25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 25

25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 25  A song you could listen to over and over and never get tired of.

I had fun searching You Tube for a version to share with you, and I got to listen to several different variations before I finally decided that simple was what fit – and how I always hear the song in my head!  I’ve found it a shame that a lot of churches are moving away from traditional hymns in favor of contemporary music.  There is just something timeless about the messages written in the hymn book.

Guy Penrod, Count Your Blessings

I love this song and feel really good that this is the song that wraps up the 25 Day Challenge!  Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me until the very end!  This challenge was so much more work than I expected, and I did learn a lesson.  I learned that I am not the blogger that writes a post every single day!

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