My June Joust


June 2014 challengeBefore I declare my June challenges, let’s recap how May went!

1. Increase my daily exercise from 30 min to 60 min.  This will be a combination each and every day.

This did happen, except for the one week I took off.  

2. Yoga 2 – 3 times a week.

This did not happen.  I have issues with Yoga, Yoga is not my friend.

3. Continue with my wall sit (this is thrown in so that no matter what, I know I will accomplish something!)

Done!  Yippee!!  

4. Schedule community volunteer time (cause my mental health is just as important!)

Researched, but not scheduled.  I have to make time to fit this in, and unfortunately, their volunteer hours and the hours I had free didn’t match up.  

So, 2/4 challenges completed.


Now, thanks to Nancy at My Years of Sweat (who by the way just completed a day hike that she was clearly told could kill her if she did it in a day – but survived) here are my June goals.

  1. Finish the calf raise challenge that I started in May when I realized that yoga sucks.  🙂

  2. Do a plank challenge.  And I’m calling out Me, Who Am I? to join me because she said she would!

  3. Continue to incorporate 60 minutes of activity/exercise into my daily life.

  4. Now, here is where I planned to actually do the community volunteer time that I have researched, but I’ve got to be honest, I don’t know if I can fit it in – so this is tentative!

June is a really busy month for us.  This is Mr. T’s last week of school.  Next week he is gone for a week at church camp.  He is back for a few days before he leaves for Cheer (Mascot) camp and I leave for Vegas, Baby!  About 10 of us are going to Vegas to celebrate my 4oth birthday!  Whooo Hooo!  (I’ll update you on that later).  We are both home for a week and then I leave for a 4 day business trip, only to return and immediately prepare for our annual family reunion the first weekend in July.

My intentions are good; however, I will not overload myself with challenges and put additional stress on myself just because I’m uber-competitive! I want to be able to enjoy my life, too!

Keep calm you're invited

Join us!

Kerry’s Winding Road

My Years of Sweat  – who hasn’t posted her challenges yet, but she’s been busy taking the hike of death, so I’ll update this once she does!

49 thoughts on “My June Joust

  1. I’m a big believer in setting goals! You are SO awesome! One of the most important part of setting goals is reevaluating them regularly. If the goal is irrelevant or in your case irritating (or just plain pisses you off). Best of luck with all of your June goals and enjoy your trip!

  2. Martha B says:

    Wonderful work on all you achieved in May! June looks like it’s going to be really promising for you! Best wishes!

  3. Congrats on May! I’m sure June will be even more awesome! I have a question. Does this particular monthly challenge focus on the physical?

    • It is supposed to help us get healthy – but it does focus on the physical – mainly just the “get up and get moving”, we all pick different challenges, depending on what we want to do. Kerry recently did a green smoothie challenge, and drank a green smoothies every day!

  4. Yay! Congrats on the May achievements and good luck for June. Yoga used to be like that for me. Even now I don’t love it but I enjoy it a lot more. I think you have to come at it at a certain point and eventually it works. For me that took a number of tries across many many years!!!! Anyway not a biggie. As long as you are happy with what you are doing which is awesome!

  5. You’re amazing!! I never manage to stick to my challenges so I’m very impressed.

    I don’t yoga either. I know everyone says it’s the greatest thing ever, but I couldn’t stand it. I got really dizzy. Not fun. So I’m glad there’s someone else out there who has tried it and doesn’t like it either.

    You have a crazy, busy month ahead of you!! You’re smart to not overtax yourself.

  6. You did well! I sucked at the challenges I had in May, work trips and other trips with shared hotel rooms didn’t invite me to do the exercise programme we had on. BUT i am happy with myself for instead going for walks regularly, even when away! So I’ll have a new go with the programme now in June (until my holiday starts. Will have to do an own programme for those 6 weeks)

  7. I’m in! Just let me know the goal. 🙂 2 out of 4 is pretty good. It could have been 0/4. This will be a busy month for you! Same here. My son’s last day of school is today, dismissing for the summer in 20 minutes actually. Whoo hoo! Bring on the mountain drives and hiking! Be careful what flyers you take from the folks on the streets in Vegas. 🙂 haha

    • Okay – I downloaded the 30 Day app, but I’m not picky about which plank challenge you do. The 30 day app has several different challenges and the part I like is that I get to set the baseline. So, for my calf raises, I could do 15 comfortably the first day, so that was my baseline – and now I’m up to 70/day.

      On the plank, I set my base line at 7 seconds. And that is what I did yesterday – most start at 10 seconds, but I’m older and much more out of shape than most people! 🙂

  8. You kill me, Kate! 😀
    And, based on your awesome attitude at attaining 2 of the 4 goals, I will feel much less shame at admitting that running and I are not friends, and I am banishing running goals form my future plans. 🙂

    I am still SO bummed that you and I will miss each other in Vegas. It would have been awesome to meet up and maybe go for a short hike!

    • I know!! I just assumed that you would be there – it never crossed my mind that you wouldn’t! LOL

      And, I’m a big believer in making healthy lifestyle changes, but not ones that will irritate or piss me off – so the fact that I completed 2/4 is a big Win, considering yoga really does piss me off currently! LOL – and no judgments here for breaking up with running!

      • Thank you, m’lady! I will adjust my attitude from one of shame to one of empowerment: I’m CHOOSING to do other healthy things (because running sucks). 🙂

  9. You always, always inspire me. Great work on last months success and best wishes for June. You will have a blast in Vegas all those pretty lights, have you been? Just don’t look down, the sidewalks are covered in not such good stuff. I can’t wait to read about your birthday bash and see pictures!! I need to set some new goals for June too. May had some good moments but I slipped up pretty good. I’m getting back on the wagon. Much love to you this week friend.

    • Thanks Tracie!! May was a hard month for me – it seemed like the moment I declared my intentions – all motivation went right out the window! Due to allergies, all of my windows are closed this month, so I hope it helps! I spent my teenage years in Reno, so I went to Vegas several times, but this will be my first trip as a “grown up”, I’m looking forward to it! A lot!!
      Sending you some good energy as we both start over in June! xoxo

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