How to Scroll Through Pinterest

I try and ride my stationary bike 5 days a week.  I mix it up with intervals and steady work.  It is great cross-training and keeps me from stiffening up on run days.

It is also time I get to dedicate to social media! I don’t feel like I’m “wasting time on-line” when I am stuck on the bike for 30 minutes anyway!

And my favorite social media is Pinterest – and as y’all know – it doesn’t go to waste, you see me trying things all the time!

Don't worry, I saw this on Pinterest at Did That Just Happen Blog

But, for every Pin I pin, and every Pin I try out, there are 1,000 more that I have nothing but a snarky comment for! That has actually made my Pinterest scrolling go by faster!

How to make pancakes from scratch at Did That Just Happen Blog

Isn’t Biscuit considered “from scratch”?

You don't have to wear pants at Did That Just Happen Blog

Apparently it is a thing to not wear pants with a sweater.  I’m pretty sure I’d get arrested if I tried that.

How to clean white furniture at Did That Just Happen Blog

Seriously? Who is buying white leather furniture?

How to sweat less at Did That Just Happen Blog

That is not real sweat.  Come on marketing team, you can do better than that to get my attention!!

Easter decorations at Did That Just Happen Blog

Free the chocolate! Free the chocolate!!

Breakfast burritos at Did That Just Happen Blog

That looks great, but there is no way you are rolling that burrito up with that much stuff in it…

Poor Product placement at Did That Just Happen Blog

“A dear friend introduced me to this lotion…” Really just natural skincare dot com… a dear friend introduced you to this lotion… that you pinned… from your website.

When to replace your make up at Did That Just Happen Blog

Does anyone actually throw away old make up?

How to extend your curtains at Did That Just Happen Blog

Did your windows have a growth spurt?

And finally:

How to style a shelf like a boss

Pretty much put things on there.  Got it.


So, Pinterest helps me learn new skills, tips and tricks; it keeps me occupied when exercising and it also helps sharpen my snarkiness!

Despite my snarky, I did link to each and every web site that I pulled that pin from, because just because I won’t click through doesn’t mean it’s not a tip you can use! I had fun and giggled over all of these as I was picking them out… I’ve actually been collecting them for months now, waiting until I had amassed a large enough collection of sass to share with y’all!

Now it’s confession time… who else does this? Let me know some of the thoughts you have when scrolling through Pinterest.

And, if you are interested in growing your Pinterest followers, check out Penney Fox with Inner SocialMedianess, she has been a strong supporter of mine and I enjoy her tips and tricks.  I very seldom give them a snarky comment! 🙂  (Penney didn’t pay me for that… but now I’m thinking she probably should! ha!)



32 thoughts on “How to Scroll Through Pinterest

  1. 45 minutes of work for just 7 pancakes? Na, not worth it, but I sure am hungry now. Thanks a lot. 🙂 I do the same thing. Where do they come up with some of this stuff? That last one is a joke – all I see is organized clutter.

    • I remember actually clicking through and reading that last one – cause who doesn’t want a pretty bookcase display? And the answer really was… put stuff on there that everyone can see… I was like, huh? LOL.
      And I agree, as healthy as I want to be, there are only so many sacrifices I’ll make, and 45 min for pancakes is NOT one of the them! 😀

  2. OMG….. “A dear friend introduced me to this lotion…” Really just natural skincare dot com… a dear friend introduced you to this lotion… that you pinned… from your website. I’M DYING! Also, the “I put it on EVERYWHERE” bit lol. Here I am putting lotion on in the office, at the beach, on the bus, haha. BUT you literally killed me with the window growth spurt baha, I’m still laughing.

  3. You made my day with this. I do not use Pinterest. I actually find the whole thing overwhelming and anxiety-producing. YOu have given me a different perspective 🙂 I now feel superior to Pinterest.

    • 😀 I’m so glad I could help!! It can be very overwhelming, so I totally get that! A friend once said something along the lines of “it’s just a place for people to show off” and I have to giggle when I think of that, because there are a lot of pins that should never see the light of day! 🙂

  4. I daren’t even start with Pinterest. Blogging, Facebook and a sprinkling of Twitter is all that I can manage with only 24 hours in a day. 🙂 Some of these are so funny. Why would anyone throw away perfectly good makeup, especially at today’s prices?

    • Love it!! I’m so glad our snark matched up! (and yes, I threw away make up the other day… LOL, I didn’t read the article, but based on the picture, and that none of the items had “15 years” next them told me I may need to declutter!!)

  5. I’m going to have to keep this short, Kate . . . so I can go sit on my CLEAN white leather sofa . . . in my long sweater and leggings . . . and sort through my old make-up . . . while lengthening some curtains. :mrgreen:

  6. These were hilarious! The burrito… Yeah, I’ve tried putting too much and there is no way to roll it. What a mess! I love the snark. I don’t browse Pinterest all that often because I forget about it. Sure wish I had a stationary bike. I think I’d do that and surf the internet or watch hockey while riding. Oh, and no pants? Say what? Big sweater and no pants. Guess they aren’t leaving the house. 😀

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