Who I Want To Be – Giveaway

I mentioned in my post Double Standard that I’ve really been making a conscience effort in being who I want to be.  Last Thanksgiving my nephew just filled my heart when he acknowledged traits about me that the rest of the family scoffed over – but he could see past who I was and was embracing who I wanted to be – and y’all, I wish there was a class that could teach us that!  I’ve mentioned it, and so have many of the other bloggers I follow, but so often we bring our own assumptions to the table about the other person that we completely miss out on what is actually happening.  We’ve done it, and we’ve had it done to us.  I had an experience last year of others bringing their assumptions to the table about me and it was really eye opening, it did a lot to show that most peoples reactions are about them, and not you!  It also helped open my eyes, and as part of living in the Now, and being who I want to be, I’ve been working on seeing people as they are now, and not as they were when I met them, or last year, or even last week!

And, as awesome as that journey has been – it’s not why I’m here today!

Part of my “be who I want to be” journey started at the beginning of the year.  I declared I was a bracelet wearing person.  I was the type of person that wore bracelets.  And not dainty little things, no, I’m a bohemian! I want stacked bracelets.  I want color! I want jingles!

Now, disclaimer, I declared this about myself before I got my Jawbone Up.  Which is a bracelet type tracker.  And when making my declaration about being a bracelet person, I really did have a specific look in mind, and for a little bit I got to pull it off; however, as with all things in life, sometimes when you get what you asked for – it’s not at all what you expected – and that is the case here.

The really cool part? I love it! I giggle some mornings when I’m getting ready as I put on all my “bracelets”!

In Aliens, Pudding and Pink Socks I mentioned that my friend Erica and I were supposed to be working, but instead were obsessing over the great items on the Chinese web site – and one of the items I bought was the Harry Potter inspired stacked bracelet set below! It’s my love language right now.  It meets my need to be a bracelet person and it totally makes my fan girl heart beat!  The owl for Hedwig, the Golden Snitch, and then Deathly Hallows… swoon.  I’m wearing that with my Jawbone – and my new Pay It Forward bracelet!

stacked bracelets - Did That Just Happen Blog

(Okay, quick aside! You know I’m a fan of Random Acts of Kindness and I support the Pay it Forward Foundation – if you haven’t read The Long, Steep Path: Everyday Inspiration from The Author of Pay It Forward, I can’t recommend this book enough!  Also, PIF day is at the end of April!)

Any way, as much as I love my new HP bracelet, it was a different item that I bought that made me state “It’s totally not me, but it’s who I want to be”.  And I was so excited to get this bracelet!  I couldn’t wait to wear it!

Here is what I ordered, an awesome distressed leather wrap bracelet in brown:

Stylist leather belt flat bracelet

Here is what I got, and awesome leather wrap bracelet, in black.  It’s not distressed and it’s not brown, but it’s still very pretty!

stylish leather bracelet giveaway Did that just happen blog


I was so excited to try it on!

Yeah… it doesn’t fit.

So, my loss is your gain! leather bracelet giveaway -Did That Just Happen Blog

Look at that detail! And it still has the new leather scent!

But, because nothing worth having comes free, you have to work for it!

Go follow me on Pinterest and then report back, either here or on Pinterest that you’ve followed me, and I’ll pull a name from that pool on Friday! If you already follow me, then just remind me below!

Leather belt bracelet give away - Did That Just Happen Blog

I would suggest that you need a wrist smaller than 7″.  The bracelet states it is for up to 7″, but it was snug – so take that into consideration – it would make a great gift, too!


