World’s Fastest Courtship

I’m navigating the waters of the on-line dating pool. It’s been a few weeks now and I’ve perfected the art of  my Invisibility Cloak – and how to pop that sucker on and off in a heartbeat!

What I’m not doing is getting  frustrated at the messages – they are supposed to be a good thing! They aren’t driving me nuts at all!

*Insert eye roll*

Okay, you know they are driving me crazy, but they aren’t supposed to! I am supposed to be happy that they have reached out to get to know me – I mean – that’s the entire point!!!

Except this guy, I think this guy missed the “getting to know you memo”:

On-line dating at Did That Just Happen Blog

He went from “Hi” to “Let’s go out” in about 3.5 seconds! It was quite amazing and I have to wonder what his success rate is!

Because I’m me, I did mention that none of his profile was filled out, so that was another reason I was hesitant, a message with a blank profile is usually a fishing expedition and I’m not fond of that bait.

To which he replied:

Have you even answered any questions on here?

Okay Mr. ‘Tude, I got your number!  I explained that I answered a ton of them, because it helps the algorithm out, and the more I answer the better results I get – Like the rest of life you get out what you put in! And since I put in a lot of effort, I was wondering what about my profile he liked  best and what made him decide to contact me?

I figured that was the last of him, please kid, you don’t know who you’re dealing with! You can’t cop an attitude that I can’t beat – I deserve a crown for my attitude some days!  Good OR Bad! 😀 Bad Attitude Crown at Did That Just Happen Blog.jpg

Imagine my surprise when 10 minutes later he replied!  I literally had to set the phone down cause I was laughing so hard – the kid went and read my profile (obviously for the first time) and came back and typed in a part of it back to me and told me that was what he liked about me and that’s why he contacted me.

Yeah, no.  But nice try though!  I’d give him points for the effort he took,  but sadly, there was no amount of points to get him out of the hole he was in!!!

So, mostly I’m being amused – trying not to be frustrated – and… I may have found one, or two, that are worth getting to know!! Stay tuned!!

Running news: I’m  actually looking for a 10k race to sign up for, I’d like to see where I stand.  I’m also adjusting my food. I’ve had to increase my protein and iron (not surprising at all) and I’m playing with fueling for the long runs vs. just going out like normal.  It’s been interesting and challenging, and I may or may not have walked around for a few days with an ice pack tied to my ankle every couple of hours… but you know – I’m a runner – we’re weird like that!



17 thoughts on “World’s Fastest Courtship

  1. Oh good old online dating. Some dudes really do try it on! I’m so impressed with your running and all the experimentation you are doing with diet. So advanced!

    • Thanks, some days I just have to tell myself that I’m training to handle the pain! Lol. I would like to drop a few more pounds to help, but have hit a plateau and am working hard to get off that struggle bus- and not injury myself again! I’m like you, I am repeating run weeks until I become more comfortable with those miles!

    • I told myself going into this that I wasn’t going to be nice just to spare feelings, not that I would be mean, but that my feelings were a priority! So I am trying to make sure if I’m not interested that I let them know… But sometimes, like that one that came back, there is no choice but to giggle!

  2. lardavbern says:

    Ahh, the adventures of online dating. Seriously, didn’t fill out the form? Isn’t that the whole point? Keep up the easy attitude about this Kate.

    • Seriously didn’t fill out the form! Anytime I ran across guys like that, I immediately just crossed them off the list – that does defeat the entire purpose!! And thanks, I’m trying to keep an easy attitude, despite wanting to slap half of them!

  3. I think you should reduce your profile to one thing ( algorithm be damned)- a picture of your ankle with ice around it along with protein supplements, race gear, fitbit, etc If they don’t resonate with that image, there is no hope 🙂

    • LOL! Right?!?
      Funny story, I found a meme that was hysterical and added it to my profile pictures (I think I had like 5 at the time) and someone reported it!!! For real! I already had 5 pictures so they knew what I looked like, and thought it would be funny to add that meme for a day or two to show my humor (and I think it was a funny list of what women want, but I can’t remember now!) and someone freaking reported it! Seriously dude? Like get a life!!
      I was so over online dating that day!!

  4. LOL, online dating can definitely be very strange. I know a lot of people have found success online so it’s possible! I am online dating as well. No success yet, but I remain hopeful!

    • I keep hearing it’s possible, but boy oh boy, I’m not sure it’s worth it!! LOL.
      I mean, of course it’s worth it! And you’ll have great success! 🙂 Actually, you probably will, the statistical models all agree, with a little time and effort, it can really pay off. I think being hopeful is the only way to go – our good attitudes make all the difference!

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