I Just Deleted 102 Emails

Not even kidding, 102 emails! That was insane!

If you are just joining us, my boyfriend is moving away and I’ve decided that I enjoyed dating him and want to keep dating – and in this day and age, that means, say it with me:

online dating at Did That Just Happen Blog

That’s right, Online Dating

I spent the weekend on-line reading every “Top 10 On-Line Dating Sites” article that I could find.

First off, I had no clue there were so many dating sites, and secondly, I had no clue how many articles had been written about them!!! I think my eyes started bleeding at one point, but I read them all!

Okay, no I didn’t, I read about 5 of them, figured that would give me a good sample!!

Now, I new I was ruling out E-Harmony, even though it frequently ranks at the top of the charts, it is more money than I’m willing to invest right now, and I did try that in the past – like 10 years ago – and the form you fill out took me three days!  I’m not willing to invest that much time right now, either! Just keeping it real, I want to date, but apparently I don’t want to put in 3 days worth of effort!!

little kid lover online dating at Did That Just Happen Blog

My first priority was looking at low cost/free sites.  I know that you run a risk on those of weeding through more weirdo’s, but considering this is my first time to really dive in and mean it – I consider this my wading pool.  I want to get my feet wet and not commit to the deep end just yet.

I narrowed it down.  Found the site that fit my requirements and spent the time filling out my info, answering their questions and before I could even finish setting up my profile, already I was getting dings!

Okay, I am totally committed to this.  I am going to keep an open mind and be engaging and friendly and yes, I am going to accept dates and meet strangers.

And just pray that they don’t shove me in the trunk of their car and kidnap me.

dating is cool at Did That Just Happen Blog

I have since updated my settings so that I don’t get an email every time a message or “like” comes in. It took me several minutes to get rid of all 102 emails! 🙂  Lesson learned!

So, does anyone have good on-line dating stories? Don’t tell me anything that will freak me out!!

Running is hit and miss.  Not sure why I’ve struggled lately, okay, yes I do.  I know exactly why I struggled.  I had been over-training.  I have forced myself to slow down, cut back on my mileage again and stop obsessing over the training plan!  Well, the problem is that I followed the training plan… and then kept adding in my own miles on top of those… thus the injury and the struggle bus coming by to pick me up!  “Slow and Steady wins the Race” is my new motto currently!


A Break & Break-up

(I apologize for the email(s) you may have received yesterday that lead to a dead link, the button I wanted was right next to the “publish” button, and I totally hit the wrong button.  Twice!)

One of my favorite people told me the other day “I’m so sorry, I haven’t had time to read your blog” and I was all “That’s okay, I stopped writing it!”

And I did, and I needed the break.  I was serious when I told y’all that I wanted to live my life and not keep mental notes in my head of “Oh, I need to blog about this!”

The break did me good! But now, oh my gosh, I have stuff that has to be shared!! I mean, I would be doing every single one of you a disservice if I didn’t share it!

Last  we spoke, Mr. T had started his freshman year in college, a friend of his was borrowing our guest room and I was dating Adam.  You can catch up here if you are so inclined, but you aren’t missing anything if you don’t!

Humm… I can’t remember if I used his real name or not in my last post – but he isn’t active in social medial, so I can’t imagine it matters to him! He has social media, but he doesn’t even follow my Instagram account! Dude, we’ve been dating almost a year!

Whats up with that at Did That Just Happen Blog

But let’s move on!

Mr. T is in his 2nd semester of first year and it is just awesome! He seems to be doing so well, and he really enjoys it – and he is still cheering!  In fact, if you follow me on aforementioned IG account, you’d be over-run with pictures from the last two competitions we attended!

TxWes Cheer Competition 2017

It’s pretty awesome.  Both events were out of state, and I got to stay with one of my best friends in the world – it was worth the extra drive to get back and forth!

Mr. T’s friend who was borrowing the guest room moved out.

