Conversations with The Girl Next Door

One of our group of Diva’s is the Girl Next Door.  GND is just about as super sweet as they come, and super funny!  She is the mom of an adorable 5 or 6 year old, something like that.

Sadly, she announced the other day that after 15 or so years of being together, she and her husband are getting divorced.  My heart just breaks for her, but, she has really given her marriage her all and we will support her through all of this.

divorce 1

Girlfriend pregnant, wife knows, need money!

It has not been easy so far, as her husband has vacillated between being amicable and being down right hateful.  GND is amazing as she recognizes that hurt feelings are sometimes hard to work through and she is trying to be as calm and reasonable as she can.  Her goal is an amicable split, division of assets and for this to impact their child as little as possible.  This goal is not always an easy one to reach when feelings come into play.

She texted me the other night – and I’m sure she won’t mind that I’m sharing the conversation.  At least, if none of you tell her, then she won’t mind!  But here is how we deal with bad days in our world.  Enjoy!


GND: What are you doing?  Feeling a little lonely so I’m harassing people

ME: LOL! I just got back from a lunch dinner 🙂

GND: A lunch dinner? It started at noon and lasted through happy hour??

ME: Lmbo! I meant work dinner!!

GND: Lmao oh! That makes more sense.  LOL

ME: hahahah.  Thank goodness the place was only two blocks away. 🙂 How are you? Besides the obvious?

GND: Good thing! Meh, I’m okay, I guess.  Mentally worn out. Ready to be done.  Trying to get with my attorney to get paperwork done.

ME: Yuck, that sucks!  I’m glad you are getting your paperwork together.

GND: yeah, I got the referral yesterday, so I’m waiting to hear back on cost and what they need.

ME:  I haven’t shaved in three days…

GND:  Lmao… I shaved this morning and it looks like it’s been days, lol

ME: When I win the lottery I want to get laser treatment on the lower half of my legs

GND:  Heck yes! Me too.  I want it from my eyebrows down.

(There was a little more conversation after that, but it was back on serious items.)



ME:  I finally shaved today.  Just cause I know you were wondering about it.

GND: I was wondering when you’d finally cave!!


So, when you are feeling down just text me.  I’ll tell you how long it’s been since I shaved my legs.

Shaving Legs

A friend of mine called the other day and told me she totally had a “did that just happen” moment, but couldn’t blog about it on her site, cause it was waaaay too much information.  So, naturally, since I’m happy to share other’s issues as well as my own and make them public (well, how public is it when you have like 9 readers??) I decided to share her TMI story.  

She’s pregnant.  And I mean waaaay pregnant.  Okay, she’s not that far along, but as this is her 2nd child, she started to show pretty darn early.  I saw her the other day and even though she told me not to react, I couldn’t help it, my eyes did the cartoon WAAHOOOGAAA as they popped out of my head and landed on her belly.  I’m sure I covered my reaction just fine… Anyway, there is like this huge basketball under her shirt.  I think that’s the best description I can give, she has a basketball in her belly.  So, she went to shave her legs the other day – and apparently she twisted and turned and propped and bent in all sorts of funny ways.  It’s not easy to shave your legs when there is a basketball constantly in your way!  When she was finally done, and had gotten every last piece of hair, she was exhausted! LOL.  She got out of the shower thanking God that no one saw her attempting to do that!  She told me that the moment she stepped out, after she was grateful that no one saw that, her first thought was “did that really just happen?”.  🙂

Of course, what I didn’t tell her was that it’ll get worse.  At least, it did for me. Let’s travel back in time a bit to when Mr. T was little.  Being a single parent, there are concessions that have to be made for the safety of your children.  When he was tiny, I could put him in his bouncy seat and put it on the floor of the bathroom while I showered.  Now, normally, I would get up before him, shower and get dressed, so that it was done and out of the way, but occasionally life interrupted my plans and so when he was older, I’d plop him in the shower with me.  He was too young and doesn’t remember any of this, trust me.  But, we’d shower together, it got him clean and he really did enjoy sitting at the back of the tub with the random shower of water hitting him while he played with his toys.  Anyway… One day I was washing my hair and felt something on the back of my legs.  I thought he was tickling me.  He was going up and down the back of my calf.  I rinsed my hair, looked down to play along… and the kid had the razor and was shaving my legs.  Moment of panic sets in – how on earth did he get the razor?  Is he okay? Did he cut himself?  Nope, all is good, he was just helping mommy out by shaving her legs like he had watched her do.  

Needless to say, at that point I was much more vigilant about getting up and showering before he woke up.  Which is why, to this day, I’m still an early riser!  I got out of the shower that day going “holy moley, did that just happen??”  

Several years later, once I felt it was safe to retell the story, my aunt got a knowing look on her face about half way through my tale… her son had done that to her, too!  So, it’s a relief to know that Yes, That Really Did Just Happen!