Aliens, Pudding and Pink Socks

I’ve so much to share that I don’t know where to start!

Tell the story you want to live

I want to blog about a phrase I used in my post about Mr. T’s pedicure: “The person I want to be”.  My friend Erica and I were on the phone and supposed to be working but got side tracked on the internet and a really cool discount shopping site… and as we kept Skyping links to products back and forth to each other, at one point we both said “I know it’s not me, but it’s who I want to be”.  And, you know what? We both bought pieces that represent the transition we want to make as people! I love that I have people in my life that understand me when I say weird things like “it represents who I WANT to be”

I’ll find time to share that once my new piece comes in and you can see what I felt was a physical manifestation of the person I want to be!

Oh my gosh! I swear I saw a UFO the other night!


What do you think? It was really low to the ground and there isn’t an airport anywhere by where I was!  And, there should be red and green lights on it if it’s a plane… and those are clearly not red or green!


Crawfish boil 01a56e20f3be677ff4167fa6c07c29784a86004ed5

Speaking of aliens… Yesterday I was a work “meeting”.  Annual crawfish boil put on by one of the local rep groups.

While I was eating my custom made vegetarian pizza my son was several towns away with the school theatre troupe doing a UIL clinic… and he sent me this picture:

Mr. T sprained ankle

I thought he tucked his pants into his pink socks and was being silly… and so I responded that he had too much time on his hands.

Why are you laughing, I sprained my ankle, it hurts bad

Of course he did! I’m two hours away from where he is.

And it’s in moments like that when I begin to wonder why I don’t have a head full of grey hair.  I mean, seriously, he couldn’t hurt himself when he’s at school and I’m down the street, no, it has to happen when we both happen to be out of town!

No, he didn’t need me to come pick him up.  He happened to have an ankle brace with him (which tells you so much about our lives!), and he used that while the troupe stopped for lunch, then he went and saw the trainer when he got back to school and they confirmed sprain and not a break, and released him with limited restrictions.  He then when to Cheer practice and then onto Work.  I eventually got to see him late that night!

He’ll survive.

Oh! And I have had such issues with pudding lately!! I can’t wait to tell you about the “healthy” cupcakes I made the other day…

homemade cupcakes

Okay, so I needed instant pudding for the icing.  And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t buy instant!  I made them anyway, and we ate them, but there is a whole story behind it!

And then it gets worse! I bought ingredients to make a special St. Patrick’s Day trifle treat and it involved pudding, too – that I was supposed to dye green! And, after the cup cake “incident”, I was so very careful to find the Instant pudding… and I came home with Instant pudding… but in LEMON flavor!!!


I can’t win!

We still ate the trifle anyway.  🙂

I hope all is well in you world!  Make it a great day!

PS, tell me I’m not the only one that’s seen a UFO or has issues buying the right pudding!! Please! I’m feeling insecure about my life choices right now!


45 thoughts on “Aliens, Pudding and Pink Socks

    • I’m telling ya!! If there had been red and/or green lights, I wouldn’t have been suspicious at all – as I know those signal it’s a plane (and is how you can tell from a distance which direction the plane is travelling), but for it to only have white lights, and be so incredibly close to the ground that my iPhone could catch the shot… I am highly suspicious!!! 🙂

  1. This has got to be the coolest way to seamlessly join three unrelated subjects and your writing structure was the perfect thread! I never understood the difference between instant and regular pudding. Why does someone want to go through all the time and steps when you can have it instantly? Doesn’t everyone want immediate gratification, like me? ;-). Loved this post!

  2. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    Wow, way to touch all bases and keep us entertained! 🙂 Hope Mr. T is doing better, glad the UFO didn’t get you, I love the Person I Want To Be portion (A LOT!!!!) and I know nothing about pudding, don’t like the stuff, so I have nothing to say on that front. hahaha

  3. Oh, oh, oh! I love “the person I want to be” phrase and mentality! I believe in this foreward thinking mentality. I refer to myself as a “human becoming, not just being”, that I am becoming the best me I can be! I also remind myself to “act as if”; I may not be ‘there’ yet, but I can act as if (dress as if, eat as if, behave as if) I am!

    I do think that is a UFO. Call Giorgio Tsoukalos (sp?)!

    Sending healing energy for Mr. T and his ankle! (love the socks) I’m so sorry he is injured. With 4 daughters I can say that I have been through so many strains, sprains, breaks, and more – and the worst ones always happen out of town or at the absolute worst time!

    The pudding problems would have me feeling ‘discustard’! (disgusted?)

    Keep on keeping on! It’s all a part of the person you ARE (awesome) and the person you want to be (can you BE more awesome? awesomer?)

    • I love Giorgio!!! The one thing I miss from cable is Ancient Aliens! 🙂 And thanks, I’ve always believed in “act as if”, but earlier this year I said the phrase “I want to be the person that does ‘this'” and I felt those words deep in my soul (even though I’m not sure what this was at that moment! Lol) and I’ve been focusing hard on the person I want to be, and thank you for supporting me in this and ALL of my journeys!!!

