Photo Booth Fun

This weekend was my 6th annual Halloween party.

I had just as much fun this time as all of the previous times!

I love the decorating, the planning, the baking and playing dress up.  I love that all of that leads up to me getting to spend a few hours with my family and friends and catch up with them.  I love that this party gets to bring out the kid in all of us that enjoy celebrating our inner child.  And I love that Mr. T’s friends have just as much fun!

This year I added a photo booth.  It was very much an impulse purchase – and I had to rearrange part of the house to accommodate it – but it was so worth it!

Mr. T and his girlfriend were all dressed up.  And my mom dressed up as a pumpkin – and said dad was a grumpy old camper!

Mr. T photo booth Mom and dad

Mom, dad and Sam Matt and Jessica Jessica Matt and Cora Kate photo booth Jayman Grammy and Papa Jared booth 2 Bob Grammy Sammwich Mr. T Grammy and Papa 2







































I think I will have to have a photo booth every year!


36 thoughts on “Photo Booth Fun

  1. What an awesome party you threw Kate ! Would have loved to be a part of it any given day, The photo booth idea was an obvious great hit. Love all the costumes. And the baby in pumpkin costume is so adorable ! ^.^

    You look pretty cool in a pirate costume. Aye Aye Captain ! 😉 😀

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