I Sneezed

And then had to go change my underclothes.

Yup, I’ve hit that age.

adult diapers


I’ve been to the optometrist three times so far trying to work out my contact prescription.  The problem was, right before Vegas I realized I was out of contacts – well, I’m not traveling half way across the country without a back up pair, so I popped on over and he gave me a pair to wear to test the prescription and a back up pair.  As soon as I put them in, it felt wrong.  He said to just give my eyes some time to adjust.

It’s been a week and it still wasn’t right, so I scheduled an appoint to go back in.  Well, my right eye is blurry, but we can’t bump it up anymore because I’m seeing 20/20 at a distance.  We can lower the script in my left eye to help balance things out.

Okay, so I’m currently wearing that script.

But, do you know what this all means? It means that pretty much as soon as I turn 40, I will need reading glasses.

Yup.  I’ve hit that age.

reading glasses

I’m at the age that I have started singing alone with the elevator music.

Conversations with my friends have turned into a competition of who has the worst ailment.

I seriously don’t recognize half of the people on TV now-a-days.  Kelly Ripa has been on vacation, I haven’t recognized half of the women brought in to guest host with Michael Strahan.

Driving down the road the other day I thought “He’s a cutie”.  And then gagged when I realized he might not even be old enough to drink yet.

All young people are starting to look the same age to me.

In just over a week I will have officially hit another milestone birthday.  I’m not worried, but I’m pretty sure I’m not prepared, either!

Did I mention the reading glasses?

At least I can still be useful:

women over 40