It’s the End of the Year as we Know it!

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014.

I’m currently thinking about New Year’s Resolutions… I can’t wait to share them with you all!

Until then, I’ve decided to get on the band wagon and provide you with my Top 5 Blogs from the past year!  Whoo Hooo!  Lucky you!

Now, I do have a disclaimer.  I eliminated my very top blog as it has 2,000 more hits than the next one down… obviously not a fan favorite, just a search engine favorite!

A Supernatural Obsession

Nerd fandom

I think that this post is a hit because of the search terms; however, I’m super happy to include it because I like to share the love of the Winchester brothers.  You’re welcome.

Lessons from the Movies: The Bucket List

The Bucket List

The Bucket List

I did love this post.  Looking back, the formatting is off and I can tell that I have modified the way I blog just a bit; however, I’m really pleased that this one made the list!  I love my bucket list!

The Baby Shower Didn’t Suck

Really? You want to display and then eat a cake that is a baby's butt?  Am I the only one that has issues with this??

Really, you want to display a cake that looks like a baby butt and then expect me to eat it.  Not happening.  And if you give me a part of the cake that looks like a human leg I will personally cut off your toes and see how YOU like it!  Okay, sorry, but baby showers can be freaky things and even just posting this brings up an irrational response apparently…

Then He Kissed the Back of my Hand


Now, this post still brings a tear to my eye.  In fact, I almost didn’t re-read this post, but I couldn’t help it.  Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers who followed me through this journey, you guys were there through the medical jargon, the laughter and the tears.  This is still my favorite post of all time.  And probably always will be.

What Does Being Brave Mean?


There are days that just making it through the day makes me feel brave.  I know that everyone has a different definition of “bravery”, and some of the items that I have trouble with you might be able to breeze right through; but the fact that I do them despite the fact that my heart is pounding out of my chest – well, I’ll take that as a win!

Thank you to those who have read my blogs, and many thanks to those of you that take the time to leave a comment.  I’ve really enjoyed meeting and interacting with all of you this past year – you’ve all brought laughter and light into my life.

Thank Goodness I Don’t Have To Be Exact

I am addicted to my freezer cooking.  This weekend I bought a bulk package of boneless pork chops that were on sale and then I read Ortsofsorts blog: Carolina Pulled Pork recipe.  As I was thinking about dinner yesterday, I thought  “I can do that!”.

So at lunch time I pulled out my crock pot and a big ziplock bag.  I proceeded to make up one for dinner and one to freeze for later.  I was salting and peppering and dug out my paprika.  Added extra brown sugar and cheated on the vinegar.  And then I pulled the ketchup out of the fridge.

It was like a nightmare.  I was all but out of ketchup!! I don’t run out of ketchup.  I pulled out my little stool and peered at the top of the pantry and found my back up mayo, my back up mustard, relish, BBQ sauce, honey, creamer, any condiment you can come up with I have it – except my ketchup!!!!

Now I was in a conundrum.  I’d already added the brown sugar and vinegar.  What to do. What to do.


I grabbed both meals and took them to the sink and dumped out most of the vinegar, grabbed a bottle of BBQ sauce and dumped half in one meal and half in the other!

Thank goodness I don’t have to be exact when I cook! Instead of making the sauce while the pork chops cooked I’ll just use pre-made sauce and let that reduce down!

Makes me really happy I watch the Food Network!  🙂

I had a couple hours after work before I had to pick up Mr. T, so I went to run a couple of errands, only to get a text from him that rehearsal was cancelled and he was riding the bus home.  Ugh.  My son doesn’t carry his house key.  I’m home 90% of the time and when I’m not, usually we know in advance and he takes his key.  I told him that I had just left and to use our secret entrance.

secret entrance

You don’t have to tunnel to get to the secret entrance, but close – I mean, otherwise, what’s the point of a secret entrance?

