get him next year. Bless and Merry Christmas.

  3. Awwh Kate this was so adorable and funny! I love such family traditions, something to tie everyone together. So cute.

    I wanted to yell, ‘Christmas Eve Gift’ in the comement section but since I’m late to this party I knew I can’t win anymore, lots of people beat me to it lol

    Hope you are having the best Christmas ever! Lots of love,
    Zee ❤

  4. Merry Christmas Eve Gift!!! Ha, that’s hilarious Kate, what a fun tradition/game. lol Love it! All the best to you and yours in the holiday season and all the year through! To a wonderful 2015! 🙂

    • I’m telling you, it’s a pain in the bum and a blast all at the same time! It doesn’t help that we are a highly competitive bunch! It cracks me up because we don’t hold anyone to the extra present – it’s just an excuse to one up each other one day a year! 🙂

  5. Merry Christmas Eve Gift! I think I’m late to the party! I’ve never heard of this before, and think it’s riproariously awesome! I read this to 2 of my girls this morning and the youngest sat with wide eyes (waiting to yell, I think) and then said… “Does that mean we get extra gifts?”. I could tell she was about ready to wake up her still sleeping sister and her Daddy. I said, no…not this year. But, I would get her something special for being so excited.

    My gift to you is the feeling of Christmas to last throughout the year!

    • First off – I LOVE that the youngest was ready to start it right then and there!! That’s totally awesome!

      And thank you, that gift is the best gift I think I could ever receive – and I wish it back to you, too! Sending you guys peace, love and joy!

  6. Christmas Eve gift! 🙂 Have a lovely one Kate and Mr. T 😉 Hang on, we’ve said all our Christmas pleasantries already… Then again, it’s a it like the Christmas Eve gift game! 😉

  7. How Leaders Manage says:

    Merry Christmas Kate. I hope you have a wonderful time with family and remember the true reason of Christmas. [but don’t expect a gift from this guy ; ) ha ]

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