She said what?!

My friend Erica has written an entire post laughing at me! And, well, she’s pretty much spot on! Go check it out and see what my life has become! 🙂



“I hosted the Cheer Booster Club meeting tonight. It lasted 2 hours. My life has become weird.”

I’ve been threatening to write a post about this for some time, but this facebook post this morning was the final straw.

A reminder to us all…never.say.never!

Now I don’t remember her exact words, but it was something like this… “I’m so glad I’ll never have to do the girl stuff, periods, drama, clothes, hair, cheerleading…boys are so much easier.”

Did you catch that??  Cheerleading!!!!

Yep… one of the things she thought she’d never have to experience and now…


She’s a CHEER MOM!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA  I’m dying!  Literally dying laughing on a daily basis as she describes the life of a cheer Mom (and don’t even ask her about the $53 cheer backpack!) .  Talk about forcing her out of her bubble!  AND Miss antisocial holds a position on the booster club now too!…

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