In The Kitchen with Kate: Grilled Veggie Quesadillas

Grilled Veggie Quesadillas - Did That Just Happen BlogI am all about the most efficient way to accomplish, well, anything, but especially cooking.  I can’t tell you the collection of quick, fast, 4-ingredient-or-less and one-pan skillet recipes I have amassed over the years! It’s actually impressive when I think about it. But that’s not the point, the point is that I am lazy efficient in the kitchen and if there is a faster way to do it, or if there is a step that can be eliminated, I’m the first to do it!

Having said that, this recipe is a two-parter… and as you now know, that’s not my style, but there was something about the flavor combination that had me ready to spend a few extra minutes in the kitchen!

Grilled veggie quesadillas, warm melty and full of flavor at Did That Just Happen Blog

First, pick your vegetables, and honestly, I just grabbed what I had in the veggie drawer, a zucchini, bell pepper and onion, and then grill them.  Now, a real Texan would have fired up her grill.  But, it’s 100 dg. and I cheated (see above re: efficiency) and grabbed my indoor grill and got those suckers going.

While those are cooking and filling the kitchen with wonderful smells, it’s time to create some pesto!  Homemade pesto is so easy to make, grab your food processor or blender, and toss in a big handful of basil leaves, some pine nuts, some parmesean cheese a bit of garlic and olive oil to help mix it all together.  That’s it!

Now, you can also buy a jar at the store, I totally won’t judge you for that, and since you need some goat cheese and whole grain wraps, you’ll already be at the store anyway!

Grilled veggie quesadillas on Did That Just Happen Blog

Take your wrap and smear one side with the goat cheese and the other side with pesto, and then top with the grilled vegetables, fold in half and put back on the grill to warm up the pesto and cheese, and voila!

Grilled veggie quesadillas, warm, melty and full of flavor at Did That Just Happen Blog

You now have some warm, melty, grilled vegetable quesadillas!  And the extra time it took to grill the veggies really brings an extra layer of flavor to the dish, Mr. T didn’t complain once about the meal being vegetarian!  I added a handful of grapes and blueberries to the side of the plate and dinner was done!

Grilled Veggie Quesadillas


  • zuchinni
  • red onion
  • green bell pepper
  • pesto sauce
  • goat cheese
  • tortillas, whole grain
  • anything you have in the fridge that you like grilled 🙂

Cooking Directions

  1. Slice the vegetables and brush with oil (or spray with cooking spray, or use a non-stick grill pan) and grill.
  2. Take your tortilla and spread pesto on one half and goat cheese on the other.
  3. Place grilled vegetables on cheese side of tortilla, fold in half and place back on the grill.
  4. Flip over and then remove once each side had reached your desired done-ness. (Yes, that is a word)
  5. Cut into triangles and enjoy!

30 thoughts on “In The Kitchen with Kate: Grilled Veggie Quesadillas

  1. How Leaders Manage says:

    Kate, you should do a Cook Book. You could even do an eBook with pictures. Have an epic fail section and a epic success section. I’d think it would be very popular with your personality behind it.

  2. Yummy! I’m so making these tonight! I love grilled veggies and quesadillas just haven’t had them together in a while. I alway even up making beef or pork quesadillas!

    • I’ve become vegetarian and so finding meals my carnivorous son and I can enjoy together is sometimes challenging, but the heartiness of the grilled veggies had him eating it without out one complaint. And he is 16, there is Always a complaint! Lol. enjoy and thank you Sarah!

  3. Can I come live with you ? You seriously make everything SO easy. I can’t even do it, let alone blog about it 🙂 “Fire up the indoor grill” “make your own pesto”- how about “pop that frozen pizza in the oven” 🙂

    • LOL, Trust me, there were plenty of nights, are plenty of nights, that it is pizza in the oven! Well, it was until I started making my own… oh! I just saw a thing to make pizza in a pan! Okay, I am going to try it and report back!
      OH, and thank you! 🙂 And some of it really is that easy, but, the secret is baby steps (did you ever see What About Bob?, best movie ever, but Baby Steps is my life motto!! Anyway…) If you want to try this, go get the pre-sliced veggies at the store, no one will judge! And then just grill them in a frying pan… (or a George Foreman) again, once it is in the tortilla, no one will know that there aren’t grill marks, because all you want is to release those juices and get some carmalization happening. And jar pesto, then goat cheese and tortillas, and you are set… Put it all back on the frying pan. Or George Foreman. There are so many shortcuts that you can take Kim, 🙂

    • Thanks Ortsofsorts! It is right up your alley, and you can add some mushrooms (although I don’t know why anyone would!) or squash, it really is a good clean out the fridge meal.

      Plus, a few days later, I made my favorite goat cheese and tofu tacos with the left over cheese and tortillas. It was great!

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