Things are Leeking Around Here

I have been getting the Bountiful Baskets the past several weeks. The premise is $50 worth of fruit and veggies for $15. I was originally skeptical, but Erica at Graced by Emilie talked me into it and I’m so glad she did! This is a volunteer food co-op and I highly recommend you check it out and see if they operate in your area.  I’ve loved this because it is supporting local and it is a great value. The program has also has forced me to make sure we have a fruit and veggie in every single meal!

In the last basket, I got leeks.


Thanks to Organic Gardening News for the image.

Now, I’ve cooked with leeks before, once… years ago.

Yes, I could have gone with the standard potato leek soup.  But really, I’m better than that.

My first use of them was bacon and leek macaroni and cheese.  Oh. My. Goodness.

But that was probably the bacon.

I found several recipes for leek and goat cheese bruschetta.  Yes please! (OrtsofSorts, it’s better late than never! This is what you commented on the other day on D.C.)

Hello little cast iron skillet.  I just don’t get to use you as often as I like!


I just realized how dirty my stove top is.  Don’t judge.

As soon as I had everything out and ready to use, I realize that I was out of bacon.  I had used the last of it in the aforementioned mac n’ cheese dish.  I still consider it a worthy sacrifice.  So, with no bacon to add to the bruschetta, I improvised.  Instead of butter or oil to saute the leeks, I used bacon grease.

And I’d do it again!

In the bountiful basket, mom and I split an add-on of artisan bread, and it came with a rosemary herb baguette.  You bet your buns I couldn’t wait to slice into that!


Nice sized slices, spread generously with butter and then tossed under the broiler for just a few minutes.  When I pulled them out I spread them with goat cheese and topped with the sauteed leeks.


It was ambrosia.  That’s right, I’m claiming that I made the nector of the gods.  And I’m standing by that claim!

I’m also so very excited to tell you that the outdoor grill was finally lit up last week.

This may not seem like much to you, but it’s just been too cold to go outside and BBQ… and I live in a state (both mentally and physically) where it is never too cold to BBQ!

So, in a manner that hopefully makes the Patrons of the Pit proud, I bring you my grilled stuffed turkey burgers!

I took my turkey meat with the shredded carrots, diced onion and bell peppers and added an egg and some turkey stuffing mix.  I’ve found stuffing mix to be so much more flavorful than bread crumbs, and well, that package had been sitting open for weeks and it was time to use it up.  Then I stuffed the burgers with some feta cheese that was left over.  Needless to say, the burgers were huge, so I cut my patty in half and had one for supper and one for lunch the next day.

Yes, you are seeing grill marks on the pineapple.  If you’ve never grilled fruit – do it now! You don’t know what you are missing!


Don’t judge my use of ketchup.

Yes, I’ve had more food posts than normal lately, but I can’t help that I’ve made such good food.  🙂  Enjoy and we’ll be back to my regular madness soon enough!

And, find a little bit of glee in the fact that I just typed all of this up and then realized that I have nothing planned for dinner tonight…