I Thought That Was What Mom’s Were Supposed To Do


I picked Mr. T up from theatre rehearsal last night and he was limping a bit – and several of the cast members yelled into the car as T was putting up his backpack and then getting in “He really hurt his toe.”  “It might be broken”  “It bled all over the place!!”  “We didn’t think that it would ever stop!!”

If I was a normal parent, I might have been alarmed; however, you know I’m not normal.

Here’s what happened:  Mr. T can do the splits.  He’s been able to do them for years.  In the latest play they are rehearsing, the director thinks it would be great if T could drop to the splits and pop right back up during one of the scenes.  No big deal getting down – but he’s been working on “popping right back up”.  Apparently yesterday he “popped” and miscalculated on the rise and didn’t get his foot under him properly and ended up landing on his toe.  Like landing ballerina style on his big toe.  Ballerina style.  On his big toe.

Best guess is that when he landed – ballerina style on his big toe – the toe went one way and the toenail went the other.  Kinda like “/\”.  I’m not surprised that he bled a lot with that kinda boo-boo!  The good news is that one of the student athletic trainers is also in theatre and she bandaged him up properly and gave him good instructions for taking care of it last night.

He needed to clean it last night so he got it all unwrapped and showed it to me.  Then he asked for pictures.  Then he asked me if I wanted to kiss it and make it better.

Uh, no.  (I hate feet, he knows that I hate feet – feet freak me out – I don’t want them to touch me.)

His response was “I thought that was what mom’s were supposed to do!  Kiss it and make it better!”

To which I replied “Not when it’s feet!”

That’s the new parenting rule – you don’t have to kiss and make it better when it’s feet!

If you are faint of heart – do not scroll down.

I warned you.  (Erica – just stop now, I’m serious.)


42 thoughts on “I Thought That Was What Mom’s Were Supposed To Do

  1. prayingforoneday says:

    haha @ At the people shouting “It might be broken” Sorry, got me good!
    And then I scrolled down 😦
    Hope the kid is ok, that is a sore one, done it a dozen times playing football (Soccer) it is like stubbing your toe on the wardrobe x 100 type pain when you it…


      • prayingforoneday says:

        Good news.. How old is he, if you don’t mind me asking..
        I worked with kids 15 years and know EVERY injury on the planet through sport and activities, even woodworm..

        😀 I promised myself I would visit more people who visit me a lot more.. So expect more Shaun here 😀

      • He’s 15, and very fortunate that the trainers at his high school have been looking at it and taking care of it each day. He didn’t rip the nail up, apparently the nail stayed attached and he ripped the skin underneath and pulled that up… Gross!

      • prayingforoneday says:

        ohh, that hurts..
        And least you know he is in good hands..
        My son who is 19 now had some terrible coaches/staff when he was doing football (Soccer)
        Hope it doesn’t hold him back too long..

  2. *FatToFitBy40* says:

    HELL NO, I wouldn’t kiss that! I have an anti-foot policy too. I don’t even like when someone’s foot touches me while we are all sitting on the couch. And that looks like it really hurt. Hope he is doing okay!

  3. I hate feet too! I had to move past that picture really fast as I just ate my breakfast. I broke one of my toes but one in the middle area so there wasn’t much I could do, I couldn’t wrap it or anything but just deal with the pain. And it took FOR.EV.ER to heal …. must be why I hate feet 🙂

    • LOL – yes, Motherhood is an Art pointed out that in order to leave a comment, you still had to scroll past the picture… I didn’t think about that! I thought I was doing good to remember to put a cute pic at the top of the post so that the ugly toe didn’t hog the Reader screen! I have broken my toes more often than I can count – but only once was it one of the middle toes (my mom dropped a rail road beam on it…) and that one was the worst of the bunch!!

  4. Dear Lord Kate! What are you doing to me? I knew I shouldn’t have scrolled down but I wanted to come down to write a comment! Moving toe nails are one of my biggest anxieties! There used to be a commercial for toe nail fungus medicine. It was a cartoon of little monsters peeling back a toe nail and jumping in. That commercial would leave me with heart palpitations for a few minutes!

    • I’m sorry!!! I didn’t think about the fact that people had to scroll past it to comment! Lol. I did good by posting a cute pic at the top so that it appeared in the news feed instead of the toe, but I didn’t think about comments!!

      And I know! It’s gross!! Fortunately T was just giving me a hard time when he made the request, he knows how I hate feet!!

  5. Hope T is feeling better soon! My kids like me to smell their feet after they take their socks off… I pretend to put them close to my nose and they crack up laughing at my facial expressions… pew! They are still at that cute age but hopefully they won’t expect me to do it when they are teenagers lol

  6. Oh, my goodness, does this sound familiar. My son has had that injury several times (GROSS!) but also he was in every production every year in high school and I couldn’t even begin to count the number of injuries he got while doing a fairly no-contact, low-impact activity like acting and singing. Yikes! Anyway, thanks for a fun read. 🙂
    -Amy at http://www.momgoeson.wordpress.com

    • I was surprised that he didn’t call me to come get him when it happened, but he toughed it out and stayed to finish rehearsal! We are praying he doesn’t lose the toenail…
      We wrapped it last night and it bled through, so he was going to see the trainer again today and get it looked at.

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