25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 15

25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 15 – A song you love singing along to.

Oh man, oh man, oh man, how do I pick?  I sing along all of the time.  I apologize in advance to everyone who I am in a car with, as while I think I have a fine singing voice, it’s been pointed out (over and over again) that I don’t!  But, I refuse to give it up and if you are ever stuck in a car with me, well, maybe you had the foresight to bring ear plugs!

Which, does not solve my dilemma of narrowing it down to Just. One. Song!

Okay, after much deliberation, which for you went by in the blink of an eye, I’ve come up with a song.  Not only do I sing along with it, I play the air guitar, air drums and air piano, too.  Oh, and I sing all of the parts. 🙂


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