Calling All Graphic Designers!

Have a design you want to showcase? Want to make some money? The Book Boozer is looking for you then! Check it out!


Do you have a whole folder of brilliant designs just sitting on your desktop? C’mon. I know you do. You’re not fooling anyone!

Well, guess what?

My husband and I are in the process of launching an online shirt company, 7 Day Apparel!

The idea of the company is to sell shirts with designs on them from independent designers. I have raved on here before about how much I am inspired by the art I see all over the internet, whether it be inspired by books, movies, what have you. You are all incredibly talented, and we want to be able to give you another platform to show your work! And make a little money while you’re at it! When we decide to use one of your designs, you will get $1 from every shirt sold.

Here’s the twist: each shirt design will only be available for a week- but…

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