My June Joust


June 2014 challengeBefore I declare my June challenges, let’s recap how May went!

1. Increase my daily exercise from 30 min to 60 min.  This will be a combination each and every day.

This did happen, except for the one week I took off.  

2. Yoga 2 – 3 times a week.

This did not happen.  I have issues with Yoga, Yoga is not my friend.

3. Continue with my wall sit (this is thrown in so that no matter what, I know I will accomplish something!)

Done!  Yippee!!  

4. Schedule community volunteer time (cause my mental health is just as important!)

Researched, but not scheduled.  I have to make time to fit this in, and unfortunately, their volunteer hours and the hours I had free didn’t match up.  

So, 2/4 challenges completed.


Now, thanks to Nancy at My Years of Sweat (who by the way just completed a day hike that she was clearly told could kill her if she did it in a day – but survived) here are my June goals.

  1. Finish the calf raise challenge that I started in May when I realized that yoga sucks.  🙂

  2. Do a plank challenge.  And I’m calling out Me, Who Am I? to join me because she said she would!

  3. Continue to incorporate 60 minutes of activity/exercise into my daily life.

  4. Now, here is where I planned to actually do the community volunteer time that I have researched, but I’ve got to be honest, I don’t know if I can fit it in – so this is tentative!

June is a really busy month for us.  This is Mr. T’s last week of school.  Next week he is gone for a week at church camp.  He is back for a few days before he leaves for Cheer (Mascot) camp and I leave for Vegas, Baby!  About 10 of us are going to Vegas to celebrate my 4oth birthday!  Whooo Hooo!  (I’ll update you on that later).  We are both home for a week and then I leave for a 4 day business trip, only to return and immediately prepare for our annual family reunion the first weekend in July.

My intentions are good; however, I will not overload myself with challenges and put additional stress on myself just because I’m uber-competitive! I want to be able to enjoy my life, too!

Keep calm you're invited

Join us!

Kerry’s Winding Road

My Years of Sweat  – who hasn’t posted her challenges yet, but she’s been busy taking the hike of death, so I’ll update this once she does!

25 Song in 25 Days Challenge

My life is busy and getting busier. Yes, I know that all of your lives are busy, too, and I’m not attempting to outdo you or belittle your busyness!

But, it is busy, and I’m struggling to make the time to blog, much less come up with things to blog about!

First off, Mr. T is a varsity cheerleader!  His name is all over the cheerleader roster and we both are super jazzed.  We are also working on our conditioning.  Thanks to Erica, I’ve started a “wall sit” challenge.  I hate the wall sit.  It is deceptively hard! Mr. T has to be able to do a 1 minute wall sit, so I want to be able to do a 1 min wall sit.


I hate the wall sit.

Anyway, Yay! Mr. T is the new mascot, and we are busy with preparations for that.  He had uniform fitting after school today and tomorrow and then we start rehearsals.  I promise to keep you all very much updated on how that goes! 🙂

The second primary point of this post is the fact that my brain is fried and I’ve decided to take on a challenge.  Because yes, when things are busy, let’s add more to the daily to-do list!

Fortunately, this should help all of us out – it’s a Blogging Challenge!  So, now I get to blog and you wonderful people won’t forget who I am!

Thanks to Penney, at My Journey to Live an Authentic Life and one of my Pinterest pals, I have this!



I tried to follow this back to the source so I could provide proper credit, but it dead ended on me and I’m going to use it anyway!

Instead of working at work or at home, I shall now be searching YouTube non-stop! If you’d like to join me on this challenge, feel free to link to this post and I’ll add your blog!