I ran only one errand and then swung by the house and picked him up so he could get some drive time in and we ran the other errands, one of which included finding a place that sold coleslaw.  I didn’t want to go into Wal-Mart, or any other store, but Chicken Express came to our rescue!  One quick stop in the drive-thru (and as long as we were there we had to get a couple of sweet teas) and we were on our way back home.

The pork chops had the house smelling great, and I took a fork and tongs and just shredded it in the crock pot and T pulled out some plates.  We both decided that open faced sandwiches would be the way to go, so I open a bun, piled on the pulled pork and topped it with a heaping of coleslaw.


I love when mistakes taste good!  Now I just have to go get some ketchup!!

And – guess what day it is?  It’s Supernatural Tuesday!!  The start of Season 9 is tonight and I’m beyond excited!!

I Have the Best Friends

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Please feel free to look around and let me know what you think!

Okay, don’t take this post as bragging; take it as me counting my blessings.  Or, take it as bragging, I’m really okay no matter which direction you take now that I think about it.

I do have a lot of blessings in my life.  It is so very easy to get weighed down by everything that seems to go wrong and everything bad in our lives and all of the vampire personalities that seem to be thrown my way, but I like to think that they are all in my life for a reason.  Mainly to teach me a lesson; however, sometimes I have experiences or people in my life so that I can teach them.

best friend

That’s not the point.  The point is that today I’m counting my friend blessings.  I really do have some great people in my life.  In her post Stand Falling Still Karaboo described our Diva group like this: “We have a sweetheart, a redneck, an ordained preacher, the girl-next-door, the wife of an ex-husband and an evil step-mom.” (Just FYI, I’m the sweetheart of the group!!!)

They are all different types, and they all feed my soul one way or another!  Today I want to share how I have the best friends in my life.

My Amy:  She got me a guy.  No joke.  When she was single, this guy found her and she thought that he’d be a better fit for me.  So, she gave him to me.  It worked out well! (She gets called my Amy by me and several of our friends in order to distinguish her from my sister Amy.  It started with my family, they couldn’t tell which Amy I was talking about and so I started calling her “my Amy” so that they would know which Amy…and it carried over. Convoluted, I know, but it works.)


Holly: My wonderful friend from the blogosphere helps me indulge in my addictions. I posted about my current Supernatural obsession, and she showed me a web site that had the shows I missed… for FREE!  Seriously, friends that feed your addictions are wonderful! (Except when they’re not, some addictions probably shouldn’t be fed.  That’s not the case here – Holly totally gets props for feeding my addiction!!)  (On another note, does anyone say “props” anymore?) I’m all caught up now, by the way, because I know you were all wondering!


Karaboo:  She runs away with me.  You don’t know how awesome it is to have a friend that will run away with you when you need it.  Our last trip was to a casino in Oklahoma.  It didn’t take long, we did come back, but she gets that sometimes I just need to get away, and she doesn’t judge that I like to wander around and look at the bright shiny games more than I like to play them!

BA:  He’s my chauffeur and my adventure buddy.  Okay, he’s probably my adventure buddy because he’s my chauffeur  When we have industry functions that we both are going to, he doesn’t mind picking me up and driving me.  When I get tickets to the Cowboy games, he drives.  When real adventure calls and it’s time for the Meatloaf concert, he drives.  (He’ll remind me that he’ll even pull over so I can puke on the side of the road.  Okay, it was ONE time!! And it was the morning after the Meatloaf concert, so I’m sure there were some toxins that needed out of me.  I won’t tell you that several hours later we were stopping at Care Now because he thought he was having a heart attack… yeah, it was gas.)

surround myself

Erica: She keeps me honest and makes me cookies that she never really shares.  Erica is the only person I talk to on an almost daily basis and it helps keep me grounded and in touch with reality.  Her latest pregnancy has had her baking almost non-stop.  Every time I turn around she’s making more cookies or cake or breads.  She sends me pictures, but refuses to mail me any.  She’s a tease, but I do love her! (She also encourages me to keep up my craft making, which is a very good thing.  I get distracted pretty… hey look, something shiny!)

