I Just Deleted 102 Emails

Not even kidding, 102 emails! That was insane!

If you are just joining us, my boyfriend is moving away and I’ve decided that I enjoyed dating him and want to keep dating – and in this day and age, that means, say it with me:

online dating at Did That Just Happen Blog

That’s right, Online Dating

I spent the weekend on-line reading every “Top 10 On-Line Dating Sites” article that I could find.

First off, I had no clue there were so many dating sites, and secondly, I had no clue how many articles had been written about them!!! I think my eyes started bleeding at one point, but I read them all!

Okay, no I didn’t, I read about 5 of them, figured that would give me a good sample!!

Now, I new I was ruling out E-Harmony, even though it frequently ranks at the top of the charts, it is more money than I’m willing to invest right now, and I did try that in the past – like 10 years ago – and the form you fill out took me three days!  I’m not willing to invest that much time right now, either! Just keeping it real, I want to date, but apparently I don’t want to put in 3 days worth of effort!!

little kid lover online dating at Did That Just Happen Blog

My first priority was looking at low cost/free sites.  I know that you run a risk on those of weeding through more weirdo’s, but considering this is my first time to really dive in and mean it – I consider this my wading pool.  I want to get my feet wet and not commit to the deep end just yet.

I narrowed it down.  Found the site that fit my requirements and spent the time filling out my info, answering their questions and before I could even finish setting up my profile, already I was getting dings!

Okay, I am totally committed to this.  I am going to keep an open mind and be engaging and friendly and yes, I am going to accept dates and meet strangers.

And just pray that they don’t shove me in the trunk of their car and kidnap me.

dating is cool at Did That Just Happen Blog

I have since updated my settings so that I don’t get an email every time a message or “like” comes in. It took me several minutes to get rid of all 102 emails! 🙂  Lesson learned!

So, does anyone have good on-line dating stories? Don’t tell me anything that will freak me out!!

Running is hit and miss.  Not sure why I’ve struggled lately, okay, yes I do.  I know exactly why I struggled.  I had been over-training.  I have forced myself to slow down, cut back on my mileage again and stop obsessing over the training plan!  Well, the problem is that I followed the training plan… and then kept adding in my own miles on top of those… thus the injury and the struggle bus coming by to pick me up!  “Slow and Steady wins the Race” is my new motto currently!


12 thoughts on “I Just Deleted 102 Emails

  1. I am really hot and cold in running ATM too and for a similar reason I think. Last week I ran 3 times and was making such good times that on the 3rd run I really dig deep to improve things. Well I felt like shit for 2 days after that. I need to save that sort of digging for race time, not training time as it, well, stops training lol I haven’t run since and that was 5 days ago! I actually start with a PT next week for 6 weeks so I am hoping that after building more strength running will become easier.

    As for online dating, I’ve done loads of it over the years. The good news is that I’ve never met any super weirdos. I did ok at weeding them out first. My main advice would be not to invest too much time in talking to each other prior to meeting. It seems to have little or no bearing on whether or not you will like them in person. Usually the ones I had emailed extensively I didn’t get a buzz from at all in person and then I felt annoyed for investing so much time. So I say get to the face to face stuff early on. Mostly I just met really nice people. I never did find my one true love via it but who knows what the future holds??? Good luck!

    • (Real life me is a few weeks ahead of blog me – and real life me is doing better on my runs. I hit my mileage goal for the first time in weeks last week, and I’m on track to hit it again this week – fortunately, I hear it from all of my runner friends, we all feel like we are “starting over” more times that we even think is possible! It’s hard to slow down when things are going good – and then you’re right, we hit that point and it takes days to recover!! You’ll have to let me know how PT goes!)

      The hardest part for me in the beginning was telling guys no, I don’t want to talk to you, I can already tell we don’t fit. I felt badly – but then I realized it was a good thing – neither of us wanted our time wasted! So, I’ve been trying to be really honest, even when it’s hard! There is one, who is 20 years younger than me! He’s been fun to talk to, but I finally had to tell him, dude, you are closer to my kids age than me, and that ooks me out!

      • Lol oh yeah turning people down feels bad but you gotta do it. It’s all in the delivery and I’m sure you are covering that well. Ah the joys. Hope it is proving to be a bit fun. Looking forward to the next instalment. Great info on the running and interesting so many feel like they are back at square one so often. I like this info!! Thx for telling me 🙂

  2. Steady does win the race Kate! I met my hubby Don, on match.com 10 years ago. I have so many tales – not just on what I came across on the site, but the guys I met. You have to sieve through carefully that’s for sure. The key is being authentic… and you will attract the same. I had no luck on the free sites! xo

    • (Val, I think I posted this reply to you in the general comments and not under yours – so you never received it – I’m so sorry!) I worked very hard at being truthful and authentic – mainly cause I didn’t want to waste my time! 🙂 It’s been interesting for sure!

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