Pamper Yourself Giveaway


It has been a busy week and it is time to share the joy, so I am giving away gift cards to Starbucks and Panera!

I have been away at a work conference, it is an annual event and it is simultaneously the most exhilarating and exhausting event I attend each year! I get to learn a lot, get a ton of training and plenty of time to play catch-up with my colleagues.

I love hotel rooms. They really are my guilty pleasure.  I just feel different getting to stay in a hotel and I just love them! I’m very fortunate that my hotel room is usually paid for by a company that I work with, and this year it was a new company and I posted on Facebook that I was having a Cinderella moment!  

Cinderella moment and a giveaway at Did That Just Happen Blog   I had a living room.

 Not kidding when I say that this bathroom is about the size of my first apartment.
 And the bedroom, so luxurious! And do you see that chair?
 Yes, that chair! I’m so in love with that chair!
But it was late (late, late, late) nights and (way too) early mornings and when I wanted to sneak in pool time (or a nap) I actually had to work!

It was rough, I tell ya!

But I couldn’t even complain, all I could do was think about how fortunate I was to be able to attend and work in such pretty surroundings.

I felt very pampered and posh!

Now I want to share the love with you guys and give away a gift card to Starbucks and Panera Bread. It’s time for you to get a nice cup of coffee and a delicious treat and then curl up with a good book! Or a cool frappe and warm bowl of soup to enjoy before a bedtime bath!

The possibilities are endless!

Tell me what your favorite guilty pleasure is and you’ll be entered to win. Share for a double entry! Let me know your deepest secrets 🙂 and don’t forget to tell me if you shared! Good Luck!

***Wordpress, Starbucks and Panera Bread are not affiliated with this giveaway. It’s sponsored by my love for you! Contest ends Sunday June 28, 2015 and is open to residents in the U.S. and Canada. For my international readers, I love you but you don’t have Panera or Starbucks in some cases, so we will come up with the equivalent in a gift card or PayPal.

Aliens, Pudding and Pink Socks

I’ve so much to share that I don’t know where to start!

Tell the story you want to live

I want to blog about a phrase I used in my post about Mr. T’s pedicure: “The person I want to be”.  My friend Erica and I were on the phone and supposed to be working but got side tracked on the internet and a really cool discount shopping site… and as we kept Skyping links to products back and forth to each other, at one point we both said “I know it’s not me, but it’s who I want to be”.  And, you know what? We both bought pieces that represent the transition we want to make as people! I love that I have people in my life that understand me when I say weird things like “it represents who I WANT to be”

I’ll find time to share that once my new piece comes in and you can see what I felt was a physical manifestation of the person I want to be!

Oh my gosh! I swear I saw a UFO the other night!


What do you think? It was really low to the ground and there isn’t an airport anywhere by where I was!  And, there should be red and green lights on it if it’s a plane… and those are clearly not red or green!


Crawfish boil 01a56e20f3be677ff4167fa6c07c29784a86004ed5

Speaking of aliens… Yesterday I was a work “meeting”.  Annual crawfish boil put on by one of the local rep groups.

While I was eating my custom made vegetarian pizza my son was several towns away with the school theatre troupe doing a UIL clinic… and he sent me this picture:

Mr. T sprained ankle

I thought he tucked his pants into his pink socks and was being silly… and so I responded that he had too much time on his hands.

Why are you laughing, I sprained my ankle, it hurts bad

Of course he did! I’m two hours away from where he is.

And it’s in moments like that when I begin to wonder why I don’t have a head full of grey hair.  I mean, seriously, he couldn’t hurt himself when he’s at school and I’m down the street, no, it has to happen when we both happen to be out of town!

No, he didn’t need me to come pick him up.  He happened to have an ankle brace with him (which tells you so much about our lives!), and he used that while the troupe stopped for lunch, then he went and saw the trainer when he got back to school and they confirmed sprain and not a break, and released him with limited restrictions.  He then when to Cheer practice and then onto Work.  I eventually got to see him late that night!

He’ll survive.

Oh! And I have had such issues with pudding lately!! I can’t wait to tell you about the “healthy” cupcakes I made the other day…

homemade cupcakes

Okay, so I needed instant pudding for the icing.  And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t buy instant!  I made them anyway, and we ate them, but there is a whole story behind it!