And moved back in 2 weeks later.  He is paying rent now.  We are working on getting him moving forward in his life.  He talks about all these grand plans, and I’m a task master helping to keep him on track!

Adam and I have been together almost a year – and guys, it was awesome.  It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was a great relationship.  We were open with each other, we laughed, we adjusted and adapted.  I learned some good lessons about myself during this time.

Have you noticed that I am using the past tense?

He is moving away.  Just a few weeks shy of our 1 year anniversary, he is moving.

I’m not even upset – it’s for family, and it is the right move for him to make.  We’ve spent the last couple of weeks letting those in our life know, and now I’m sharing it with you! I will miss him terribly, and he  feels the same.  In fact, we both  decided that his mourning period should last about 6 month. We feel that is how long it should  take to get over me.

Okay, I feel that is how long it should take.  He just humors me by agreeing!

yes-yes-yes- yes dear at Did That Just Happen Blog

But, you know what this means?

That’s right.

Online dating is coming!! And you’re coming along for the ride!

You’re welcome. 🙂

on line dating

For those runners out there – I’ve complete two races, one virtual and one in real life – both 5k’s.  And now I’m training for a 10k.  I’ve been working on increasing my mileage and I’ve hit week 11 of my training program, after having to take a week off, and then a recovery week – apparently I was pushing myself a bit too hard and my body rebelled!  I’m feeling better, I’m dealing with a medial ankle pain, trying to determine if it’s fallen arch or a nerve – it’s kinda in between the two symptom wise – but RICE is my friend, I’m doing ice compression at least once a day, and twice if I’ve done a run that is 5 or 6 miles long.

Love and missed you guys!


Q&A Time

I was tagged by Mother’s Little Steps to participate in a quick Q&A – and well, I can’t say no!


1.  When and why did you start blogging?

Peer pressure!  Several of my friends are/were bloggers and as I was reading theirs, I felt left out!  Seriously, it looked like they were having fun and I was missing out – thus Did That Just Happen Blog was born!

2. Is there any reason behind you blog’s name?

Pretty much the title of my blog sums up my life.  Wait until I tell you what happened at Walmart this weekend! They had Advent calendars out, the cheap $2 ones where you get a little piece of chocolate each day, and they had Micky, traditional Santa, and Disney Princesses.  Guess which one we have?  Go ahead, guess!  Guess which advent calendar will be gracing my counter top the entire month of December because Mr. T acted like a perfect 4 year old kid and threw probably the best tantrum in the world!

Mr. T: I want the Princesses

Me:  You don’t need the Princesses

Mr. T: I WANT the Princesses.

Me: You don’t need the Princesses, let’s get Santa


Me: FINE! You can have the Princesses!!

He acted like a perfect 4 year old and I pretty much pulled of the perfect stressed and harried mom of a 4 year old that has a voice that keeps raising in pitch and volume! 🙂  We did get some strange looks – but yeah, that happened.


3. If there’s one thing you dislike about blogging, what would it be?

The pressure to produce.  All of the articles about growing your blog, increasing your stats, and getting more views.  I love to blog; however, there are times when I see those articles (or when I read them) I start feeling pressure to grow and expand.  But, I don’t want that to be my focus.  My focus is sharing part of my world and connecting with other bloggers.  I’ve met such wonderful people and had some amazing conversations – and that is what I want to focus on – doing what I love!

4.  Have you ever thought of quitting your blog?

Totally! I think we all have at one point or another.  If I am going to blog, I want it to be genuine and sincere.  As such, I can’t have a blogging schedule – it would be too forced!

5.  Have any nasty trolls visited your blog and left comments?  Care to share them?

Now, who could leave a nasty comment on my blog?  🙂  I’m kidding – I haven’t noticed any trolls, but that is one of the benefits of a small blog, the trolls don’t notice me!

6.  Have you written any controversial blog-posts?

I have! It wasn’t really on purpose, as I’m not a very controversial person, but I did write one that stirred up some controversy and lots of discussion.  No, I won’t tell you which one it was!

