Reverse Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up.

I know I had to tell you that because you’ve probably missed the hundreds of ads letting you know that your dad needs new BBQ tools, or that this tie is perfect for your little one to give – and nothing beats the WORLDS BEST DAD coffee mug.

Father's Day Tie

The tie Mr. T gave me for Father’s Day one year.

This time of year also gets me thinking about Father’s Day in reverse.  I look at my son, and the man I am raising, and wonder what kind of father he will be.  Being a single mother, have I given him the skills necessary to transition into fatherhood?  While this question doesn’t haunt me, I will admit that I’ve given it some thought.

And, I’ve made plenty of phone calls to my male best friends.

“Is it supposed to do THAT?”

“How does that thing work?”

“Okay, how do I know what cup size to buy him?!? And are there instructions?”

“How do you shave?”

“Is this normal??”


As Mr. T has grown, I’ve learned that Yes, it is supposed to do that, Yes, it is normal and that the athletic cup isn’t as scary as I thought!

Now that Mr. T has hit the teenage years, he’s no longer content with a can of shaving cream and a fake razor.  For the past year he’s been closely monitoring his peach fuzz.

“Mom, feel this. I think it’s getting rougher.”

Or “Mom, look, you can see that some of the hairs are darker.”

Or the ever popular “Uh Mom, you need to shave, your mustache is darker than mine!”

Sadly, he was right on that one.

And this year, he finally got to break out the razor and shaving cream.  Now I get updates on how the shave goes.

“Mom, I think I’m always going to shave in the shower, it makes it easier.”

“Mom, can you bring my shaving cream and razor to the school, I think I need to shave before my performance.”  (No joke, this was yesterday’s phone call!  I explained that the pancake makeup would cover any stubble, not make it more pronounced.) (And really, his stubble after 3 days of not shaving is still not as bad as my stubble after 1 day of not shaving!!)

Sorry, that last bit was probably TMI.

Moving on…

A few months ago, he discovered the Dollar Shave Club, because apparently I wasn’t doing a good enough job in keeping him supplied with razors! It worked out though, because this kid is in heaven.

Dollar Shave Club

He gets online, places his order and sets up the delivery schedule.  I always know when a package is due because he starts to volunteer to go check the mail!

dollar shave club

This was a win/win situation.  I don’t have to remember to pick up razors, and my son gets an easy way to learn how to manage his money and subscriptions.  But, wait – there’s more!

This is the inspiration for the post!  This is what got me thinking about Father’s Day in reverse.

It’s the end of the school year, and we were cleaning out Mr. T’s back pack.

Army back pack

His very manly backpack, custom made for him by a soldier on tour overseas.  It’s his favorite bag and he’s carried this guy for years.  And guess what I found in the side pocket?

One wipe charlesOne Wipe Charlies! I looked at him and he looked at me.  I looked at him some more and he goes “What? The toilet paper at school is so rough – these are much better!”

All of the sudden that little seed of doubt I’d been carrying around vanished.  Not only can my kid shave, he’s discovered how to make his life easier.

Yep, he’ll be just fine as he grows up, and this Father’s Day I’ll give myself a pat on the back!  And then I’ll upload our photos from camping and discover a dozen duck lip selfies on my phone!

Duck lip selfie

PS – this post contains affiliated links, because Mr. T told me after I post this that he can get a credit if anyone orders based on him.  Naturally, I had to change my link for him! And, I think I should disclose that to you!

56 thoughts on “Reverse Father’s Day

  1. As always, you have shown what an amazing parent you are (mom and dad)! He is more than well-adjusted, he’s a clean and clean-shaven young man who knows how to take a good duck-face selfie and LOVES his mom in her many roles!

  2. Sweet! I gave my mom Father’s Day cards and gifts all through my childhood too 🙂 I love Mr Ts backpack and that he is so resourceful! He will be a great dad and nice job raising a good man. xo

  3. OMG, I’m so there with you! Jake just saw his first ‘health video’ a month ago and all he talks about his arm pit hair and puberty. He thinks everything wrong with him is puberty, like I’ll say, Jake blow your nose, your voice is stuffy. He says, no mom it’s puberty. The kid is 10. I finally had to tell him that I’ll let him know when he hit puberty, so go blow your nose.

    • hahahahhahaha! YES!!! I remember those days! Mr. T printed out like 50 sheets one day – because they were all about the “stages of puberty”. Stages?!?! I had no clue there were stages! He was obsessed with it and consulted that list all the time! “Mom, I think I’m in stage 1 – but since I have this, this and this, I already be in stage 2”

      Oh my goodness!!! I had forgotten about that!! Oh Penney, have fun! ahahahahahahaaha

      • I had no idea boys were like this with puberty. Now it’s all about pit hair and him repeating the words he learned in the health video, Oh yeah, good times.

      • Momneasia must have kicked in or I would have warned you – but I had totally forgotten! Yes, boys are like that – he’ll be watching for his Adam’s apple really soon, too! You’ll walk by and his chin will be up in the air as he tries to see if that lump is there!

    • Thank you! It doesn’t keep me up, but there are times that those thoughts have popped in my head – and I’m positive that if you were raising a boy on your own, it would probably occur to you, but you are blessed in your own journey 🙂 because I know that step-parenting comes with its own trials, tribulations and joys!

  4. Mr. T sounds like the kind of young man I would hope my kids would hang out with! If only there wasn’t that nasty 20 hr commute to Dallas (you’re near Dallas, right?).

  5. That was really great. It is always amazing to watch our kids really grow and think for themselves. Parenting is a difficult job but it is a rewarding one as well. Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job and you get to celebrate Mothers and Fathers Day 😉

  6. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Mine just brought his cap and gown home today, and graduation is the Wednesday before Father’s Day. Should be interesting this year.

    I keep forgetting about DSC for him, need to look into that again 🙂

  7. Well done Kate, you definitely deserve a huge pat on the back, being a mother is tough at the best of times, being a single mother is even tougher. Mr T is a fine young man and he will make a wonderful father because he has been raised with so much love by an awesome woman (super mum ) xxxxx

  8. You are doing an awesome job Mama. You definitely deserve a pat in the back. I look up to single moms. I was raised by one.
    Do me a favor. Come father’s day? Have a beer/a glass of wine/water or coffee and toast it up in the air. I’ll be on the other side of the virtual dimension, clinking with you. To mother-fatheringhood!

  9. this was the best story ever. I loved reading every little word of it. You are such a super hero mom. I think you do a great, great job from all the entries I have read and the awesome relationship the two of you have together. And that shaving stuff mailed out. That’s cool stuff. I have the soccer player all into shaving now too although he is a tight wade so probably wouldn’t want to spend his money of that but I’m going to check it out.

    • Thank you Tracie! Your comment made my day! 🙂

      And you should check it out – I was worried at first, but T’s first shipment was $3. $1 for the razors and $2 shipping. Then he upgraded to the $6. Then he added the wipes. I’m not sure what all he is doing – but I’m really proud of him, this is helping him learn how to budget his money, he has to remember when a shipment is coming so that he remembers to leave enough money in his account to cover it!

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