It’s a Dead Man’s Party!

This years party was a Dead Man’s Party (think Oingo Boingo!) and I have declared it a success!

IMG_2208 - Copy IMG_2209 - Copy

My kitchen while in the process of making all of the goodies.

IMG_2210 - Copy IMG_2216 - Copy

My table being “staged” the night before.  Yes, that’s my notebook sitting there with three pages that contain my “to-do list”!

IMG_2214 - Copy IMG_2212 - Copy

The entree station set up (hot dogs and nachos) and the beverage station ready to go with some Zombie Tonic and Bat’s Brew.

IMG_2220 - Copy IMG_2222 - Copy

A few hours of sleep later and it’s time to unwrap and start loading the table up! That eyeball in the back is the pinata that hasn’t been hung up yet… but it looks cool, right?

IMG_2223 - Copy IMG_2224 - Copy IMG_2225 - Copy

The fireplace is nailed shut so the zombies can’t get in, the entry way is properly lit up and the fair is bubbling and George is ready to greet guests!

IMG_2232 - Copy IMG_2234 - Copy IMG_2237

Me and Mr. T; Amy and Scott and even Shorty gets dressed up for the party!

IMG_2241 IMG_2248 IMG_2251

Next year I’m totally doing a photo booth!  Time to scour Pinterest for easy ideas!


Mr. T and his friends – I love his theatre group, they are awesome kids!

IMG_2272 IMG_2276 IMG_2277 IMG_2284 IMG_2280

The pinata is always a “hit”!  hehehe – get it?  A Hit!  Yes, that is astro turf under the pinata.  I have a tiny dog and I want it easy to pick up the candy and goodies that are shoved in the pinata so that nothing is left behind for Shorty to eat/choke on.


My mom and niece Bella. They were Me and Mini Me – dressed alike in tie-dye!


My dad and Bella playing with mom


My nephew chilling out!

IMG_2288 IMG_2296 IMG_2310


My niece Samantha getting ready to bob for an apple


My nephew Jayman enjoying the fruit of his labor!


My nephew Joshua taking a turn!

IMG_2317 - Copy

This game is way harder than it looks! I had them stand 2 feet away and you throw a sticky spider at the web. I had to let everyone take three turns and we scored the best out of three! 🙂

All in all I think everyone had fun, we talked and ate and played and celebrated end of the harvest!  Okay, so maybe the harvest never came up, but for us, this time together is a celebration of our friendships, new and old.  So, while Monster Mash played in the background we celebrated!

Oh, and I must learn the Thriller dance.  🙂

25 thoughts on “It’s a Dead Man’s Party!

  1. Did you have more fun planning or partying? I found George and the boarded up fireplaces particularly nice touches. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for next year.

    • 🙂 It’s a toss up! I have fun planning and I have a lot of fun partying – I will admit that I hate the cupcakes. Last year I had two types of cupcakes – one was plain white with a candy knife sticking out. Not bad. The other was chocolate and I did a cherry filling, and did a vampire bite with the cherry drizzle coming out. Who has that kinda time? What was I thinking? LOL. So this year I was like – just plain iced will have to work!

  2. OH, WOW! You did such an awesome job! I just LOVE the decorations! You really go all out – and I am sure that your family and friends appreciate it! I wish I lived closer – it would be a blast! Although, I don’t know if I can compete with some of those costumes… they are awesome! Hmmmm. Now I might have to find a costume for tonight.
    Thanks for sharing this piece of your world!

  3. This definitely looks like fun! I love how Americans celebrate Halloween – the Brits should learn from you guys! Hahaha. Wish one of our friends would host a party like this one! Wish we lived in your neck of the woods! 🙂

  4. This made me 1. Want to dress up and go to a party after all, and 2. Desperately long for a chihuahua that I can pet, love, and dress in pumpkin garb. So cute!!

  5. This looks so awesome Kate!! I thoroughly enjoyed each picture…great work! It looks so fun.Mr. T and friends remind me of my friends in high school..I didn’t do drama but was friends with the whole drama crew, they were all so lively and fun! Ya know, being as scaredy as I am, I love the Thriller video! May have to YouTube that tmrw 😉

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