Thumbs Down

So, I got the thumbs down today.


This isn’t the actual thumbs down I got – it’s a random Google thumb. Keep reading and you’ll see why…

Let me back up.

I was leaving for a work meeting, and pulling out of the subdivision that is connected to mine, to my left there were a couple of cop cars, one was sitting with his lights on and one was driving very slowly, they appeared to be searching for someone/something.  Fortunately, I was turning right!

I took off, and yes, I tend to push the limits of speed.  Technically, we don’t have speed limits here in Texas (totally true, look it up!); however, we do have speed limits signs, which are the posted speeds at which that road has been tested to be safe.  Just for the record, you don’t get out of a speeding ticket when you remind the judge that there aren’t any speed limits in Texas.  Not that I know this from personal experience, I don’t, I swear.

But, I digress… I’m headed out and technically I’m speeding, but only by about 9 miles over, cause you know – 10 miles over is just too fast and I do have my limits!

That’s when I saw him coming at me, going west as I was travelling east.  A lovely black and white car that never fails to make my heart rate pick up.


Not the actual car that was coming at me… I’m sure he really would have had an issue if he saw me taking a picture of him whilst I was driving!

I noticed his arm out the window, and then I noticed it was moving, and then I realized he was giving me the thumbs down as he was telling me to slow down.

Dude, I burst into giggles, composed myself as we passed and I gave him the nod and let me tell you – I slowed down! I didn’t speed (much) the rest of the drive.

I did however giggle for the next five minutes and since after that cop car I saw another one a few cars behind him, I gave thanks for whoever was in trouble back in my neighborhood – cause it quickly dawned on me that they were the back up and he didn’t have time to stop me and give me a ticket.

For the record, after my meeting when I was driving home it was at a reduced speed.  Okay, it was somewhat reduced but with my eyes peeled more than usual.


This is how I felt on the drive home… always on the look-out!

How Fast Can I Go?

We’ve all asked this question.  How fast can I go down the freeway? How fast can I go through the grocery store? How fast can I go and get all of my work completed? I bet you probably ask yourself this question more often than you think!


Representation of Mr. T on his bike.

My son asks himself this question while on his bike.  I don’t blame him for asking this question, I understand the thrill!  Many years ago, we were camping with my Amy’s family.  It’s a big group and we always have fun, and we took Mr. T’s bike.  Well, my Amy’s brother Mitch came back and was laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his face.  Apparently, the gravel hill leading to the lake looked good to Mr. T and he pointed his bike at it, gathered steam and yelled “Geronimo!!” and hit the hill.  Did you catch on to the fact that I mentioned gravel?  Shortly after yelling “Geronimo!!” and taking off, his bike hit the gravel and head over heels he went and tumbled down the hill.  He wasn’t hurt too badly and we have a great story that gets relieved pretty often!

Mr. T asked himself this question Wednesday afternoon, at the top of the street which has a nice, gentle incline.  Or decline, depending on which part of the street you are standing.  Or riding your bike.

Naturally, this would be the night that T said he didn’t need his phone, so I’m sitting on the couch, working actually cause I’ve been busy doing other things for the family, and there is an insistent knock at the door.  Before I could get there they were knocking again.  I answered “Are you Kate?” “yes” “Your son is hurt, about five blocks over, his foot is really hurt and he’s bleeding a lot.” “Can I follow you there?”  So, I jump in the car and follow her… in my comfy clothes cause I don’t expect to leave the house and sans a bra.  I squeal to a stop a few feet from where he is sitting on the curb, bloody and beaten.

She helps me get him in the car, he can barely walk and his face is all but covered in blood, his shirt is ripped and stained.  I gather his glasses, his iPod and ear buds, making sure we have everything.  Then I look at his bike.  His bike won’t fit in my car.  He is covered in blood.  Apparently the Good Samaritan senses my dilemma and she asks if she can store his bike for me, she’ll put it in her back yard.  I get her name and number (failed to give mine to her) and thanked her and took off.

I got T home and cleaned up.  Well, I got him stripped down and started to clean him before I went back and grabbed a pain pill for him! Then I started cleaning him up.  The water in the sink was pretty dark by the time I was done.  He has a gash right next to his eye, road rash down his arm, punctured palms, massively skinned up knee, scratches to both legs and an ankle that is swelling up.  He hobbles to the couch and I’m like “Don’t sit down yet!  Let me get a blanket under you!” You know, blood is hard to clean up! We get an ice pack for the ankle and for the knee.  Thanks to Facebook I’m reminded that Erica gave me steri strips for Christmas – does she know me or what? And I pulled out the car kit that she made me and got the steri strips out and taped up the gash by his eye.  I was waffling on the stitches.  I wasn’t sure if it was bleeding a lot because it was a head wound and those bleed a lot, or if it really was deep enough to need stitches.  And, I was waiting to watch the ankle more, see if it was broke or strained or just swollen.  We finally decided that an ER visit wasn’t necessary, we’d wait and go to the doc in the morning.

Yeah, I totally forgot that you can’t stitch up a wound after the fact.  Tee-totally-forgot.

The next morning, T decided he wanted to see the trainer at school before he’d let me take him to the doctor’s office.  Okay.  Works for me, the doc’s office doesn’t open for another hour anyway, so it can’t hurt anything.  They confirmed that his ankle wasn’t broken or strained.  He can’t wrestle until the knee heals and he can’t lift weights until his hands heal.  And, yeah, the eye could have used stitches.  But, since it was too late, just to continue using the steri strips.  Sigh.  I should have taken him in.  But, then again, it worked out okay, the strips do work.  And, it seems harsh, but hey, I don’t have an ER bill.  I don’t even have a doctor’s visit bill!

He is doing better, healing right up and doing a great job of taking care of his injuries.  I’m so proud of him!

And now, for your viewing pleasure… Pictures! (Uh, I probably need some sort of disclaimer… so, uh, if you are squeamish, don’t scroll down!)  (Now that I’ve given you that warning, it dawns on me that if I don’t put another picture up above, these will show in the reader screen.)


After (I took these yesterday):

To-Do List

I’m a list maker, I love a good list.  Even more than a good list, I love crossing things off my list.  Sometimes, when I do something that isn’t on my list, I write it on there just to cross it off.  It feels so good!

Let me tell you about items that I had to put on my list yesterday…

  • Finish painting the bathroom, including the ceiling – Check
  • Treat Mr. T and I to dinner, cause after 2 days of painting after work, I deserve a break.  – Check
  • Get pulled over by a cop and be given a warning – Check
  • Almost having to have the cop that pulled you over call you a tow truck because you are stuck in the mud on the side of the road – Check

Mr. T posted this on Facebook “Mom just got pulled over by “sneaky” cop after getting dinner. Now it is cold.”

So, after I was blessed and was only given a warning I had visions in my head of not having to pay for a ticket, but having to shell out a couple hundred for a tow truck.  Fortunately, after slipping and sliding and my car turning directions it shouldn’t have, I managed to get back on the road.

Wondering what I was pulled over for? Speeding.  Technically, 11 over… my speedometer must be busted cause I would have sworn I was only going 10 over!

Yup, that happened last night.

I am the master of the to-do list!

I am the master of the to-do list!