43 thoughts on “Who I Want To Be – Giveaway

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I’m not on Pinterest, but this made me smile. This is exactly the kind of thing Anthony loves wearing. I am only just branching out beyond earrings! 🙂

    • Growing up earrings were my thing, I had hundreds of earrings, and when I was working in an office environment, my earring always matched my outfit. Always! Now that I work at home and am more settled in my career… well, I have gold hoops that I forget to take out! I’ve paired my earring collection down to less than 100… so I’m pretty sure I’m trading one vice for the other! But, thank you, bracelets are a new thing for me… but I’m quite enjoying it 🙂 They make me feel more awesome… which is saying a lot considering how awesome I already am!
      heheheheehe 🙂

    • Back when I worked in an office environment, I made sure I had all my accessories happening – mainly earrings, but a good dozen necklaces for when the need arose. Now that I work from home, and my meetings are more casual… I never wear any of it! But a bracelet, now that I’ve decided I can do, even if I don’t see anyone that day! 🙂

  2. I love how you are doing this. Bummer it hasn’t worked out for you and this bracelet but I want to enter to see if it works for me instead. I have followed you on Pinterest and now I’ve let you know. You rock girly.Keep on fighting the good fight x

  3. So I love so much that we are bohemian sisters who love our wrist adornment. I also like you adore the brown distressed one. I think I know a few people who would equally love the black cuff but I’m a brown girl like you. Someone will be so happy to win this pretty bracelet (lucky them) I’m hoping I follow you on Pinterest…if not…I’m headed that way but I’m not on there very much. I LOVE it though.

    • I love it, too… sometimes a little too much! 🙂 I have gotten a lot out of it and found fun recipes and crafts, so at least I’m not just pinning and letting them sit there! 😉
      Loving your bookcase make over by the way! The yellow was such a good color choice!!

  4. Love the HP bracelet! And now I’m following you on Pinterest. I’ve actually just installed Pinterest for you :). Emily decided on her birthday last year that she was a bracelet and ring addict :). It was an overnight realization. She had jewelry but never wore any than suddenly she’s wearing 1 or 2 bracelets and many rings. Sometimes 2 or 3 on one finger. It’s so nice to see her finding who she is! And it’s nice to see you going for it too.

    • I’ve worn the HP one for two days in a row, I’m so in love with it!
      And love that for Emily! She’s always been such a fashionista, I LOVE that she is adding all of the accessories now!
      And thank you!! It’s a big step for me to change… It totally goes against my nature, but boy oh boy, has it been fun!

  5. Oh Kate, this post was so touching!!! You are in such a state of awareness right now– seeing yourself for who you truly are!! 🙂 I have to be honest with you- I am a BRACELET WEARER to the nth degree. My stepdaughter has made fun of me for my “big, clunky” bracelets. I find them protective and soothing though. I have a cuff bracelet exactly as you picture in brown which I wear everywhere.
    As I am confronting some images/roles in my own life, this post has given me some strength that I am on the right path. thank you!

    • I’m so glad that it has given you some strength!! That is one of the highest compliments I think I could ever received! I hope you do continue on your path and walk boldly in your purpose! You’re being lead there for a reason and I am here supporting you 100%!! 🙂

  6. I’m glad that you’re on the path of being who you want to be . . . without worrying about what “they” think of your path.

    I’ll let someone else win the bracelet! Good luck to all entrants.

  7. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Funny because the only jewelry I like are bracelets and watches (when I am not wearing a wedding ring, that is) and I don’t really wear bracelets anymore. I like the idea of having them now that the warmer weather will be coming and shorter sleeves at work are approaching. 🙂

  8. I was already following you on Pinterest, Kate, but I pinned a bunch of your awesome pins, yes, about books (so I have an addiction, so what?) to prove I was there. 🙂
    P.S. Love your Harry Potter bracelet. 😉

    • LOL!!
      And thanks, I’m in love with it! And, actually Hot Topic has one that has “always”… and yeah, that’s totally on my birthday list! That has to be one of the most powerful single word sentences of all times! Always.
      Anyway, don’t get me started! Thank you 🙂

    • LOL! I actually bought the Pay it Forward bracelet with you in mind – and don’t worry, not to send to you, but the point of the bracelets is that you wear it, and when you do a RAK or you Pay it Forward, and when they say thanks, you give them your bracelet and tell them to pay it forward. And, you so graciously helped me with my Jawbone purchase (with that gift card you won), that I bought the bracelets in your name so that it would remind me to be more active in my RAK! I want to make a difference in someone’s life like you have made in mine! 🙂

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