I am currently the proud recipient of Mr. T’s laptop, Xbox, both his iPod’s (that sounds bad, but his 4 yr old one broke and had a massively cracked screen so Santa brought him a new one) and currently his cell phone, until I get the internet turned off, which I’m on hold with AT&T doing right now.   

As a reminder, Mr. T is 14.  I have been very clear with him that at this age, he has no privacy and that at any given moment I will pick up any one of his devices to check and make sure he is being appropriate.  We’ve already had the discussion that naked girls are a no-go.  There are enough scantily clad women out there, and his brain is still developing and seriously, he doesn’t need naked.  I found a naked pic a few days ago.  I let it go, just reminded T that he wasn’t to ask for, or keep those pictures.  

If you’ve followed me from the beginning, you know that I’m a hippie at heart.  I’m a big believer that once your responsibilities are done, you should have fun, and I don’t believe in a lot of censorship.  I’d rather he be exposed and talk to me about questions he has, as opposed to being one of those kids thrust into the real world without being prepared for it.  As we all know, I so won’t win Mother of the Year anytime soon, but he’s been good about coming to me over the years and asking questions.  Can I say this word?  What does this mean? 

My wonderful, loving son decided to set up a separate Facebook account.  His very first post on his secondary account was (and I’m paraphrasing a bit) “hey, to all you who friended me on this account, I set it up so my mom would stop checking out my FB”.  


Several posts later, the dude dropped the F bomb, twice in one post.  Now, I recognize that foul language has permeated our life.  I don’t use that language.  I grew up with it, so I know that it exists, but it’s never been part of my every day vocab. I don’t ask my friends not to use it, I’ve never chastised anyone for using it (short of “you’re about to have a baby that will soon repeat everything you say” or, the short few months when my sister and I both had young kids and we tried to get mom to stop swearing, but these were done in love, not in judgement!)  You would be surprised at how many of my friends don’t use foul language around me, or apologize when they do.  It doesn’t bother me, I’m not offended by it. Honestly, I’m just too smart to use that language.  I can come up with much better words than dropping the F bomb left and right.  I do understand peer pressure and I do understand how if you hang out with people using that language as part of their normal conversation, that it’s easy to pick up.  And, because I do check his FB, I see the other teenagers using that language in almost every post; however, I am not raising my child to be a sheep.  I am raising him to have a mind of his own.  To learn all he can.  To be a better person.  

Currently I’m teaching him not to mess with me.  

Eventually he will think to apologize for his actions.  He’s not a bad kid.  I’m really, really blessed with him, for the most part, I don’t have to worry about him.  I do give him some slack, as I want him to live, to express himself and to learn in a hands on manner about the man he is becoming.  I want him to grow as a person and to experience life.  

But, you don’t disrespect mama.  

On a totally different note, because I’m such a valued member of AT&T, they just gave me free texting for the next 6 months.  I didn’t think to ask if it was on just one line, or my entire package.  Honestly, I don’t care, I am just happy to save some money for the next 6 months and it was nice to have something good come out of the call I had to make to put on a data block and remove internet from his phone! Apparently I’m pretty blessed some days too!