In The Kitchen with Kate: Bundt Pan Edition

The other day I had to have a bundt pan. Now, it’s been on my Christmas list for years, so I’ve been refusing to buy one, and now for the life of me, I can’t remember exactly why I HAD to have one, but within a few days, I was at the store. 

I got it home and at a loss for why I wanted it, I still knew I had to bake something. 

Thank you Pinterest. 

I picked the first recipe I found that I had all of the ingredients on hand for. 

I’m 100% sure that the batter was supposed to be smooth and pourable.  

In the interest of full disclosure, it wasn’t. It clotted up and the batter was super thick. 

You’ve heard me mention that I’m flexible with my ingredients, well, I was too impatient to wait for the butter to come to temp and I may have done the shortcut and put it in the microwave to temp it, and it might have not handled it very well when it hit the cold stainless bowl, and the cold milk and eggs were added. That is my guess. 

Baking is a science. 

I am not a scientist! 

So I made a quick chocolate glaze because chocolate fixes everything. 

It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t something I would have shared with you! Mr. T and I ate it, but since he has grown up with my cooking, he has a lower standard! 

So, I put out a call for new bundt pan recipes! And right now my house smells lovely making a cinnamon apple monkey bread suggested by Holly. 

Yum! See those apples covered in cinnamon? Delish! And yes, the recipe calls for green apples. I loathe green apples and have a plethora of red ones on hand… So red it is! 

And I think there is something on my iPad camera, as the bottom of those photos are blurry… But I’m just keepin’ it real peeps! 

Another friend, Kari has suggested a Harvy Wallbanger cake… Which has an ingredient I can’t pronounce, but it sounds easy 🙂 

So, help me out here, what are your favorite bundt pan recipies? Which ones do I need to try out? Let me know in the comments below and you could be featured in a upcoming episode of In The Kitchen with Kate… Which isn’t as exciting as it sound so! Lol 

P.S. :  

Ugh. Ignore the clumps. I was trying to get it finished during a commercial (see above re: impatience!) #GoCowboys 

PPS:  I remembered what I wanted the bundt pan for!! But I’m not telling until I make it and can show you 🙂 

38 thoughts on “In The Kitchen with Kate: Bundt Pan Edition

  1. Is the ingredient Galliano? It’s a slightly expensive liqueur (not even sure I spelled that right). They come in small bottles, too. It doesn’t taste good to me AT ALL (blech). But the combination of it with orange juice is what makes the cake. Baking the cake and cooking the glaze cooks out ALL the alcohol. The first time I had it was back in Nevada. One of the old timers at the police department in Winnemucca made one for me and my ex for Christmas. I’ve always seen it made during the holidays and if I hadn’t left my bundt cake pan in New Mexico, I’d be making one this season. I made one for the company Christmas potluck in 2010 and I got so many compliments on it. No one had ever heard of it but that cake did not last. I often find myself eating more of it than I should. It is SO good! I might have to just buy another bundt pan here in Juneau so I can make it again. You can always use the bundt pan for angel food cake or pound cake too. Yum Yum! Tis the season for all kinds of super sweet goodies.

    • I plan to hit up my little liquor store, the Owner is awesome and if he doesn’t have it, he’ll order it for me. Dad said this weekend he had a lot of strawberries and so he thought he would make an angle food cake… and I was like, yeah? tell me how that goes! I’m totally trying it.. as soon as I find that Galliano!

    • I’m ready to make something that actually looks good… but like you, I sure didn’t refuse to eat either of them! LOL.. My problem now is that I don’t know where to store the bundt pan (or the donut pan I may have accidentally ordered a few days later!) 🙂

  2. I love how you “keep it real”. Wish more people would do that instead of only showcasing their perfections. Cooking I love. Baking I dread. I like having control over the food I’m making, but with baking I have no control. Whatever happens happens and that’s terrifying for me. Now, if I could make a cake on the stove then that would be perfect.

    • I’ve never been one either – but I figured it’s one of those kitchen pieces every mom was supposed to own – which is why it’s been on my Christmas list for years, I wasn’t buying myself one! LOL. (And apparently my attempt to eliminate processed food doesn’t count when it comes to the bundt pan :/ LOL)

  3. okay, i so agree with you- Chocolate fixes everything! If there is anywhere we should demonstrate flexibility in our lives, it is with ingredients (and cooking instructions- warm butter, cold butter, who cares? it’s still butter). Actually, I think you should come up with a list of your cooking “rules” 🙂
    I have never wanted a bundt pan. I am glad there are those in the world who desire such things, though.

    • It’s kinda like a Belgium waffle maker… not real need to have one of those either! LOL.

      Okay, the other day I was online ordering coffee kcups from Walmart, and a donut pan showed up… like $6! So I have a donut pan on the way. I never wanted one of those either! LOL

      • Seriously, you have crossed a line that no one should. A spontaneous donut pan purchase? If that popped on my screen, I would be like “A donut pan? Who needs a donut pan?” Now, I know.

  4. I’m so juvenile, that I every time I make a bundt (or see a bundt) I have to sing, “I like big bundts and I cannot lie”…
    They look great! Oh, and did I miss the recipe for the apple cake?
    Aren’t Harvey Wallbangers drinks from my grandmothers era?
    Keep cooking and sharing! I love to be entertained and you always do!

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