What I’ve Learned in 25 Days

Thanks for putting up with me and the 25 Songs in 25 Days Challenge.  I had a blast putting those posts together and sharing a bit of my life with you.  And I really hope that I have some Meatloaf converts out there!

The Challenge did help me out because life was really busy and it helped to not have the pressure of coming up with original material! 🙂 I also learned a few things along the way – so…


During this Challenge I learned:

  1. I should read things all the way through.  I tend to skim.  About half way through the challenge I realized that it must have been created by a teenager!  I still really enjoyed it!
  2. It is not as easy to come up with the sound track for my life as I expected it to be.  In fact, some days it was down right difficult if not impossible!
  3. Posting every day did not get my blog any extra views.   This was good to find out because a) I have wondered and b) blogging every day is NUTS!  Seriously, there is no way my life is interesting enough to do that and no way do I have time to do it!
  4. I meant number 3 in a good way – I am glad to have those of you that post daily as it works for you and it keeps me entertained!
  5. I fell more in love with the blogosphere during this challenge.  It never dawned on me that anyone else would participate, would want to participate – would want to play along with me, and by the end there were like 8 people all linking up.  And everyone was so awesome to cross promote each other!  I felt a real sense of community with you guys – you just filled my heart to overflowing!
  6. There is no such thing as “too much Meatloaf”.  Ever.
  7. Just like all of your blogs are different, so are your tastes in music!
  8. I learned that sometimes you have to go check your own blog and find out what you are doing! I typed ahead most of the days (Okay, all of the days) and sometimes by your comments I could tell what song was up – but sometimes I had to go find out for myself and take a look at my own blog.
  9. I have a pretty cool blog to read!  I know this because #8.
  10. You people are the coolest ever!  I learned a lot about you guys during this challenge, when you played along and when you commented.  I learned that you guys are awesome, and so supportive!  I learned that I am so very lucky to have wonderful people that I get to interact with, that I am very blessed to have such a great community standing with me and that we all are pretty much the most awesome people out there!

I also learned that I have a connection with you guys, stronger than I expected.  I loved this challenge, and I will miss it, but I’m also looking forward to the regularly scheduled programming and filling you guys in on what has kept me busy.  Except for the night I ate 8 cookies.  You all know about that already.  I think someone needs to create that award: Congratulations Betty Sue, please accept this “You are 8 cookies awesome!” award. (No, I don’t even know what that means!!!)

And, now I leave you with one more song.  Some days this is my theme song!

34 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned in 25 Days

  1. Love the fact that not only did I enjoy reading the entries, but I’ve now got a whole new playlist of favorites too. I hope it was worth the effort. It certainly had a ripple effect benefit for me. Cheers!

  2. A very fun challenge, but yes – a teenager sounds about right 🙂 .

    I’ve never attempted to blog every day, but I do know that when everyone starts doing it I somehow don’t get more time to read (I’m thinking NaNoBloMo) so I tend to read a lower percentage of posts. Maybe if we were teenagers it would work out better 🙂 . It’s interesting to hear that the stats show I’m probably not the only one!

  3. I learned from your challenge too. I’ve learned I could never do it because there are a million songs in my head and I would never, ever, ever be able to narrow them down. There was something I already knew, your blog is great and I look forward to your posts, every day or every other day, once a week, whenever you want to do them, I want to red them. 🙂 Happy Easter to you and yours! 🙂

  4. It was fun checking out what song would be each day..even if it was more Meatloaf. haha! I love your varied taste in music! i couldn’t post everyday, I’m even considering going down to just twice per week, because you’re right, it doesn’t seem to get extra views or anything. And some who post every day sometimes just post nonsense stuff to be more visible (not everyone of course…don’t wanna start getting hate mail. lol). Looking forward to your regular posts…particularly waiting for the “I don’t hate yoga anymore!!” post. haha! xo

    • LOL!! That’s funny Kerry! And yes, I don’t want to have to “force” a post or set myself on a daily schedule that I’m doomed to fail!! I follow some bloggers that blog whilst on vacation and there is no way! I want my blogging to be about my life – not to be my life! 😉

  5. I’ll be happy if I can get back to weekly blogging. Daily blogging is a bit much for me.
    I loved doing this challenge with you!! It was a riot. Looking forward to the next one 😉

  6. I’ve gotta say, I don’t find these types of blogging challenges particularly compelling reading. I wanted to support you so I visited every day and liked and often commented, but I wasn’t particularly engaged. I feel the same about the current “Share Your World” blogging challenge. It’s kind if like a big chain letter working it’s way through a bunch of blogs. 🙂

    I’d rather read something that was shaped from your own head and/or heart. Some days that may be a song. Other days it might be a great meal you prepared and still others it might be your hate for yoga. 😉

    Write what feels right for you, Kate. That’s the writing I love! xoxo

    • Nancy, I’m glad you stuck through it, and really and truly do appreciate your support!! I needed to do the challenge for several reasons, life was busy, but also I wanted to see the impact of blogging every day. I honestly did this challenge in about 4 days, and it gave me the freedom to focus on everything else in my life, and taught me that I don’t want to blog every day – and that I have no desire to do another challenge again!
      So, thanks for sticking with me – it is now back to regularly scheduled programming!

      I’m still hating yoga, but the other day I did the full 64 minutes of it!! I had been stopping at the 43 min mark. Now, I’ve only done that once… but I’ll do it again!

  7. jeff7salter says:

    I checked on sev. of the early posts in this series, but frankly I couldn’t keep up the pace. Also, I wasn’t seeing much music that resonated with me, an old fogey. So, sadly, I dropped away from following this series.

    • I completely agree! I’m so type A that I have to remember it’s okay to do something just because I enjoy it and hopefully to bring a little light to someone else’s day, and that I don’t have to attempt to excel at it, I can just let it be!

  8. I really enjoyed points 5 and 6. Laughed at 9- you most definitely do. I love your “I ate 8 cookies” comment. The other day I was eating some chips, and made the mistake of looking at the bag to see the number of servings. I think I consumed 16 servings or something like that.

    • ahahahahahhaahha, dying over here, hahahahahahaha, that is so funny, and I can totally see that happening! I’ll admit that as I was watching the video I was seriously wondering if I could pull of the 80’s look this Halloween! 🙂 I’m going to start working on it!

  9. I applaud you for doing it. There’s no way I’d sit down every day and write in my blog every day!! Plus, I’ve found that since working behind a computer every day, for 8 hours, I come home and have a hard time getting on my own computer! Kudos and I love reading your blog!

  10. Daily blogging is not for me too. I cant think of anything else but what to publish for the day! But I have to admit, it’s kinda fun Kudos to you foe finishing the challenge and great song to end it with 🙂

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