I Love Jesus, but I Drink a Little

Okay, this has been on my Facebook, and I finally watched it and, Oh.  My.  Goodness.

If you haven’t watched it yet, stop and watch it now!

Tell me that you didn’t almost pee your pants laughing over all of that!  Sadly, Gladys has passed away, but she sure did represent the Lone Star State!

You’re Welcome!

You can follow The Ellen Show on YouTube here.  That’s who owns the video I shared! 

50 thoughts on “I Love Jesus, but I Drink a Little

  1. That’s pretty freakin’ hilarious! I’ve never seen the Ellen show because I don’t have a TV but every clip that’s ever been shared with me makes me die laughing or clutch my chest and say “awww!”

  2. jeff7salter says:

    terrific clip with Gladys.
    I’m not a fan of Ellen or her show, but I love that she interacts with real people and does things to make them happy.

  3. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    I am sorry that she passed away. I’ve seen Ellen talk to her before and it was always such fun! Thanks for sharing the clip and making me smile and laugh. 😉

    • The part about the icicle is pretty darn accurate! Holly from Madhouse is always posting funny meme’s on my FB page that show the difference from what shuts down Texas vs. what is every day weather in Canada!

      And the video cracked me up – just when you think it’s over – then you get hit with Listerine!

  4. I absolutely love when regular civilians (non-celebrities) become talk show regulars based on their own innate abilities to make people laugh and smile. So sad and sorry she passed 😦

  5. You know what the worst thing is with somebody that I know has a great sense of humour posting a funny video clip? I can typically not watch it since I’m mostly reading other blogs either in the bus or while putting kids to sleep. *Have to remember to check this one out later*

  6. This is the first time I’ve seen this. Used to watch the Ellen show back home, but haven’t seen an episode since moving to England. I laughed so hard when I clicked on the video, little T kep asking “What’s so funny mummy?” … And you mentioned she’s dead? 😦 Oh no.

  7. *StrongNewMe* says:

    It was pretty cool that Gladys was making Ellen crack up! I don’t watch the Ellen show. How many times did she end up calling Gladys back?

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