Wise Woman

I have become the wise woman of the village.  

DISCLAIMER: To all my friends reading this – just go with it and realize that I love you to death and wouldn’t trade you for the world.  If you begin to think that you are emailing me, texting me or calling me too much, the answer is no, you’re not.  

But, I have become the wise woman of the village.  First off – have you guys met me?? Making me the wise woman is so not the smartest thing to do.  Have you heard what comes out of my mouth? Seriously… you know how twisted I am.  My brain works totally different from most peoples… between jokes about arm pit hair billowing in the breeze and messing with a friends OCD kid, dude, been there done that. 

I love that everyone needs me.  Part of my make-up is that need=love and I have to consistently work at that, remind myself that need does not equal love.  But, really, when someone asks for my opinion or my help, it’s like when you are wearing black slacks and you pee yourself… it’s a warm fuzzy feeling that no one else can see.  

So, believe me when I tell you – despite how much they drive me nuts, I love my family.  And the fact that sometimes my phone blows up faster than I can handle reminds me that my friends love and need me.  

I’m not saying I don’t like being the Wise Woman of the Village.  I’m just questioning everyone else’s sanity in putting me there…