The Final Adventures of Baby Blue

It’s been an adventure, and I enjoyed Baby Blue just as much as anyone could enjoy a big blue brace that invaded your life for 12 days due to your own clumsiness.



Baby Blue went out to Diva Dinner with us Tuesday night, and he had a really good time! I think candlelight is flattering for everyone, Blue included!  (Funny enough, it was a live flame, so I’m not as close as it appears because I did worry about setting him on fire!)


It is Spring Break and so he took his nephew, niece and their friend, along with Mr. T out to play and eat.  Yes, it’s hard to see him as the sun was shining… but hey – the Sun. Was. Shining!!!

And then, the end was near.

The time was nigh.

Baby Blue was very brave but for those less than brave, we won’t think any less of you if you quickly scroll past the next picture!


Mom removed my stitches last night.  And as brave as Blue was, I will admit that I did yelp – just once though! And then we all stared at my finger for about 20 seconds waiting for me to step up and be brave enough to actually bend my finger! I did have a plan in place should the cut split back open.  I planned to freak out and tell my parents that it was all their fault.  Yup.  That was my plan!

Fortunately, that plan never needed executing.  And in the words of my dad “Isn’t skin amazing?”

I still have the mark of the cut and the indentations of the stitches, but eventually those, too, will fade!

Thank you all for joining me on this adventure, I actually had a lot of fun and I hope you did, too!

On to the next!

Adventures of Baby Blue

For those that know me or have followed me for a bit, my random accidents aren’t a surprise because I am a klutz!

If being a klutz was an Olympic sport then I would have a gold medal.

Yesterday afternoon, while taking the protective cover off of an S blade for a food processor, I sliced open the top of my finger.

Yeah, that happened.

Mom drove me to the urgent care clinic where we got to meet Baby Blue.


I have two stitches on my top knuckle. As such, it is imperative that I not bend that knuckle. I’m paranoid about accidentally bending that finger at all and causing more damage! So, since I’m hyper aware of it, I started playing a game.

Lucky you, there are two weeks we get to spend with Baby Blue and I’m documenting all of it!!


We tried out our new raincoat this morning. It’s a bit small, but kept him dry!


“Look mom! I can tie my own shoes!”
“Yay Baby Blue!! Good job!”
Mr. T was so proud he took the picture to document the event.


Baby Blue went for a car ride and loved watching everything fly by the window.

Currently, he has taken his pain pills and is sleeping, but he told me he’s really looking forward to sharing his adventures with you for the next couple of weeks!