And then it gets worse! I bought ingredients to make a special St. Patrick’s Day trifle treat and it involved pudding, too – that I was supposed to dye green! And, after the cup cake “incident”, I was so very careful to find the Instant pudding… and I came home with Instant pudding… but in LEMON flavor!!!


I can’t win!

We still ate the trifle anyway.  🙂

I hope all is well in you world!  Make it a great day!

PS, tell me I’m not the only one that’s seen a UFO or has issues buying the right pudding!! Please! I’m feeling insecure about my life choices right now!


A Day in my Life – Wednesday Edition

Thanks to Kerry I am participating in the A Day in the Life!  You can read all about it by clicking on the link.

The alarm went off at 3:00 am this morning.  Two snooze buttons later I was up and brushing my teeth and jumping in the shower.  3:35 I was out the door.  My friend Melissa has been staying with me for a week and a half and I had to get her to the airport this morning and we were both pleasantly surprised at how little traffic is out that early in the morning!  I made it to the airport in record time.

I got back home and seriously considered going into work early.  I mean way early.  Imagine how much I could get accomplished!

Then I heard my bed calling my name in a loving tone, like a siren calling Homer to the craggy beach shore.

The bed won.

A couple hours later I crawled out of bed, again.  I made a cup of coffee and checked on Mr. T, who assured me he was eventually getting up before I settled down to work.   An hour later we said our “good-bye, I love you, have a great days” to each other and I debated a second cup of coffee.  The fact that it is Day 2 of Week 4 of C25k had me switching back to water.  All I could picture was the caffeine getting me going and then doing my training and my heart literally exploding.  With that image in mind, water was an easy choice.

Alas, an hour later I was on the torture machine, ear buds in and music blaring.

31-1/2 minutes later I was dying.  I almost curled up in a ball on the bed sobbing; however, I didn’t want to get the bed wet with salt water – because between the sweat and the tears, well… it wasn’t pretty.  I sat and sent a text to a friend “I’m going to have to redo week 4, Today was awful.  I can’t jog.  I can either breathe OR hold in my abs, but apparently I can’t do both.  I only made it 4.5 miles and had to walk 3 of the last 5 minutes.”

His response:  “yeah sounds good.  Keep it up.”

Dude, could it be more obvious that you didn’t read my text? Let me go ahead and tell you, the answer is ‘no’, it could not be any more obvious that you didn’t read my text.

Fast forward through oatmeal, emails, quick scan of the blogosphere and some technical writing.

Then I bit the bullet and called my boss.  We had a long talk as he had mouthed off to me in an email the night before, one of those quick, catty and aimed to hurt remarks.  I in turn felt smoke coming out of my ears when I read it and took time in answering the email.  I addressed the other questions first, and then let him know that I found his remark rude, hurtful and completely inaccurate, and then listed a prime example disputing his comment in the original email.  We cleared the air – and as long as I had him talking, we discussed the mess of his that I spent most of Monday cleaning up.  By the end of that conversation stream he was back on the same page as me and sadly, we were exactly where we were 6 months ago.

An hour and 20 minutes later I was able to hang up.  During that call we did resolve several items, I sent multiple emails and got the dishwasher half way unloaded!  I chained myself to my computer and sat down to work on a project until 2:00 pm when I had to take a break.  I had to run a box and a watch up to T at school (I have no idea… he sent a text asking for the items and sometimes, it’s just better not to ask!) and as long as I was getting out I figured I’d swing by my neighborhood 7-Eleven and grab a slice of pizza.  It wasn’t until I was walking into T’s school, and I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of the glass doors, that I realized I was still in my workout pants.  Yoga capri pants.  Yup… that’s what I walked out of the house wearing.  All I could think was how happy I was Stacy and Clinton had retired and there wasn’t a chance of secret footage being filmed for “What Not To Wear”.

Back home and back to work at 3 pm.  I need to focus for one more hour, but I can’t, all I can think about is how far behind I am at work, and more importantly – for my annual Halloween party this weekend!!  I don’t have my menu finalized, and without that I can’t put together my shopping list – and I need to go shopping.  I need to prep, I need to clean so I can get all of my supplies out and make sure I’m not missing anything – and I NEED A PINATA!!!  I don’t have time to go get a pinata!!

Do you know how hard it is to do technical writing when all I can think about is my pinata? Oh – and the fact that I forgot to get anything out for supper.  I’m praying that God performs a fishes and loaves miracle in my fridge and when I open it I will have plenty of food to feed me and T dinner.