  4. I love how you titled the post…And UFO’s?! Good thing you only took the pictures, If you had gotten too close who knows you they might have taken you to their planet ! lol

    A great post Kate, Wish Mr.T a speedy recovery ! 🙂

    Have a happy week ahead ❤

  5. Those cupcakes look yummy. I was driving home one night right after I started commuting and I swear I saw something fall out of the sky. I seemed to be the only one who noticed. I stalked the news to see if it was something but heard nothing. There is an army base nearby but this was odd. Hope Mr. T is feeling better!

    • I’m telling ya, I’m starting to question how much the government is suppressing when it comes to objects “falling out of the sky”!! Of course, I’ve also starting watching X-Files – from the beginning – and well… it makes so much more sense now than it did all those years ago! 🙂

  6. jeff7salter says:

    I want to hear more about the UFO lights. Any other sightings in your area?
    Anybody see them from another spot? so their position could be triangulated?
    I’ve always wanted to spot a UFO but never have.

    • It was the weirdest thing Jeff!! I thought it was a plane until I realized how low it was flying, and it was really quiet! We do have an Air Force base and Lockhead and Bell Helicopter in the area, now that I think about it, I bet it was a test plane!

      Or, they have gotten to me and replace my memories because the Government doesn’t want to acknowledge aliens! (<— I kinda believe that theory!)

  7. He carries an ankle brace with him? I had to laugh out loud at that! I am very accident prone, and I carry a first aid kit in not only my car but my work tote bag.

    Let us know if the aliens try to communicate with you! Maybe they want your cupcake recipe 🙂

    • hahahhaha @ the aliens wanting my cupcake recipe!! That cracked me up!

      He carries an ankle brace and two wrist braces in his bag… we’ve learned this is pretty important when he is throwing those girls up in the air for cheer. But, the best part is, this injury didn’t even come in Cheer – it came in Theater!!!

  8. Wow WEIRD lights for sure. I love this whole being who you WANT to become idea. I have been doing it a little bit with pregnancy. Liking maternity clothing stores and joining a pregnancy Facebook group. It is all to put me in the zone and make me ready for when I’m going to be pregnant soon. Sometimes you have to start acting like the transformation before it takes place (hopefully I don’t go completely bonkers and start thinking I’m preggers when I’m not lol). I can’t wait to hear the cupcake story. I am always looking for a good healthy cupcake recipe so I eagerly await your post!

    • I fully support you checking out the maternity stores! That’s a great way to put out to the Universe that you are ready for those blasts to take off!! 🙂 And yeah, those cupcakes… every time I turned around it was something with them! LOL

  9. It does look like a UFO! What a strange thing … While reading your post, little T suddenly sat on my lap and saw Mr. T’s pink sock, she said “Mum, that’s awesome!” Now awesome isn’t a word that the Brits normally use, I think she got that from watching too many Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles episodes 😉 Hope Mr. T’s ankle heals soon!

    • LOL! I figured she would appreciate his socks! He was so funny, he came home the other night in a new outfit, and I was like “huh?”
      He had gone shopping after school but before theatre started and bought himself some bright socks in pink, and a pair in purple and a striped pair. He’s decided he wants to be the type of person with awesome socks!
      And I love awesome, I say it all of the time! LOL

  10. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ll pick up an item of clothing and admire it. Mr. Enthusiasm (or the store clerk) will encourage me to try it on. I respond, “No, you don’t understand, I LIKE IT, but I’m not sure I could wear it.”
    Why, they ask.
    Because I’d like to think I could pull that off, I’m just not sure it would ring authentic.


    Totally get what you mean, Kate.

  11. Some of my pieces are due tomorrow! Yours should come soon so we can all see!!! I had fun with you yesterday! And to be perfectly honest, I thought his pants were tucked in too…and I also see a UFO…or maybe a weird street light…either way! 😛

  12. Definitely UFO’s, your cupcakes look great and yummy, and my kid#2, (out of 4), always had a first aid kit for him, (more like a mini ER), so no judgement there. Suggestion, better to have a ace bandage then you can wrap any part of the body.

    Have a great weekend.

    NIBSIH! 😊

  13. Buying pudding is tricky. Several of them look the same, so if one is even slightly out of place then mistakes our bound to happen. When I was a kid, riding in the back of my dad’s truck, there was a UFO following us. Oh wait…maybe that was just a story my step-sister told me while riding back there. Hmm… now I’ll never know. 🙂

    • ahahahahahahha! The moon used to freak me out when it followed us all of the way home!
      And yes! That pudding is tricky! I seriously hunched down (cause vanilla was on the very bottom shelf) and I was so very careful to find the vanilla, and then find the instant, and then compare generic vs brand name and then even looked at calories on sugar free vs. regular! I was so CAREFUL!! And at some point, my brain just stopped working I guess!! I was so shocked to discover I had LEMON!! LOL. It’s a whole thing that apparently I’m still not over!!

  14. Kate, only you could somehow tie together internet shopping for the person “you want to be’, a UFO sighting, a severe ankle sprain and “healthy” cupcakes and St. Pat’s day trifle- and make it work without being overwhelming. 🙂 Somehow I feel this captures your life.

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