A Day in My Life, Monday Edition

Thanks to Kerry I am participating in the A Day in the Life!  You can read all about it by clicking on the link.

Now, Kerry told me we can do this however we want… so I’m just going to dive right in!

In my head, I have an easy life.  I will get up in the morning, shower and make the long commute to work.  I’ll work for the day and then have a lovely, hot and healthy dinner waiting on my son when he gets home.  We’ll sit down and discuss our day and then watch some quality TV before retiring to bed.

Yeah, right.

Today is Monday.  I hit the snooze twice and ended up crawling out of bed at 6:30 and stumbled into the shower.  I threw on my exercise clothes and headed to the kitchen and brewed a cup of coffee, standing there impatiently as the aroma fills the air around me.  A quick sip, burned tongue and long commute later I sat down at the couch and booted up my laptop.  Yes, I’m working from the living room.  I have a guest staying with me for two weeks, haven’t seen her in like 18 years, and I figured it was better than hiding in my office (which, don’t get me wrong, when she said she was coming for 2 weeks, I seriously considered!!)

An hour later I said good-bye to Mr. T as he left to catch the bus.  Is it wrong that it still pains me some mornings to see him walk out the door?

An episode of Supernatural later and I’m at a stopping point at work and shut down to go work out.  I’m doing the Couch to 5k program, training to run a 5k next year.  Well, I started it in order to mix up my workout because I’ve hit a plateau, and well, the torture machine is boring on it’s own.  So, three days a week I jog on my elliptical.  Some times I can actually hear my music over my panting and gasping for air.  Today I started a new week, which is a longer jog time.  By the end of the 31 minutes I was wondering if I’d ever be able to breathe, much less walk, but I hopped off the torture machine.  Well, hopped may be putting a spin on it, I really just kinda slid off and onto my exercise mat, where I proceeded to drip sweat until the solid purple mat was polka dotted.  I did my stretches.  Towards the end of my stretch time my boss called – and since I had my ear buds in, I went ahead and answered.  He wanted to discuss an email I had sent.  Yeah, not happening.

Mixed my spinach, greek yogurt, frozen fruit smoothie and sat down and went back to work.  For hours – time seemed to stand still.  Then it was almost noon, so I fixed a bowl of oatmeal and looked around to see how my guest was faring.  She was okay.  She’d been sitting next to me for hours, playing on her phone, applying for jobs and watching the Kardashians.  Is that how you spell it?  All I know is that even though I wasn’t watching it, just the fact that it was on in the back ground had my IQ dropping every hour.

Yay! It’s one o’clock!  Time for “lunch break”.  Crap, have to answer that email.

Yay! It’s one thirty o’clock!  I close email and opened Word Press, then Facebook, then Pinterest!  It was awesome!  Of course, it never lasts long enough, I had to get up and vacuum the house.  Cause it’s Monday.  My chores are broken up into small daily task which are normally accomplished at lunch, or when I’m on a long phone call, or when work is driving me nuts and I just need a break.  Anyway, I vacuumed.

Sadly, it was back to work.  Next thing I know, it was 4:25 and I was muttering “oh no, oh no, oh no” and my friend was like “what’s wrong?”

I wailed “I forgot to get dinner in the oven!!”  This time I really did hop up, ran to the kitchen, got the enchilada casserole that I had made as part of my freezer meals and had out defrosting transferred into the correct pan and threw it in the oven before I rushed back to finish work.  I get off work at 4:00 pm, I don’t like working past that!  Especially since I was working to clean up a mess that someone else made because they didn’t do it like I TOLD THEM TO!  That’s a totally different blog post.

At 4:45 the doorbell rang… I’d forgotten to unlock the door for Mr. T.  Apparently I’m on a roll today.  My friend bounced up to let him in as I was on the phone with my boss, which worked out as he heard the doorbell, noticed the time and let me go!

It’s now 5:10 and I’m plating our dinner, I nuked some mixed veggies and opened a can of mixed fruit to go with the casserole and we sat down and enjoyed a nice dinner.  It was fun.  My friend and Mr. T were exchanging jokes, the lamer the better.

Then, all of the sudden, it was 6:00 pm and I realized I’d forgotten to do my blog post!  I can’t let you guys down – even though you didn’t know I was doing this – I still didn’t want to disappoint!

And, now it’s now.  🙂  Welcome to a day in my life!

I sure hope the code works below and you get the pretty picture, if not – someone tell me what I did wrong!

a day in the life