Well – I’m at my word count – so here is where I leave you!  I promise I’ll get more work done (doubtful) and the rest of the dishes unloaded (doable).  Mr. T and I will have supper (as long as a miracle happens) and we will do homework, play on our phones and hopefully watch the episode of Supernatural we missed last night!

a day in the life

That’s a day in my life!  Thanks Kerry!

<div align="center"><a href="" title="Winding Road"><img src="" alt="Winding Road" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Dinner Time

The other day I had a work meeting outside the house that ran from about 2:30 – 7:00 pm.

Towards the end of my meeting, I got this tweet:


So, I got home.  I did notice that the dish washer was going, and that surprised me, but my thought was that he had cleaned his room and was doing dishes.

Oh no… I asked him why his feet hurt and what was going on? He goes “look in the fridge”  I was like “Oh, did you clean it out?”

No, he hadn’t cleaned out the fridge, he filled it up!


While I was gone my kid cooked enough food to last us a week:

  1. beans
  2. 2 servings of ramen noodles
  3. Hamburger Helper
  4. jello
  5. egg-less cookie dough to eat not bake (more like a brownie mix)
  6. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Now, before you judge, you need to know that most of what he cooked are items that I keep on hand for emergencies, it’s not part of our everyday rotation – and I’m not sure how old the box of jello was; however, I will eat everything! My son spent time cooking for me, so I will eat it!  In fact, today, I had ramen noodles for my lunch – it’s been years since I’ve had any, and yeah, they haven’t changed at all! For dinner, I will have some hamburger helper.  And I will enjoy it all because I didn’t have to cook AND he didn’t leave me all those dirty dishes to do!



Yup, that happened – my son got bored and cooked for a week!

I’m Getting Too Old For This Stuff

This week was the lunch lady convention.  It has a better name; however, lunch lady convention sounds better!  This is a state conference that has any and everything to do with lunch ladies.  There are classes and lectures, vendor areas and networking.  It’s my favorite conference! I’m not a lunch lady, but I do deal with the huge equipment they cook on, so I actually learn a lot at this conference.  The conference is held at a different major city each year, so we get to see different parts of the state and have different adventures each year.

I’ve been in Houston all week.  Houston weather is hot (which I can handle) and very humid (which I cannot).  It takes not time at all before you are leaving puddles behind you when you walk the block to the convention center.  I ended up having to straighten my hair at the end of every day before the evening activities began.  It was not fun, I’m not that high maintenance!! I had no choice, the humidity combined with my seemingly excessive sweat kept making the roots curl back up!

That was a problem, but that wasn’t the primary problem.  I’m getting older.  I’m not getting OLD, I’m just getting OLDER.  Big Difference!

There was the dinner and bar Sunday night.  Cause you know, we can’t stop after just dinner and drinks, we have to go search out the bar with a couple of guys with guitars, you know, that’s just how we roll.  Never surrender!!

never surrender

Up early Monday to set up the booth.  Which I didn’t really have to do, but I still had to be there, so it counts!  Monday night are when the major parties happen.  Several of the food brokers and equipment reps all throw parties.  We normally spend about 10 minutes on Monday afternoon plotting our route.  What do we want to hit first? What do we want to hit last? What is the most effective and efficient way to attend all the parties?  I’m not kidding, we map them out.  And then you proceed to go from party to party to party.  All of them have free food and most of them have free drinks.  Needless to say, you have to pace yourself!

This year I was on my own.  I had no one going with me.  Even my boss stayed behind.  This severely limited what I can do – cause I don’t know how to take a taxi by myself.  It scares me, there are all of these weird numbers and beeps that happen in a taxi.  It’s overwhelming.  Plus, I am insanely shy.  It takes every bit of willpower I can muster up to walk into a new place by myself.  I mean, I really have to psych myself up in order to do it, I repeat to myself  “Self you can do this.  You can walk in there. You can do this.  Take a deep breathe.  You got this.”

You think I’m kidding.  I’m not.

But I did it!!! I ended up only attending the parties that had a shuttle bus.  The bus would pick me up and drop me off at my hotel.  I can handle that!  And, it worked out that the two parties I picked to attend were just across the street from each other!  🙂

Those were fun!  Did I mention the free drinks?

cape cod

Up not as early Tuesday, but still too early, and off to learn.  Spent the day walking the show and learning from my various reps.   It is good to see and catch up with people, plus, I really do love my job and I love being able to learn about the new products out there!