7.  Have you ever experienced losing your blogging-mojo? How did you get it back?

Not as much anymore! As I’ve tried to be more organic in my blog, it’s been easier to write! There are times that I have to live my life and I fall behind on blogging, but I’ve learned to be okay with that, and my mojo comes right back!


Thanks Dean! That was fun!

Below are the 7 I am tagging – because you have been great commentators on my blog and should be tortured rewarded!  Below are my 7 questions for you – grab them and go do a Q&A of your own!

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  7. Whasssssuuuupppppp?

What Have I Done?

Okay so if nothing else, I have blog fodder for the next 30 days because I have officially lost my mind.

I signed up for



I’ve filled out my profile – and I’m not going to lie, but my little “About Me” essay was pretty much a copy/paste from my “Getting to Know Me” page.  I worked really hard on that blurb! And, I couldn’t come up with anything else! But, please feel free to let me know what else I can add and/or improve upon!

I added a few pictures.

I forgot how uncomfortable I look in pictures.


It took all of 3 minutes before I got my first message!


I was actually tempted to respond.


I took a personality test.

My color is “Blue”.

Blues Are

Analytical Committed
Compassionate Dedicated
Deliberate Dependable
Emotional Loyal
Nurturing Seek Quality
Respectful Sincere
Thoughtful Well-Mannered

Dependable.  Loyal.  Well-Mannered.

Apparently I’m a dog.

This does not bode well for my love life.

But I think it will provide excellent grist for the blog! Can’t wait to update you guys!


Blogging About Friends and Family

The other day I read this post “Should You Let the Cats Out of the Bag?”

I did giggle a bit as I read it because I related to several of the issues that come up when you blog about family and friends.

Do I use fake names? Check

Do I modify some of the details (that don’t impact the story)? Check

Do I ask if it’s okay if I tell the story? Check

I know my mom reads the blog, so trust me when I tell you that my blog is a constant stream of judgement calls.

So far, so good, right?

NOOOOO.  Guess who is the one person I never checked with to make sure they were okay with a starring role in my blog?  MR. T!!!


Yes, that’s right, I can feel the “Mother of the Year” award slowly tightening like a noose around my neck…

Last night after dinner I looked over at my beloved son, of whom I’ve shared so much and crossed my fingers!

Hey, does it bother you that I blog about you?

The quizzical look I received did not bode well.

Why do you ask?

Great, now I have to admit that it never dawned on me to see how he felt about having his life shared.  Wonderful.  Could it get any worse?  So, I told him that I’d read this blog about checking with family and friends, blah, blah, blah, and I figured I’d better check with him.

He just chuckled and smiled at me.

I guess I’m good.


Bedtime Ramblings

I’m trying out the WordPress app I downloaded last night. It’s pretty cool. Plus, I’m obsessive, so it’s a way to feed my habit. If you know me, that makes sense.

My last blog bombed. I was disappointed and distraught. I don’t expect overwhelming responses every time, but I don’t know if I’ve ever really bombed like I did yesterday. I’m still processing it all.

Tonight was choir practice. That is code for lunch lady happy hour. As most emails go to work emails, they came up with the code to announce the get togethers. I’m not a lunch lady, but I work with them frequently. It was a good gathering, we did a gift exchange of regifts. The rule was to bring a gift you got that you won’t use, in other words, regift it, and we did the Chinese Christmas and it was a blast. Afterwards I hung out with my boss a bit, I only see him every couple of months, so it is always good to get face time with him. Then I spent a couple of hours with some reps who are also my friends. We hung out at the bar, laughing, joking and having fun, and in my case, I answered one of the guys phones when his ex called. It was hysterical, but I’m a little bit twisted that way. 🙂

So, it’s 8:30, and Mr. T went to bed over an hour ago. I found that to be a good idea, so I’m laying in bed, on the heating pad (long story), watching tv and testing out my new app.

Yup, in bed at 8:30. That just happened.