When Do Kids Stop Ruling The House?

I know when kids are little they rule the roost. You have to adhere to their schedule cause they can’t tell you what they need.

When they are toddlers you follow their lead as they explore and learn the world.

When they start school the schedule shifts to accommodate the new sleep schedule, making sure they get plenty so their little brains are ready to learn.

At some point, though, aren’t you supposed to get your house back?

It’s 8:30 pm and I am in bed.

You heard me. And, this isn’t the first time this week it’s happened! The problem is that I’ve been so conditioned over the years that this habit is hard to break. I put Mr. T in bed, do the man of the house routine and make sure all the doors are closed and locked and then I get in bed. Normally I’ll read or watch TV for a bit; however, it’s habit that after he goes to bed I do, too. That’s my quiet time, and hour in bed with minimal distractions.

Why is my quiet time happening so early this week? Cause twice this week at 8 pm Mr. T has given me a hug and said “goodnight, I’m going to bed, love you.”

So what else am I supposed to do? I hug him, do the routine and get in bed.

In other news, it was “neon” day at school. I think he nailed it!


22 thoughts on “When Do Kids Stop Ruling The House?

  1. I am so envious that you have such an early bedtime, not 1 but 2 nights in a week!!! I may have to wait for quite many years before I can enjoy that! Your boy sounds so sensible to kiss you good night and goes off to bed. You must be a great mum!

  2. Wait a minute. Your teen is going to bed at 8? Now, you can get into bed at 8:30? This is nearly beyond my comprehension. I am so busy that I am happy to be in bed by midnight so I can be up by 5:30. How do you guys do it? What’s in the air down in Texas? Yes, here when the kids go to bed is when the work starts.

    • Lol, comes from being raised on a farm mentality! Early to bed and early to rise… I’m a big fan of the early to bed!! And I’m not complaining because I’ve had plenty of nights where I had to stay up hours after he went to bed in order to get things done, and that was when I totally changed up my home routine! Now, I clean a little every night so that I’m done by bed and have the weekends free. It’s worth it!

  3. Also, Kate…do we ever regain our sense of privacy? Because my daughter currently likes to follow me everywhere, I no longer am able to close the bathroom door behind me LOL. Love Mr. T’s neon!!

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