Heather: This is a special shout – out, one she’ll probably never see, but the other day I saw an advertisement for Burger King’s new turkey burger, and I posted on FB that I needed someone to go try it for me and let me know how it was.  Heather did it!  She texted me the other day that it was so worth it and now I see a BK Turkey Burger in my future.

my friends live in it

There are so many more wonderful people in my life, and if I’ve left you off, it’s not for lack of love, it’s because I’m running out of space! I just wanted to share some of my blessings with you!  I have great friends who are there for me when I need to laugh, cry, yell or just run away from it all.  They put up with my quirks and eccentricities and personality disorders and still love me anyway!

I’d ask and invite you to share some of your friend blessings with me below, but you all know how much I hate that!   I just want to say thanks to everyone in my life that has been there for me, in big and small ways! I’m truly blessed!

A Supernatural Obsession

Nerd fandom

I love being a nerd!

As most of you know, I work from home.  I have a room with a beautiful antique desk and credenza set up to meet my every need.  It even has T’s old futon (from the time he redecorated his room to be a collage dorm) that will fold out for when I have more guests that just the guest room will hold.  It’s a great room.

During the holidays, my job is slow, and since T is home, I usually work from the living room.  I love my couch. It’s so comfy and has multiple recliners.  It was during the holidays that I discovered the show Supernatural.  TNT runs a three hour block every morning and since there is nothing else on TV, one day I decided to watch it.  So much better than I expected it to be!  It actually fills all my TV needs: drama, mystery, investigation, character development and most importantly, Sci Fi.  I love being a nerd!

When I had my dental issues, I moved back to the couch.  It was just easier and more comfortable.  And, yes, I could watch Supernatural on TV! Shortly thereafter it was Spring Break.  Well, T is gone to stay with my parents, I’m alone in the house, work is light, and so I figured this was the time to catch up on the Supernatural series – Netflix is a wonderful thing!

Being an addictive personality, I operate like this:


I’m currently addicted, obsessed, enthralled even! I didn’t discover this until the Friday of Spring Break when my dad called, wanted me to run to Target with him and Mr. T.  No problem!  I love Target.  On the ride there he asked if I’d seen this particular news story.  No, I must have missed it.  That was when it dawned on me.  I hadn’t watched any real TV that week.  All I had watched was Supernatural on Netflix.  Okay, maybe one or two shows from my DVR.  But, no news, no fluff, no nothing.  It was a Supernatural Spring Break!


Who wouldn’t be obsessed with this guy? ❤ Dean Winchester

reading the bible

Dean and Cass

The show is also full of witty one-liners.  The writers do a great job of creating the scene and moving it forward.

Sam: Why did you let me sleep?  Dean: Cause I’m an awesome brother.

Sam and Dean getting in the car: Driver picks the tunes, shotgun shuts his cake hole.

Dean (talking to Castiel, the Angel): We’re humans.  And when humans want something really, really bad, we lie.  Cass: Why? Dean: Because that’s how you become President

Bobby: Get the hell off my property before I blast you so full of rock salt, you crap margaritas.

(Cop talking to Dean)  Cop: So fake US Marshal, fake credit cards… You got anything that is real? Dean: My boobs.  (he gets cuffed after that!)

You get the idea!

I’ve missed the first half of the latest season, and it’s killing me.  But, my DVR is set, so I won’t miss anymore. And I’ve been scouring the internet to find free copies of the first half of this season so that I can catch up.

Now, I’m passing my obsession along to you! Be a nerd with me! Drink the Kool-Aid! You won’t regret it! To get you started, here is a YouTube of one of my favorite outtakes from the show! Even if you never watch the show, this is so worth it!

Currently all of my social media is hooked up to Supernatural.  They show up on my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Yup, I’m addicted.  And I LIKE IT!!!

Here are some more pictures, just to share my obsession with you!