In the Kitchen with Kate: Homemade Donuts

So, I know there are 1,000 ways to spell donuts.  I am lazy efficient, so I go for the shortest, yet still socially acceptable, version there is!

Now that we have that out of the way let’s continue.

A few days ago I told you that I bought a bundt pan.  What I didn’t tell you was that just hours after making that purchase in the store, I was on-line and accidentally bought a donut pan.

It arrived today! Let the confetti and streamers fly!

Homemade Baked Donuts at Did That Just Happen Blog.  Stir, bake and 8 minutes later it's yummy in your tummy!

I have patience the size of a gnat, so naturally I hit up Pinterest and searched for a homemade donut, baked not fried, from scratch and E A S Y.

I found a recipe that, after a quick pantry check, I could make.

Chocolate glazed baked donuts

Thanks to Moms Need to Know, I was off and running!

I mixed the ingredients and put them in a zippered bag, cut off the tip and that made getting the dough into the pan so much easier.

Homemade donuts from scratch at Did That Just Happen Blog

Popped it in the oven and 8 minutes later, those suckers were ready!

Now, the blogger I used for inspiration had a glaze and a chocolate and, well,

Ain't nobody got time for that at Did That Just Happen Blog

But, have you seen this? I think if you look up “awesome sauce” this is what you’ll find. It’s not too sweet and was a perfect compliment to the donuts.

Dipping chocolate aka aweome in a container - Did That Just Happen Blog

So, one minute and 30 seconds later, the chocolate was melted!  I took the donuts that were cool enough to touch and dipped them in the chocolate (and FYI, that container is the perfect size to dip the tops of the donuts, I didn’t even have to dirty up a bowl!)


Homemade chocolate donuts at Did That Just Happen Blog

And then sprinkles, cause:

sprinkles are for winners

52 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with Kate: Homemade Donuts

  1. Well. These look fantastic. As noted by everyone above. I’m thinking I need a doughnut pan. And I believe you, since they are baked they probably are pretty similar to a muffin or a scone maybe. Thanks for sharing. I’m totally pinning that!

    • They were so much easier than I expected! I’m ready to make more, and hope to find time Friday so they will be there for my son when he wakes up Saturday 🙂 He takes the SAT test that day… and that just made me realized I probably need to get him some protein… ugh, I gotta go do mom things.

  2. I’ve been dreaming of doughnuts (yes, I’m clinging to the old-fashioned spelling, I think it’s a Canadian thing) for almost a week.
    Your yummy post has inspired me to try to make some.
    Thank you Kate (that is my taste buds talking, my hips and thighs are shaking their ‘fists’ at you!). 🙂
    Hope this week treats you well. 🙂

    • hahahahahaha! I knew my Canadian friends would cling to the full spelling! But really, I don’t think they are that bad for you – they aren’t laden with sugar and they aren’t fried, so they are pretty health, or as healthy as a donut can get! 🙂

    • It did taste like a cake donut. And because it was baked and not fried, it was a bit more dry than from a bakery, but almost 100 calories less – AND, I know we can find a gluten free recipe, it was regular flour and I bet we can sub almond flour or something!

  3. okay, when you first told me about the donut pan, I KNEW it was only going to be some time before it appeared in a blog. I have to say this did appear faster than I anticipated.
    I normally read your “in the kitchen” blogs with sincere interest (and imagination- as I know I probably won’t attempt them in real life). This, though, I may try! I love that they are baked and the easy-to-use chocolate topping is perfect. My family will love these.

    • I didn’t expect the blog post to go up so soon, either, LOL! And, it was so much easier than I expected, and the dipping chocolate was just sweet enough to go with the cinnamon donut, but I did buy some meltables to try different toppings, and I hope to try different dough recipes, too.

      Of course, I am starting an October #unprocessed challenge, and I don’t think those “meltables” can count as unprocessed in any universe!

    • It was so much easier than I expected, and I think that next time, I can make six and then save the dough to make 6 more a few days later, that will help Mr. T and I use moderation! LOL
      We actually did good, it didn’t trigger the sugar pleasure center in my brain, so I could enjoy it and not crave it. 🙂

  4. Kate, you CAN NOT start your post with having such a delicious picture of doughnuts at the top! I was supposed to try to be eating healthy but guess what is the only thing I want now?! I think I’ll be less healthy but happy very soon… 😀

  5. Yes. Sprinkles are for winners. And you ARE a winner! Your idea for piping the batter into the donut pan is genius. The donuts look amazing, and the dipped chocolate is also genius! Yep…you get sprinkles!

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