A Break & Break-up

(I apologize for the email(s) you may have received yesterday that lead to a dead link, the button I wanted was right next to the “publish” button, and I totally hit the wrong button.  Twice!)

One of my favorite people told me the other day “I’m so sorry, I haven’t had time to read your blog” and I was all “That’s okay, I stopped writing it!”

And I did, and I needed the break.  I was serious when I told y’all that I wanted to live my life and not keep mental notes in my head of “Oh, I need to blog about this!”

The break did me good! But now, oh my gosh, I have stuff that has to be shared!! I mean, I would be doing every single one of you a disservice if I didn’t share it!

Last  we spoke, Mr. T had started his freshman year in college, a friend of his was borrowing our guest room and I was dating Adam.  You can catch up here if you are so inclined, but you aren’t missing anything if you don’t!

Humm… I can’t remember if I used his real name or not in my last post – but he isn’t active in social medial, so I can’t imagine it matters to him! He has social media, but he doesn’t even follow my Instagram account! Dude, we’ve been dating almost a year!

Whats up with that at Did That Just Happen Blog

But let’s move on!

Mr. T is in his 2nd semester of first year and it is just awesome! He seems to be doing so well, and he really enjoys it – and he is still cheering!  In fact, if you follow me on aforementioned IG account, you’d be over-run with pictures from the last two competitions we attended!

TxWes Cheer Competition 2017

It’s pretty awesome.  Both events were out of state, and I got to stay with one of my best friends in the world – it was worth the extra drive to get back and forth!

Mr. T’s friend who was borrowing the guest room moved out.

And moved back in 2 weeks later.  He is paying rent now.  We are working on getting him moving forward in his life.  He talks about all these grand plans, and I’m a task master helping to keep him on track!

Adam and I have been together almost a year – and guys, it was awesome.  It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was a great relationship.  We were open with each other, we laughed, we adjusted and adapted.  I learned some good lessons about myself during this time.

Have you noticed that I am using the past tense?

He is moving away.  Just a few weeks shy of our 1 year anniversary, he is moving.

I’m not even upset – it’s for family, and it is the right move for him to make.  We’ve spent the last couple of weeks letting those in our life know, and now I’m sharing it with you! I will miss him terribly, and he  feels the same.  In fact, we both  decided that his mourning period should last about 6 month. We feel that is how long it should  take to get over me.

Okay, I feel that is how long it should take.  He just humors me by agreeing!

yes-yes-yes- yes dear at Did That Just Happen Blog

But, you know what this means?

That’s right.

Online dating is coming!! And you’re coming along for the ride!

You’re welcome. 🙂

on line dating

For those runners out there – I’ve complete two races, one virtual and one in real life – both 5k’s.  And now I’m training for a 10k.  I’ve been working on increasing my mileage and I’ve hit week 11 of my training program, after having to take a week off, and then a recovery week – apparently I was pushing myself a bit too hard and my body rebelled!  I’m feeling better, I’m dealing with a medial ankle pain, trying to determine if it’s fallen arch or a nerve – it’s kinda in between the two symptom wise – but RICE is my friend, I’m doing ice compression at least once a day, and twice if I’ve done a run that is 5 or 6 miles long.

Love and missed you guys!


Picnic in the Forest

In addition to Mr. T taking sophomore English in his high school class, he is also taking the first half of junior English on-line via a large university.  I’m really impressed with his drive for his education, and I’ve said extra prayers for him with everything on his plate, but sometimes, even the extra work is fun.

Tonight he came in and asked if I would help him write a poem for his on-line class – and he did such a good job, I have to share!


I crawled all day through thick brush and thorny vines

To see her eyes that are so divine

I evaded predators big and small

Fast and short, round and tall

With me I carried my parcel and a sack

Full of dishes and utensils and a tasty snack

After a long days journey to see my sweet

I pulled out a blanket and set up a feast

Once the dishes were placed and the last candle was lit

I crossed my six legs as I prepared to sit

Then I looked up, saw her crawling towards me

And I had to shout “Oh, no! Lookout! The branch is falling from the tree!”

Crisis averted she gave me a hug

My one and only, my little lady bug.


Sometimes it’s the little things that make the days brighter.  After he finished his assignment, he came back to the living room and we talked.  Not about anything special, the book I’m currently reading, his extra-curricular activities and such, but it is so nice that even after all this time, and through the teenage years, my son still wants my help and likes to sit and talk to me.  🙂


When Do Kids Stop Ruling The House?

I know when kids are little they rule the roost. You have to adhere to their schedule cause they can’t tell you what they need.

When they are toddlers you follow their lead as they explore and learn the world.

When they start school the schedule shifts to accommodate the new sleep schedule, making sure they get plenty so their little brains are ready to learn.

At some point, though, aren’t you supposed to get your house back?

It’s 8:30 pm and I am in bed.

You heard me. And, this isn’t the first time this week it’s happened! The problem is that I’ve been so conditioned over the years that this habit is hard to break. I put Mr. T in bed, do the man of the house routine and make sure all the doors are closed and locked and then I get in bed. Normally I’ll read or watch TV for a bit; however, it’s habit that after he goes to bed I do, too. That’s my quiet time, and hour in bed with minimal distractions.

Why is my quiet time happening so early this week? Cause twice this week at 8 pm Mr. T has given me a hug and said “goodnight, I’m going to bed, love you.”

So what else am I supposed to do? I hug him, do the routine and get in bed.

In other news, it was “neon” day at school. I think he nailed it!


30 Teenagers at IHOP

Yup, that’s what I did last night, sat with 30 teenagers at IHOP.  Yes, that just happened.  30.  I counted twice.  And do you know how much noise 30 teenagers make?  I hope you never have to find out!  But seriously, it didn’t really bother me.  First, my house has always been open to the kids.  It is not uncommon to have half a dozen or more at a time.  Second, despite the noise, they were a very polite and well-behaved group. And, they were having fun.  Nothing in this world sounds better than the laughter that emanates from kids having fun.

How did I end up at IHOP at 9 pm at night with 30 teenagers? Mr. T is in theater and last night was the opening performance of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  He attends a brand new high school, the 3rd in our district, and it’s a beautiful place, and they only admitted Freshmen and Sophomores this first year, mainly because the district we live in is a very proud, full of traditions and supportive district.  When new schools are built and the zone lines change, many parents stand in line to fill out waivers “I went here, so my child will go here.” Having said that, the theater director came over from one of the other high schools, and his students from that school have been so very supportive of the students at the new school.  Several made it to the first performance, they’ve invited them to the theatre group on FB, and they introduced our kids to the opening night (or sometimes closing night) tradition of IHOP.  I was out of town the last time this happened, and my dad took my place and got Mr. T there and he sat at a separate table and drank coffee.  I need to call my dad and tell him thank you.  Now that I know what he endured, I have a much better appreciation for what he did for me!

Here’s a snapshot I took during the performance, and one after of Mr. T and his partner in the play.  Oh, and the play was awesome!

Mr. Beaver

Mr. T as Mr. Beaver. Ignore the heads in there, apparently I tend to only focus on what I’m shooting and I fail to look at everything else in the shot! Plus, I was sneaking the shot and trying not to disturb those behind me! 🙂

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver – the makeup and costumes were rocking! (Side note, this is Mr. T’s girlfriend in real life.)