It Gets Better

I’ve been on-line dating for over a month now… and it does get better!

Okay, when I say “it gets better”, I don’t mean that all of the sudden I’ve found the secret formula to attract the right guy, but I say “it gets better” in that I have so much more to share with y’all!

What's your number babe at Did That Just Happen Blog

What’s your number babe

For real?

And the transition right to “well, let’s hang out then”.

I sent back a page of my schedule that ended with basically, it’s a month before I’ll have any free time.  And I fully expected that to be the end of him.

It wasn’t.

The guy went on to ask me 5,000,000,000 questions.

I’m not even exaggerating!

But, it gets better!

A few days later he messages me again… and very obviously isn’t paying a bit of attention.

Good to Know at Did That Just Happen Blog

Good to know?  Good to know?  What part of I was sick was good to know?  I don’t even have an answer for that one!

Yeah, no.  I just can’t even.

But wait – it gets better.

Enter a new beau.  And he falls under the category of “Did you just say that?”  I mean, I can’t tell you how long I stared at his message in disbelief.  It’s not so much whether or not you have religious beliefs, it was just the disrespect he has towards those that do.  Take a look.  Did he say that at Did That Just Happen Blog

I sent back to him that I found that comment out of line and didn’t want that attitude in my life.  To which he responded “Ok”.

See – I told you it got better!!! I don’t think you can top these!  But, rest assured, my fingers are in top form for taking screen shots just in case someone comes along who can top these!!

Speaking of top form – I do have a race this weekend.  A 5k for the college my son attends, the alumni put it on every year, and I’m happy to be able to participate! I am not racing this one, I’m just having fun with it, so I hope to take lots of pictures – the school had a poster making day – and I can’t wait to see what they came up with! I’ve been staying at my parents house this week, and they say that hills make you stronger – but I swear the hills in my parents neighborhood are out to kill me.


7 thoughts on “It Gets Better

  1. Haha oh the hills. You know with the dating thing it sounds to me as if you are looking to make roadblocks for the guys. Not that you haven’t been talking to some total dicks – you have! But I think you really just want to date Adam. So the others dudes can never really meet your expectations…. you don’t want their quirks you want the Adam quirks!! I could be totally wrong but just thought I’d put that out there x

    • Oh, you aren’t wrong! Not at all! But it took me several weeks to reach that conclusion, too! LOL. But, seriously, I had plans set up for 6 weekends in advance, and I wasn’t changing them – and as of today, my next 3 weekends are all booked. It’s hard to get time on my schedule! Especially if you aren’t a priority! And no, I’m not going to sit on the side of a lake and let someone feed me strawberries. Ugh, so yeah, some roadblocks. But for real, men are just weird!

  2. Zombie Jesus?!? Are you serious? There’s a reason he’s single. Yay for 5k’s though!!! I really need to find one around here, I haven’t run one since September. Have fun at yours!!! I always mean to take pics of signs or al least remember the good ones but then I forget them. 😞

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