Tuesday night is the banquet, and after an appearance is made, then we take off again.  It was the play-offs, so naturally we hit a bar to watch the game and nibble and drink.   Then we walked over to a different bar to end the game and then we ended up back at the hotel bar to end the evening.  Have I mentioned that we tend to drink? Can you tell yet that we also tend to miss out on sleep?

Up not as early on Wednesday to finish walking the floor and following up with people, and then it’s time to load back up and hit the road!

I had a friend and work peer, a guy that was with me most of the trip, post this on his Facebook earlier this week “I’m getting too old for this s#!+”  Naturally, there were several Lethal Weapon quotes that followed in the comments; however, I knew right where he was coming from!


A Supernatural Obsession

Nerd fandom

I love being a nerd!

As most of you know, I work from home.  I have a room with a beautiful antique desk and credenza set up to meet my every need.  It even has T’s old futon (from the time he redecorated his room to be a collage dorm) that will fold out for when I have more guests that just the guest room will hold.  It’s a great room.

During the holidays, my job is slow, and since T is home, I usually work from the living room.  I love my couch. It’s so comfy and has multiple recliners.  It was during the holidays that I discovered the show Supernatural.  TNT runs a three hour block every morning and since there is nothing else on TV, one day I decided to watch it.  So much better than I expected it to be!  It actually fills all my TV needs: drama, mystery, investigation, character development and most importantly, Sci Fi.  I love being a nerd!

When I had my dental issues, I moved back to the couch.  It was just easier and more comfortable.  And, yes, I could watch Supernatural on TV! Shortly thereafter it was Spring Break.  Well, T is gone to stay with my parents, I’m alone in the house, work is light, and so I figured this was the time to catch up on the Supernatural series – Netflix is a wonderful thing!

Being an addictive personality, I operate like this:


I’m currently addicted, obsessed, enthralled even! I didn’t discover this until the Friday of Spring Break when my dad called, wanted me to run to Target with him and Mr. T.  No problem!  I love Target.  On the ride there he asked if I’d seen this particular news story.  No, I must have missed it.  That was when it dawned on me.  I hadn’t watched any real TV that week.  All I had watched was Supernatural on Netflix.  Okay, maybe one or two shows from my DVR.  But, no news, no fluff, no nothing.  It was a Supernatural Spring Break!


Who wouldn’t be obsessed with this guy? ❤ Dean Winchester

reading the bible

Dean and Cass

The show is also full of witty one-liners.  The writers do a great job of creating the scene and moving it forward.

Sam: Why did you let me sleep?  Dean: Cause I’m an awesome brother.

Sam and Dean getting in the car: Driver picks the tunes, shotgun shuts his cake hole.

Dean (talking to Castiel, the Angel): We’re humans.  And when humans want something really, really bad, we lie.  Cass: Why? Dean: Because that’s how you become President

Bobby: Get the hell off my property before I blast you so full of rock salt, you crap margaritas.

(Cop talking to Dean)  Cop: So fake US Marshal, fake credit cards… You got anything that is real? Dean: My boobs.  (he gets cuffed after that!)

You get the idea!

I’ve missed the first half of the latest season, and it’s killing me.  But, my DVR is set, so I won’t miss anymore. And I’ve been scouring the internet to find free copies of the first half of this season so that I can catch up.

Now, I’m passing my obsession along to you! Be a nerd with me! Drink the Kool-Aid! You won’t regret it! To get you started, here is a YouTube of one of my favorite outtakes from the show! Even if you never watch the show, this is so worth it!

Currently all of my social media is hooked up to Supernatural.  They show up on my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Yup, I’m addicted.  And I LIKE IT!!!

Here are some more pictures, just to share my obsession with you!

An hour, not wasted, but not working either

I had to balance my checkbook.  Last night was Diva Dinner (monthly girls dinner!), and I have to get that logged cause I spent less than budgeted and I was excited about it!  So, spreadsheet open and off to the bank’s web page.

Then, I had to check my electric company web site, cause hey, my billing cycle just closed and I haven’t received my e-bill yet.  Whoo Hooo, $70 under budget!  (The budget notes are an aside, not the real point, I just love coming in under budget though, so I have to share!).

Well, a line item on my budget coming up soon is my toll tag.  So, I had to go check their web site, see how much was left.  Dude, no worries, I can move that payment down several months.

Which lead me to the web site for the hospital, Mr. T had an ER visit and they finally have finished messing with insurance.  I made my first payment, then they called and said “I see you didn’t pay your bill in full, would you like us to set you up on a payment plan?”  Why, yes, please do! So, I verified the web showed my last payment, and looked to see if there were any charges on the physician side.  Not yet.

Moving on.

The, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I check the Attorney General’s web page, just to see if maybe T’s biological father had gotten a job and I had child support about to transmit.  I knew better than to look, but hey, it’s the holidays, everyone needs seasonal help, right?  Would someone tell him that?

So, onto emails.  Oh, an Amazon order shipped, let’s track it! Off to that web site we go.

I have paid this bill every year for 14 years, and yet, it always surprises me.  It’s the once a year payment on Mr. T’s life insurance account.  Why on earth it is set to come up right before the holidays is beyond me, well, Okay, I know why it is due every November, but still!! So, back to the bank web site to do a quick bill pay.  And a quick prayer of thanks to the Lord for blessing my finances! I had the money to pay the bill without any transfers!

Oh, but then I had to transfer money over for groceries.  (That sounds funny, but I have multiple accounts I use, one for bill pay and on-line ventures, and one for every day expenses… it works for me but I couldn’t begin to describe it to you! Needless to say, in this world of identity theft, I like that my money is spread around.  And, more importantly, it really has kept me from spending money I don’t have.  Ignore my credit card.)

As I’m logging the transfer in my checkbook, I notice that school lunch will be coming due soon, and that triggers me back to email.  Where there is a note from Mr. T’s Spanish teacher “here are my tutoring hours, the end of the 6 weeks is this Friday” ACK! This Friday! I haven’t checked his grades in weeks! So, off to the portal page to look at the grade book for Mr. T.  He’s passing everything by the way, I know you were wondering!

I saw an email pop in, oh look, new blog post from one I follow.  Off to that web site I went.

Okay, I’ve gone through my snail mail and Yahoo.  Go cleaned out AOL really quick.  I’m not sure why I still have that email account, but I’m scared to close it! Then, I had to take a quick look at Pinterest and Facebook.  Facebook was a dud, but with the holiday’s coming up, Pinterest has had some good activity. Then, I had to go check WordPress, cause several emails I deleted were from the site.

And that’s when I realized that I just spent an hour, on a dozen websites.  It’s not the time that bothers me as much as the fact that I just visited a dozen web sites in the space of an hour!

Oh, and yeah, that did just happen, I spent an hour of work time taking care of my personal business.


To top it all off, when I concluded my blog, then I got on line to find clip art about computers just so I had a pic to share with you!  Let’s see how many web sites I can actually hit today!

Jean shorts and tie-dye

Well, my son, Mr. T, did go to school today.  Thank goodness.  I love him, sure, but I don’t like him home with me all day.  I work from home, by the way.  The smallest bedroom has been converted to my office.  Well, my office space, craft space, gift wrap closet and back up guest room (though I pity the guest that actually has to sleep on the futon in here.)  I’m very blessed that I have the room for a home office and that I have a job that allows me to use it! Yes, I am a motivated self-starter and able to work independently.  It says so on my resume!

I get up and shower and get dressed – and my daily wardrobe consists of jean shorts and a tie-dye t-shirt.  Yes, I even attend meetings dressed like that.  I host the Halloween party every year – my mom came dressed as ME this year. No joke.  Some days I wear black pajama pants, though, so I do mix it up occasionally. I start my coffee and walk down the hall and I’m at work.  After working a bit, I get Mr. T up.  Yes, he’s 14, but for the life of me, he can’t figure out how to turn on an alarm clock during the week.  Some battles aren’t worth fighting. Of course, he’s got it down to a science to have the alarm go off at 6:30 every Saturday that he isn’t home.  If he’s spending the night with a friend or with his grandparents, I have learned that I will be woken up by his alarm going off at the other end of the house.  Maybe it is a battle worth fighting after all!  

After a few hours of work, depending on the day, I take a break and dust, or vacuum, or if it is Tuesday, I do laundry.  It’s Tuesday, I’m doing laundry instead of working.   

And, I’m not sure how she did it, except that she’s really smart, but Karaboo found me… So, check out her blog: Who or What Was That  Of course, you’re the only one reading me right now, so it’s the thought that counts!